I talk a lot about the democratization of mental health. For me this means access to practices that meet people where they are, and a philosophy of practice that is sensible, inclusive, and easily sharable. 

To work towards this, some new offerings. The first is a special 5-day training in How to Guide Meditation that is also a meditation retreat. The idea here is to demystify the guiding of practice, to show how it is a deeply creative endeavour that anyone can learn to do responsibly, thus expanding practice access to others. The workshop learning will be paced with individual meditation time, so that we bring personal insights into how we guide, and vice-versa. 

The second is a Do Nothing Project spin-off with my friend, award-winning recording artist & meditation nerd Tasha Schumann (aka Tasha The Amazon) that will be all about increasing people's mind-body literacy from the inside. A forum for sharing skills, practices and perspectives around being your own teacher. More below.

And of course, smart practice benefits from local community. Since 2011, The Consciousness Explorers Club has been pioneering an innovative model of community practice and personal growth that has begun to spread around the world (see map).

Enter: the first-ever Consciousness Explorers Club galactic-themed fundraiser party. The CEC is a registered not-for-profit that survives on a shoe-string budget and a team of mostly volunteers. Please buy a ticket to attend or – if you cannot make it to Toronto – then buy one so someone else can attend in your place. We are also looking for corporate sponsors. This is an important cause, and the first time we've reached out to our network for a big ask. We can't do this alone. I’m asking with my whole heart: please help.

Finally, on a personal note, Sarah, Eden and myself are thinking about moving back to Toronto. Guelph was fun, but we miss our city community. We’re looking for a home in the Beaches, to rent or buy or even to run some kind of co-housing type experiment inside. If you happen to hear of anything, let us know! 

Happy 2020 to all my friends.

Upcoming Events
Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics Retreat - California
: 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, California
Dates: April 24-26, 2020

Think of this weekend retreat in the California redwoods as “Being Human School.” It’s a relaxed and practical distillation of some of what meditators have been learning for 3,000 years. There will be meditation, and movement, and interpersonal connection. Also there will be jokes.
Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics Retreat - New York
: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
Dates: May 15-17, 2020

Same as above, except this one’s in New York.
How to Guide Meditation: A Training and Retreat
: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
Dates: May 17-22, 2020

The intention of this training and retreat is to empower participants to guide others in meditation, as a way to care for themselves and others. It’s for anyone who wants to safely and intelligently share practice with friends and colleagues.

Do Nothing Project Update

Right now The Do Nothing Project is a growing international community of brain-tweakers who meditate together every week. That will continue. AND, we will now be periodically exploring consciousness on a whole new level.

We’re calling it the Consciousness Explorers Club Podcast: once a month on Sunday evenings, instead of the regular Do Nothing Project, I will be joined on YouTube Live by my friend and co-host
Tasha Schumann. Instead of a top-down info dump (like basically all other podcasts), think short bottom-up adventures into your mind and body, guided by different teachers, from different practice modalities and traditions, with live community interaction.

The show will be streamed live on YouTube, and we plan to turn the audio into a podcast for those unable to attend. The next live stream will be on Sunday, March 1 at 8pm EST. Guest teacher TBA.


InnerGalactic Fundraising Party* 

On April 9, 2020, the Consciousness Explorers Club is throwing an epic space-themed party to help fund of our mission to make meditation and other personal growth practices – artistic, psychotherapeutic, movement-based, relational – accessible to all.

We see ourselves as part of a worldwide movement in the 
democratization of mental heath, and could use your support to increase the scope and effectiveness of our work.

The night will feature consciousness-expanding talks, performances and interactive group experiences by a range of presenters, artists, teachers, and weirdos, among them: CEC founder and author/meditation teacher Jeff Warren, Juno-nominated rapper/producer Tasha the Amazon, Stopgap founder Luke Anderson and many more! Followed by a dance party brought to you by the Soul Sunday Street Party crew. 

* As always, the CEC offers a range of ticket prices to make this event maximally accessible. And, we need to raise money. If you're from out of town and / or can't make it, consider donating the cost of a ticket, so someone can come in your place. Thanks you!

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