Anxious? Let me show you how to stop those anxiety seeds from growing, 
Calling all Mums... feel stuck in a rut with your image and confidence? Let me transform you from Frumpy Mummy to Yummy Mummy in just 3 hours!  and much more.....

Calling All Mums!!!

  • Could you do with a confident and/or image boost?
  • Been stuck at home raising the children and thinking of returning to work at some point?
  • Want to transform from frumpy mummy to yummy mummy?
Then this is just what you need. One day Workshop In Ewell on June 14th to help you transform from mum to me, looking and feeling more confident in all areas of your life.
Learn how to:
  • create & switch on a confdence switch when you need it
  • understand exactly what confidence is and is not
  • dress appropriately and with your own unique style for any occasion
  • use colour to your best advantage
  • present yourself confidently to the world

Only a few tickets left for this great event. Only £25 for you or bring a friend as well for a total price of £45!
10.00am - 1.00pm at Ewell Court House, includes refreshments, handouts and Confidence Coaching from myself and Style and Image Coach, Sandra Collins
Call 020 8395 5471 to book your place. Hurry! Tickets are going fast.


Although I specialise in weight loss for women I am also passionate about helping clients overcome anxiety issues - indeed this is also an element that often needs to be addressed in losing weight, as many people do eat for comfort due to stress and anxiety. However, that aside, I see many clients who are learning how to deal with anxiety attacks, panick attacks and how to stop worrying.This is a particular favourite subject of mine as when I was younger, I used to suffer with panic attacks and can remember how debilitating and frightening this was for me.
I want to share with you today, some thoughts about anxiety and will give you two ideas of how you can overcome anxious thinking.

ANXIETY is like planting tomato seeds! (bear with me on this one!) If you plant tomato seeds and tend to them, giving them time to water them in, and nuture them as they grow, then guess what ?You get an abundance of tomatoes! It's a bit like anxiety. As soon as that seed comes in to your mind, if you tend to it, by giving it more and more attention (like nuturing the tomatoe seeds); you continue to think about the anxiety and anxious thoughts (like feeding the tomato plant), then guess what? The anxiety wil grow and grow and get bigger and bigger until it grows to giant proportions in your mind! (an abundance of anxieties!)

NOW, if you don't want lots of anxieties in your mind, you have to stop tending to them and feeding them with your thoughts.
The best way from stopping the anxious thoughts from growing is to "re-set your system."
There are two ways to "re-set your system" :

1) Activity
2) Relaxation 

ACTIVITY- When you are worried or anxious, things change on the inside that you cannot see, but maybe feel instead. Your heart starts to beat faster, and sometimes you can experience pains in your stomach. This isn't dangerous, but can be unpleasant. The best way to counteract these feelings is to burn off some of the extra energy that is produced by your adrenalin. Go for a walk or a run, do the hoovering, run around the park with the kids, go for a bike ride or a swim. You probably wont feel like doing this,  but being active wil help to re-set your system and make you feel normal again. Another way to stop the anxious thoughts is through engaging in some sort of mindful acitivity - this can be different for each of us, but something that will engage your mind and allow it to stop thinking about the anxious thoughts and instead will get you involved in something that you enjoy. Such activities could be cooking, making something, watching TV, going for a run, painting or colouring, playing with the children, helping someone else with something, taking part in a sport - think for you what that could be and make a note of it now.

RELAXATION -  If you find yourself worrying at some time when you cannot get active, you can re-set your system in a quieter way by relaxing. Relaxing is more than just taking a breath, it could be a specific relaxation technique, or meditation or yoga - it needs to be something that allows your brain and your body to become quiet and feel better. If you would like more information about specific relaxation techniques, then do get in contact with me and also look out in the next couple of months at my website where I will soon be posting some free relaxation MP3's for you to download completely free:



As I write this newsletter today the sun is shining and it looks like Summer could be finally on its way. What a lovely thought as the long bank holidays are fast approaching.
I was inspired by a birthday card I received yesterday (yes I am another year older!) which said " If nothing ever changed, there would be no Butterflies!" I thought that this was beautiful and inspiring, as often we can find change a bit scary and daunting, but equally it is often so worth the effort and journey. So whether it's losing weight, changing jobs, starting a business, dealing with our own issues, or whatever, change is necessary if we want to grow and transform. I'll leave you to reflect as I have done on that thought and wish you a wonderful sunny May.

With warm wishes

Maria Furtek


How is Your Summer Body Doing?

Summer is on its way at last. If you are still struggling with your diet or trying to lose weight and need some inspiration, then  take a look at my blog - which is full of ideas, tips and ways to support you in losing weight for the Summer. With the Jubilee weekend fast approaching you may like to read my " Don't let Bank Holiday Saboteurs Ruin Your Weight Loss" blog (it's all free!) here or as we are still going through the recession and money is short for a lot of people, you may want some ideas to "Save your Belly and your Budget!" here and finally, if you are passionate about getting into your swim suit for Summer holidays, then my blog on "Procrastinate no More" should get you kick started here. If you would like to have regular inspiration direct to your inbox, then you can sign up to my blog for free, by cliciking on to the orange button on the top right hand corner of my website, so that when I update the articles, they will be sent to you directly.

Would you Like to Feel More Confident about Presenting?OR Do You Want to Write a Book and Publish It?

I have just attended Dr. Joanna Martin's one day workshop on Presenting with Confidence and wanted to share this with as many people as possible. Due to popular demand, Joanna has scheduled one further day only for this year in London and so if you want to be able to speak about your business, whether it's complementary Therapy, Financial, Health, Training, Consultancy, Property or whatever, and really engage your potential clients or corporate businesses, this is a fabulous workshop. It shows you how to really harness and express your passion about what you do so that you can reach the people that you want to work with and really engage them in your work. If you use the link below, you can have the full day experience for only £67. All the information you need to make the right decision for you is here

Now for all you budding authors out there, I want to share with you a great bootcamp for Authors that is being run on 8th 9th and 10th June, by my colleague Stephanie Hale. Some of you may remember that I attended an amazing Millionaires Bootcamp for Women event last October that was run by Stephanie. If you are serious about wanting to write a book and need more information about where to start, how to publish, the process etc, this may be for you and at an amazing cost of only £37 for the whole 3 day event in Central London. Take a look for more information
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