Welcome to the month of Love! So how are you getting on with your New Year's Resolutions? Given up already? Don't despair you are not alone, find out more and how to move forward in achieving what you set out to achieve. Do you know which of your habits are making you fat? And could you do with a bit of stress busting this month? The read on......
Welcome to February 2013


  • After New Year's Resolutions!

  • How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight on-line Programme for 2013

  • Which of your Habits is Making you Fat?


  • Stress Busters


After New Year's Resolutions!

Can you believe we're already at the beginning of February?

I purposely didn't send out a newsletter in January as I know that we are all bombarded with information then about New years Resolutions. With that said, I was reading an article today that said 80% of New Year resolutions have failed by January 20th and only 8% are successful long term. So if you made a New year's Resolution, how are you getting on with it?

The reality is, today, tomorrow and every single new day is an opportunity to take responsibility for your life, an opportunity to do something different  and to choose the direction you are going in.

Here’s a great quote that reflects this:

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading" Lao Tzu

If you are one of the 92% who have given up on your New Year's Resolution, whether it was to lose weight,  stop smoking, get healthier or whatever, don't see it as a failure. How about seeing it as feedback? One of the presuppositions of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is

"That there is no such thing as failure, only feedback!"

Looking at life in this way is for more empowering. So if you haven't for example managed to lose weight yet, then what could this feedback be? It could be that you were trying a method that didn't suit you; it could be that you weren't committed enough; it could be that you were not dealing with the underlying reason for your weight issue; it could be that you were putting to much pressure on yourself or that it wasn't the right time for you to do this...... these are some of the common ones!

So if your new year’s resolution hasn't gone too well, or you’re now ready to kickstart 2013 and make it your best year yet, today is the day!

Grab a pen and some paper and write down what your goal or New Year's Resolution was.

Then write down what has happened that means you haven't got there yet.

Now think about what this is saying to you in terms of feedback. Is it that you need some help in achieving your goal? Do you need to try a different method or way of getting there? Is something else impacting on your goal? Once you discover what the feedback is, then you can put in place what you need to help you achieve success.

Would you like some help?
For many of you, making these changes alone can be more challenging, especially if you do not feel supported by your friends and family or if you have tried methods time and time again that have not worked for you. That's where having a mentor, or coach or Hypnotherapist can make all the difference. Working with someone like me can give you that extra boost, someone to support you, someone with expertise who can help you jump the hurdles, hold you hand along the way, encourage you, show you a different route to achieve your goal, someone who won't judge you but will check in with you to ensure that you are on track. If you are interested in finding out more about how I may be able to support you in achieving your goals, then do feel free to email me on or telephone me on 020 8395 5471. 

"How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight!"
This very affordable, on-line coaching package is designed for busy women who are struggling with losing weight or keeping motivated to reach their weight loss goal. As most of you know, dieting can be a lonely, miserable pathway - one where it is very easy to start with high motivation and excitement and then within a very short time, to fall by the wayside, self-sabotage, binge on "forbidden" foods, feel full of guilt, telling yourself that you will "start again" tomorrow and then give up entirely.

This coaching package is for you if:
  • You are trying to lose weight but are losing motivation quickly and are near to giving up on your diet or have given up and fallen by the wayside with your weight loss
  • You are fed up with not being able to eat certain foods
  • you are constantly thinking about  "forbidden" foods
  • you know you can lose weight on a diet, but then very quickly  revert to your old eating habits and put the weight back on again
  • you are miserable about what you see in the mirror and have now tried so many different diets to lose weight and failed
  • you know what you should be eating to lose weight, but cannot stick to a "diet" regime
  • you would just like to find another way to eat healthily, lose weight and have a life that is not ruled by dieting.
  • You feel heavy, bloated and overweight, and yet cannot seem to stop eating all the "wrong" things
How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight, will assist you in transforming your eating strategy. You will develop a more balanced approach to what you eat, so that you will be able to make informed choices about your eating and take back control of your eating behaviour. You will create a new relationship with food, which will enable you to lose your extra pounds and keep them off in the long term.

