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  • Power Up your Motivation to lose weight - special offer
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It really doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming to start implementing healthier habits into your lifestyle. I am passionate about empowering as many people as possible to start feeling more energised, to feel good about themselves and to become leaner and healthier. I would therefore like to offer you this free e-book before it is available to anyone else, because I know that you are interested in improving your health, weight and well-being!

Inside  I share several important key tips to help you on your way to implementing healthier habits. Change is what happens when we decide that we no longer want to settle for how we feel or look and then we are truly ready then to make a lifestyle shift. Decide that your comfort zone is no longer serving you and that you're ready to step out and find the old you.... or maybe even the NEW you! Download your free copy here
Download your free e-book "10 Simple Steps"

"Power-Up" your Motivation
Looking out of the window today, it is certainly clear that Summer is on it's way - Hurrah!
Do you have a Summer holiday booked? For once this year, I have been organised and booked my holiday last year for this Summer. So I have had plenty of time to be thinking about what I am going to be wearing on the beach this year. But for many of us, the thought of stripping off and revealing our lumps and bumps can be daunting, especially if you are still recovering from the Easter chocolate fest!

If you feel that you have lost your mojo with losing weight and could do with a power surge to help you get back on track with shedding those excess pounds, then you still have time to make a difference to how you will look on the beach in Summer. Whether you choose to follow a diet, just cut down, engage a weight loss Hypnotherapist or Coach like myself or join a group, it's always useful to have a "kick Start" to get your motivation, determination and will-power fired up! That's where I can help.

At this time of year, I offer a two-hour special programme called "Power Up for Summer" to do exactly what it says - get you fired up and back on track with your weight loss goals.
You get to spend two hours with me, where you will experience some of the latest psychological techniques to really help you get your mojo back with your weight loss and help you to get your body beach ready.

It's clear for most of us that when you start a diet, you start off in the first few days with high hopes and determination to stick to it and get to your desired goal weight. But usually after a few days of depriving yourself and not being able to eat what you want, having cravings for all the food you know is unhealthy and you are trying to avoid, constantly thinking about food and usually feeling hungry, it's so easy to lose your motivation and fail! However, in the two hour "power-up" session I will show you how to manage those feelings and cravings, so that you can keep your motivation going and reach your goal. In this 2 hour session, I will help you to:
  • define your higher motivational value to achieving your goal
  • show you how to deal with self-sabotage and cravings
  • how to motivate yourself when you feel that old familiar feeling of wanting to quit
  • how to re-train your unconscious mind to create a healthier relationship with eating
AND as a special Summer bonus for signing up to the programme, I will also give you a complimentary MP3 audio recording that will be yours to keep, to "programme your mind for weight loss success" .Listening to this will continue to boost your motivation and help to reset your unconscious drivers for weight loss success. (Valued £14.99)

This package excluding the bonus MP3 is usually priced at £160 BUT AS A SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER, IF YOU BOOK BY THE END OF MAY 2015 YOU CAN RECEIVE THIS FOR ONLY £97 INCLUSIVE.
This includes a full pack of information to support you after the 2 hour session, the 1-1  "Power up" session with me and your bonus MP3. Call me on 020 8395 5471 to get booked in.
Monthly Weight Loss Inspiration
Stress is often linked to weight gain. If you are feeling stressed, find ways to release the stress in a more positive way than using food.
Don't forget to download your free e-book "10 Simple Steps to a Leaner, Healthier You!" and please tell your friends and family about it too, if you think they could benefit from having 10 simple steps that will help to improve their health and life.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine.
Download your free e-guide "10 Simple Steps" here
With love & lightness,
Integrated Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Mentor for Women in the Business of Therapy
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"Take the weight off your mind!"

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