The Early Bird is a Tweetin' this month with special offers for you and a friend. Top Tips to keep you on track  and we'll tell you about Fat Busting foods to help you lose weight healthily.

Most of us know what we should or shouldn't be eating, but did you know that there really are some foods that are proven to help you reduce weight: we call these "Fat Busting Foods"
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Top Tips To Keep You On Track

If you are struggling with your weight loss, try these to help you get back on track:
  • Cut out "fake foods" eg diet soups, low fat bars and meal replacements Although these seem tempting, they don't acutally satisfy the body and will leave your craving more food.
  • Opt for portion control rather than calorie counting - it's easier and helps you to retrain yourself with out the need to deprive yourself.
  • Think back to a time when you have successfully lost weight; perhaps it was for a particular event. Try and work out what drove you to lose your weight before. This could help to motivate you again and the more motivated you are, the more chances you will have to succeed and keep on succeeding.

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WELCOME TO February 2012

  • Struggling with your New Year Resolutions?
  •  Fat busting foods
  • Special loyalty offer on SLIM for My Newsletter readers
  • Top Tips to Keep You on Track

Are you, or anyone you know struggling with their New Year Resolution to lose weight?
Has your New Year Resolution failed already?
Don’t worry you’re not alone, it’s estimated that more than 80% of New Year resolutions have failed by now.
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The Early Bird is a Tweetin.... will it catch the worm?

Are you ready to step up and make it happen in 2012? What have you got to lose?

Would you like to discover how you can:
  • Stop obsessing about food.
  • Eliminate unwanted bad eating habits.
  • Stop cravings and overeating.
  • Increase your motivation to exercise.
  • Feel Happy & Confident with the way you look.

The SLIM workshop will give you the tools you need to lose weight, whilst eating normal healthy foods. We will help you to change your mindset around losing weight and will show you how to work with your body and it's natural way of procesing food, so that you can lose weight comfortably and in a way that is sustainable. REMEMBER: WHAT YOUR MIND BELIEVES, YOU WILL ACHIEVE.

We want to make our workshop accessible to as many people as possible, so we are offering our newsletter readers a special offer (which you wont find elsewhere for this workshop) - If you book a place on this workshop before the 1st March, we will extend our Early Bird offer of £99 to you AND as a bonus (because it's always nice to do it with a friend) we will allow you to bring a friend for only £47.

So if you are serious about making 2012 the year that you really do lose that weight and get that beautiful slim figure that you are craving, and if you have a friend that may want to achieve this too, get a tweeting together and be the early birds that catch the worm by booking your 2 places NOW for only £146 (if you go 50/50 then it is only £73 pounds each!!!)

So this is what you will get for your investment in yourself and your health:
  • 14 hours training with two expert Weight loss professionals
  • a small group environment to enable support and attention to your weight loss success
  • the motivation of fellow group members
  • comprehensive course manual showing you how to successfully lose weight
  • all refreshments (except lunch) and
  • a free 30 minute confidential personal coaching session after the course to address any individual issues

Get your friends on board with you - it will help to motivate you both, if you do it together!
Venue is Holiday Inn, Sutton, Surrey. For more information about the SLIM workshop; what you will learn and how you will lose weight after this workshop, please click here or if you wish to book and pay by cheque then please email me here, or call me on 0208 395 5471 asap to book your place. (Numbers are limited to ensure maximum participation and support) 

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