As you work through this on-line coaching programme, you will
  • learn how to create a flexible eating strategy, that enables you to socialise, enjoy life and still shed those extra pounds
  • be able to stop obsessing about being "good" or feeling guilty about being "bad" in relation to food
  • Start working towards transforming your mindset and behaviour around food and food choices
  • stop supersizing your portions
  • create a "snack control" button to stop you overeating and snacking throughout the day.
  • lose your excess weight and keep it off long term without the need to diet
In a nutshell, working through this self-coaching module in the "Diet Buddy" series, will enable you to take time for yourself, to focus on your health, what you eat, how much you eat and why you eat, in a fun, stimulating and non-judgemental manner, so that you will feel empowered to make changes to your own eating habits, lose weight and keep it off in the long term, without feeling deprived or miserable. And Yes, you will be learning how to eat chocolate and still lose weight!


This programme is based on my bespoke 1-1 coaching I do with my clients and is the result of years of working with women, their mindsets, patterns of eating behaviour and attitude to food,  to successfully lose weight. This programme has been developed  to assist as many busy women as possible in changing their eating habits and behaviour so that they can lose weight with the goal of keeping it off in the long term.
How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight contains 7 short on-line  coaching modules to work through, (over a period of upto 8 weeks on average) with all the relevant materials, audio files, reports and information you will need to reflect and gain greater understanding of your own eating and behaviour so that you can change direction and take back control.  This programme is designed to support you in transforming your eating habits so that you can and will lose weight and keep it off.

The beauty of this package is that you can access your modules 24/7, You can work through them at any time of day or night, when the kids are in bed or when they are at school; the materials are yours to keep forever, so you will always have them at your fingertips, and you can work at your own pace.

Additionally, When you join this programme, you will also have access to the "" Diet Buddy" community where you will be able to "buddy up" with other members working through this coaching programme. This means that you will not be alone and you will receive support from your fellow members and from myself through this forum.

This programme is already proving popular, so as a special pre-launch offer (whilst I get my web site updated with the details and paypal button) I would like to offer the next 5 people the opportunity to join the programme for  a one off  investment of only £9.99! (that's less than 4 coffees!) If you wold like to sign up to this special offer, please contact me on
or ring me on 020 8395 5471 / 07932 637 393. But hurry as this offer will be fill up quickly!

Which of your Habits is Making you FAT?

Do you eat the same foods each week?

Do you shop in the same shop each week?

Do you go to order the same meal when you fancy a “takeaway?”

Do you walk or drive the same way to work?

Do you eat everything on your plate even if you are not hungry?

These are all habits:learned behaviours that have been repeated numerous times until they become automatic and relatively unconscious.

It’s interesting that for some people dieting has become a “habit” and yet like some of the one’s above,it is not a habit that is serving them well or getting them the results that they desire in terms of weight loss.

So what bad habits do you have that are making you fat or are stopping you from losing weight? If you want to find out then click: HABITS and you can read the rest of my blog on my website and find out how to deal with it.
Stress can affect everyone at some point, and can leave you feeling low or even physically unwell. Scientists have established a clear link between stress and heart attacks and strokes! One thing that you can do to reduce and/or relieve stress is to set aside some time every day to have some "quiet time to breathe"

Just setting aside 5 - 10 minutes every day to do the exercise below will help you to feel calmer and more focused.

1) find a safe place where you can rest safely undisturbed for 5 minutes
2) Close your eyes and gently become aware of your breathe.
3) As you "inhale" say to yourself/think to yourself "relaxing"
4) As you exhale say or think to yourself "letting go"

Spend 5 minutes doing this and build up over a period of days to 10 minutes. You may be amazed at how different you feel after a very short period of time.

Let me know how you get on! So now as we look forward to Spring approaching, enjoy the month of Love (valentines cards and red hearts are everywhere!) If there is not someone special in your life right now, then why not spend some "loving time" with yourself, nuturing, pampering and looking after you?
With warm wishes

Maria x


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