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Are you trapped in the stress response? If you feel constantly that there is not enought time; are suffering from a feeling of overwhelm, and find you are on a short fuse, then you need to read this. Got a few pounds that you want to lose by Xmas, then my "diet buddy" blog for the next 12 weeks will inspire and motivate you, and let's take a look at the big breakfast issue!

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Ok ladies, I know this is possibly something that you don't want to think about right now, but did you know it is only 12 weeks to Christmas! So if you are wanting to lose weight for the festive season, now is the time to get started! Whatever, and however you choose to lose your weight, I want to support and inspire you in your weight loss journey: so for the next 12 weeks I will be blogging once a week on a range of topics that will help you get motivated and keep on track with your weight loss for Xmas.
Here are some of the blogs I will be sharing with you:
  • Which is the best day of the week to start your weight loss journey click right here to read this one as it's out already!
  • motivational tips to get you fired up and started,and supporting you to decide when to start and how you are going to shed those pounds
  • tips about how to tweak your eating strategy for weight loss success
  • how to eat healthily and still enjoy yourself
  • which foods to eat to help combat ageing – most ladies love this one!
  • how to lose weight whilst watching TV
  • How to stamp out stress eating as Christmas approaches
  • relaxation tips to save your sanity as the festive rush heightens
  • how to manage xmas parties/work parties and the temptations
  • mind games – no,not a new party game,but how to banish your own negative thoughts
  • and what most women dread over Christmas and how to deal with it.
You can either go to my website and click on blog every week or you can click on the big orange button underneath my telephone number on my website and you will be notified weekly when the next supportive and helpful blog is available.
Welcome to October 2012

  • Don't shoot the Messenger!
  • Exercise- Why Bother?
  • The Big Breakfast
  • Trapped in the Stress Response?


It is surprising how many women I see that have stressful busy lives, are juggling careers, home, family, and a number of other responsibilities and yet are not exercising! I understand personally how difficult it can be to include regular exercise into your busy schedule, but it is an absolute must, not only for weight loss, but for looking after yourself. Here are some of the benefits of regular exercise:

Elevates your mood - it can relieve the stress that you encounter daily and lift your mood immensley.
Xpends energy- so you burn more calories and so will lose weight more quickly
Extends your social circle - make new friends by joining a class or club
Reduces body fat levels - so helping you to tone your muscles and improve your shape
Can boost your immune system - so you increase your resitance to colds and flu (particularly good as Winter approaches!)
Improves your circulation - so you feel healthier and have a rosy glow

Strengthens your muscles - more toning and feeling slimmer and fitter
Enhances your complextion - makes you look healthier


So many people think that skipping meals is a good way to lose weight - I promise you it's not!
Many of my clients when they first come to see me tell me that they don't eat breakfast in the morning and then go on to tell me that later in the day they end up snacking on all sorts of fattening foods. Skipping meals is not a good idea and can leave you feeling out of control later in the day, as is borne out by many of my clients, who end up craving fatty or sugary snacks. Additionally, I point out to my clients that skipping breakfast is like trying to run your car on empty: you have gone usually between 8-12 hours without any fuel (food) and yet expect to be able to run at full speed. You wouldn't expect that of your car with an empty petrol tank!
Even if you cannot face a big breakfast in the morning, it is important to eat something, even if it is a piece of fruit! Eating breakfast in the morning is a life style change for a lot of people; it is a small tweak to your eating strategy that will have huge benefits. Create the habit of eating breakfast every morning and you may find that you will no longer reach for that morning choccie bar to give you a mid morning boost!

Are You Trapped in the Stress Response?

Are you finding it hard to be positive?
Do you feel wound up like a spring?
Are you short of patience?
Do you snap at the slightest thing?
Have you suddenly got a short fuse?
Well it may be that you are trapped in stress response mode! It is a bit like functioning on "Red Alert" the whole time; your body and mind are geared up to save your life: your perspective narrows done and you "react" rather than "respond" to situations. Under stress, we constrict, have more "tunnel vision", become blinkered and block out responses and ways of being that could help us.
If you identify with this, then it is time to do something about it. The counter balance to stress, is relaxation! If you are currently stuck in the stress response, then try the following to help you step out of it:
  • Be aware and mindful that this is how you are feeling, and try where possible to see a wider perspective
  • Try to count to 10 before "reacting" on automatic pilot
  • Take time out to relax your body.Try Yoga, progressive relaxation or gentle exercise
  • Nourish and nuture your mind by doing meditation or mental relaxation. You want to have time when your mind is like a still pond, so that it can reset itself
  • If possible step back from your stresses for a while and take time for you, doing something that you enjoy
  • Come into the present moment and be mindful of now. (Activites like cooking, reading, walking in nature, breathing deeply and slowly, playing a game can all help bring you into the present moment).
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