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Did you know that being overweigth is bad for your HEAD! Find out how and why here!
If you are anxious, then let me share with you a simple technique to control your breathe and control your life! And what would be on your play list for the top 10 running songs?

From Mum 2 Me

Discover your confident self. This fun and interactive workshop is for all mums who are thinking about returning to work after children.
  • Are you  feeling like a frumpy mummy instead of a yummy mummy?
  • Could your confidence do with a bit of TLC?
  • Worried about interviews?
  • Anxious about how you will fit back in to the workplace?
If the answer is YES, then this workshop is for you. We will teach you how to:
  • switch on your confidence when needed
  • create and listen to your own inner confidence coach
  • Dress with confidence
  • Dress for success
  • Look fabulous in your own unique style.
This 3 hour low cost Style, Image and Confidence Workshop with like minded mums is being held at Ewell Court House, Ewell Surrey, on Thursday 4th October 2012 - 10.00am - 1.00pm
Investment is only £25 including refreshments and course materials. Why not come with a friend so that you can share the experience?
For more information contact me on 020 8395 5471 or take a look at my website


  • Being Overweight is Bad for your Head!
  • Are you a Mum thinking of Returning to Work?
  • Control your Breathe, Control your Life
  • Top 10 running songs

Being Overweight is Bad for your Head!

Most of us realise that being overweight is bad for our hearts but did you know it can also affect your mental health. A recent 10 year study reported that if  you are middle aged (40+) and overweight you have a much increased risk of developing dementia! The researchers concluded that obesity reduces blood flow to the brain, a factor which is linked to vascular dementia. Staggeringly, it is estimated that if current trends continue, nearly half of British men and 43% of women could be obese by 2030,which will add £2billion a year to the cost of treating obesity related diseases: 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will die with some form of dementia. What is particularly concerning is that there is currently no cure for dementia.Therefore, it appears that the main focus has to be on preventing dementia. This is the good news! This study makes it clear that our lifestyles,habits and what we eat have a direct impact on our mental health and cognitive abilities. These are the things that we can take control of and what I specialise in working with clients to tweak and change for weight loss and good health. If you would like to read more about this study then check out my full article on it here.

Control your Breathe, Control your Life

It's hard to imagine, that something as simple as controlling your breathing can have a massive impact on how you feel.However, If you are a particularly anxious person or if you suffer with stress, then actually taking time out to practise this 5 minute breathing exercise will bring calming and beneficial results. If you regularly practise this exercise you will notice a culmutive positive effect on how you feel: you may notice that you don't get wound up so quickly, or that you can deal with life more easily. You may find that your thinking slows down a bit and that you take things more in your stride. I won't know until you practise this simple exercise and tell me how it positively affected you. So try and see if you can practise it every day for the next few weeks - I'll be interested to hear how you got on!
You can practise this either sitting or lying down - if you are sitting, sit well back in your chair, letting the back of the chair support your spine, uncross your legs and place both feet on the ground.
1) First breathe out in a slow sigh, letting all your breathe out. Then breathe in slowly, feeling your tummy rise upwards. As you breathe out again, say to yourself "Let Go" and feel yourself beginning to release any tension in your body. Repeat this 3 times.
2) Now breathe in again, feeling your rib cage expand slowly sideways on either side of your body, and then slowly exhale letting your out breathe be a little longer and a little slower than your in breathe. It may help to count in to the count of 3 and breathe out to the count of 4. Practise this for 5 minutes, slowly and easily.Then come back to the present by opening your eyes, taking a few moments to readjust before getting up.

TOP 10 Running Songs

We all have our own tastes in music, but compiling a list of our favourite songs to exercise to, can really help to motivate us. If you are taking up a new exercise, it is a good idea to make yourself a playlist of songs that you love to listen to, and that will push you to the finish line.What songs would you have on your list? Here are some suggested by other people:
  1. Katy Perry – Firework
  2. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA
  3. Bryan Adams – Summer of '69
  4. Beyonce – Crazy in Love
  5. Rhianna – Only Girl in the World
  6. Bloc Party – Helicopter
  7. Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero
  8. Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer
  9. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you ever seen the rain
  10. Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

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