If you are feeling anxious or worrying about something, then would you like to be able to change these negative thoughts in the blink of an eye? It is possible, read on to find out more. A question for you also: "How well do you look after yourself?" if you are a busy mum, business woman, carer or employee then this is for you.
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  • How well do you look after yourself?
  • Change your anxious feelings "in the blink of an eye"
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As a busy woman, how well do you look after yourself?

It’s amazing how many women I work with that say they are too busy to think about themselves,or look after themselves. A part of me understands what they mean, and I certainly have shared this mindset in the past.

However, often the reality is that without us, organising the kids, working in our career role or running our business, running the home, shopping, paying the  bills, being a taxi service to the family etc etc there would be a major impact on the other people in our lives, who are important to us.

When you think about it, many of us are actually the lynchpin in the family: the mum who holds it altogether, keeps the family and routines running smoothly. When I viewed my position like this, looking at the bigger picture of who depended upon me,  it made sense to adopt a different attitude towards looking after myself. I realised that the special people in my life are really important to me, and therefore, I want to have good health and well-being, so that I can be here to look after and support them.

If you are eating unhealthily, struggling with your weight and not making the time to address this, then reframing this into making a commitment to your own health and well-being for your life and for the special people who rely on you, in your life, can really make a difference.

Think lifestyle change,not quick fix – permanent weight loss is not something that a temporary diet can achieve!

Making permanent changes in your lifestyle, attitude and food choices doesn't have to take huge amounts of time, and need not be stressful. This is what will work in the long run and this is exactly what the monthly “How to Eat Chocolate &Still Lose Weight” programme will support you to do.

I understand how easy it is when you are a busy woman, juggling all your responsibilities, to neglect yourself and keep putting off the decision to tackle your weight. But this programme allows you to work at your own pace and is available 24/7 on-line,so the beauty is that there is no excuse – no classes or groups to attend, no embarrassing weigh-ins, no special or complicated food to prepare and you don’t even have to find the time to exercise on this programme, to get results!

**NEW ** There is now no 6 month tie-in to the programme: you can subscribe for a month (at just £14.95), a couple of months to get kick started, or for as long as you wish. This programme is cheaper than many “diet” groups out there and the great news is that you won't have to diet! It will show you how to look after you (and your health and well being, which  are really important for you and for the other people that rely on you!) in the limited time that I know you have available in your busy life. You will be able to alter your habits and behaviour around food, and therefore create new lifestyle habits that will bring about lasting weight loss and well-being.

Think about it: what price your health? How would your family afford your weight related health problems? Stop worrying about it and take action by clicking  “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight” now.

Change your anxious feelings in "the blink of an eye"
Some of you may know that I have recently qualified as and become Licensed as an IEMT Practitioner: Integral Eye Movement Therapy. I am currently only 1 of 2 people in Surrey qualified in this therapy.

IEMT is a brief therapy and can be used to help release negative thoughts, anxiety feelings and emotions quickly.

It is a therapy that is firmly based in neuro-science and it can be scientifically explained as to how it brings about rapid change "in the blink of an eye!"

Since qualifying, I have been achieving amazing results with clients using IEMT. Below are some of the comments &  feedback I have had from clients after one session with me:

Gail was feeling anxious about an important future event and after a session with me she said: " It's like magic, I feel so relieved and calm about what is going to happen now! I feel that I can deal with it."

I did one session with Karen, to help with her exam preparation and exam nerves, she said: " The feelings of pressure disappeared, I now feel calm and motivated, and have clarity and focus for the first time. The weighted down feeling has gone!" [update: Karen passed both exams and felt really calm on the day of taking them]

I worked with Bob who was worrying about his work, feeling frustrated and unmotivated and after one session he said " For the first time in ages, I feel calm and the anxiety has now changed. I feel ready to make some changes that were previously frightening me."

Each of these clients experienced this level of change around their anxiety in one session of IEMT with me. More Information can be found here about IEMT

Special Offer for March 2014 - 25% Discount on a one hour IEMT session!
Come and deal with your feelings of anxiety, anger, lack of motivation, insomnia, fears, stress, lowness, lack of confidence for an investment of only £60 for a weekday, bespoke face to face session with me in March 2014. Usual price is £80 per hour. Limited availability so don't delay book now on 020 8395 5471 quoting ref: MARCH OFFER!
Inspirational Thought of the Month
"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation,but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. " Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes, this can be hard to accept. But in reality, it is no different than two people attending the same concert and person A coming out of the concert and raving about how brilliant it was. Person B comes out and says that it was the worst concert that she has ever been too and what a waste of money and time!

They have both attended the same concert, but it is their reaction to the concert which is different.

It is the same with life funnily enough and situations we encounter. It is our reaction to a situation; our thoughts about it, which generates different feelings like worry, anxiety, sadness etc.

I know it can be challenging when faced with situations in life that perhaps we would not have chosen for ourselves, to try and remain positive, calm and balanced about them but this is the part that you do have control over. You can control and work on your thoughts and reactions to situations, even if you cannot control the situation itself.

A personal example, was when I was being made redundant from my job of 7 years. I was initially shocked, in tears and worried about what the future would hold for me. I started the old "what if?" thinking (guaranteed to cause anxiety and it did!) After the initial shock and a few days of feeling highly anxious, I managed to calm myself down and take control of my negative thinking. This enabled me to take action based responsibility and to make decisions and examine all my options.

Whilst it was a constant effort to manage myself and my "thinking" through this challenge, I came out the other side and learned a great deal about myself in the process.

One of the simplest strategies for taking back control of your thinking is distraction. So if you find yourself worrying about something, going over and over in your mind about it, feeling that you cannot stop thinking about it - then go and do something to occupy you. The activities I choose in this situation are things like:
- watching a good film
- reading a great book
- cooking a cake
- taking exercise
- dancing the night away to some fab music
Anything which stops the anxious and constant "thinking."

If you would like to discuss this, or any other information in my newsletter, please do ring me on 020 8395 5471 or drop me an email.

At last the rain has stopped and as I write this today, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. We are finally moving towards Spring! Have you noticed the blossoms on the trees and the appearance of Spring flowers adding a splash of colour to the world around us?
Make an effort to get out of your own head, and come into the present moment and see what you notice around you - you may be surprised!
With warm wishes,

Maria x

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