Did you know that October is the new January? If you want to quit smoking, get ready for Stoptober and beyond: i'll show you how. Discover how to create a peaceful mind with your monthly dose of inspiration and how to uncover your weight loss motivational strategy - all in this month's newsletter.
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October is the new January!

Welcome to October 2013 Newsletter


  • How October is the new January!

  • Are you ready for Stoptober?

  • Discover your weight loss motivational strategy

  • Be inspired - your monthly dose of inspiration

October is the new January!

Ok you may need to be a little open minded about this one, but this last quarter of the year, can be the time that people do get motivated to achieve the goals that they set out to achieve, but didn't, earlier in the year. As you may have seen in the national press, and heard on the radio, Stoptober is the campaign to quit smoking in "October"; there are already articles urging you to lose weight for Christmas and the good news is that there is not the pressure of "New Years' Resolutions" to contend with in October.

So with the final quarter of 2013 about to begin what would you still like to achieve this yea? It really isn't too late! So dust down your new years' resolutions from January 2013, take a peak and decide which is the most important for you to achieve before the year ends. Commit to taking action, break your goal down (see last month's newsletter for help with this!) and let's see what you can achieve by Christmas. Please feel free to share your October goals with me by emailing me at  I loved hearing from you about "Before I go to sleep tonight I will...." from September's newsletter. As a result of these, I managed to clear my clutter and take 3 bags of "stuff" to the charity shop!

The 1st of October is Stoptober, where people are being urged to quit smoking for 28 days. There is a national campaign to help but if you are really serious about quitting smoking for good, then Hypnotherapy can really help you, especially in breaking the habit and also in managing those annoying cravings, without patches or nicotine sustitutes!

In just two sessions with me, you could quit smoking and learn these tools to deal with your cravings and eliminate this habit from your life. To celebrate Stoptober, I am offering my Quit Smoking Package for a special price in October: instead of £240 you can have 3 1/4 hours over two sessions with me, including handouts and a personalised MP3 for only £199! So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and quit smoking for good. This investment will save you pounds in the long run and your health. Ring me now to book your October sessions: 020 8395 5471. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who has said that they want to stop smoking - as long as they mention my newsletter then can benefit from this offer too.
Paul came to see me a couple of months ago to quit smoking and this is what he said:

"I feel empowered and ready to live the rest of my life as a non-smoker. Maria has helped me to discover some of the tools and techniques to achieve this." Paul T (Business Owner)
How to Discover your Weight Loss Motivation

What motivates you to lose weight? Did you know that there is a simple psychology behind weight loss motivation and once you discover yours, you will be able to use this motivational strategy to not only get you started on your weight loss journey, but to keep you motivated. This is one of the benefits of working with me on your weight loss: I can utilise  tools and resources and show you how to use them to lose weight without the need to diet. To discover your weight loss motivational strategy, and help yourself to get motivated about losing weight, take a look here at my latest blog  and GET MOTIVATED!
Inspirational Quote of the Month

As some of you may know I have recently started a Peace Education Course and it certainly is thought provoking. One of the things that really resonated with me both personally, and professionally for all the clients I work with who are suffering with worry and anxious thoughts was the following quote:

"The worst war is the one that happens inside a human being - the war that rages inside your mind- even if you win, you lose, because the battle is with yourself!"  Prem Rawat

How true this is when we are worrying about something; projecting to future disasters that may never happen... when we go round and round in our heads, thinking the same thoughts until we feel paralysed with fear and anxiety and cannot see the wood for the trees! At this stage, when your mind is racing and you feel panicky, it is time to stop fighting with yourself and find peace. It is time to stop thinking! It is time to stop analysing and processing all those thoughts! This is the time to go and engage in an activity, turn off your mind and relax it. As Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem with problem thinking!" Once your mind is relaxed and calm; once it is at peace and rested, you will be able to think again more clearly and see things in their true perspective. Learning self-hypnosis or a relaxation technique is something that can enable you to achieve this feeling of peace to counter act the "out of balance" mind.

Autumn is on its way - I love this time of year: the thought of walking in the woods, kicking up the leaves fills me with immense joy - the actual act of doing it, is a very "present moment" activity and always makes me feel peaceful inside.

Wishing you a wonderful October

With Warm Wishes,
Maria x

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