Packed in the newsletter this month:
Stressbusters for daily life to help you manage stress; how to lose weight and be beach ready for Summer in the next 12 weeks. Calling all Mums who are returning to work, how do you fancy a confidence & image workshop to help you make the transition from Mum 2 Me. And if you shy away from presenting in public this is for you. 

Calling all you lovely mums out there who are either:

  • coming to the end of maternity leave and getting ready to go back to work or
  • have been raising children and are now thinking that now is the time or there is a necessity to find a job and go back to work or
  • have just gone back to work post children


  • you are struggling a bit with confidence once back in the work place or
  • you are feeling a lack of confidence about finding a job and going for interviews or
  • you realise that your work clothes no longer fit the person you are now that you are a mum or
  • you are wondering what on earth you should wear as a professional woman or
  • you are  just lacking in confidence about any of the above

then this could just be the workshop for you!

  From Mum 2 Me     is a 3 hour wor  is 


is a 3 hour workshop run by myself, Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach and Sandra Collins who is an Image and Career Consultant. We are running this workshop at Ewell Court House on Thursday 14th June 2012 from 10.00am to 1.00pm.

This workshop will:


  • help you to understand what confidence is for you;
  • teach you how to switch on your confidence when needed;
  • show you how to act confidently in areas outside of your comfort zone
  • show you how to make a great first impression
  • teach you how to dress confidentially 
  • help you to retain your own personal style whilst adapting it to a range of situations.
In a nutshell, this workshop will help you to move from Mum 2 ME, looking and feeling more confident in all areas of your life.

The workshop is only £45 but you can bring a friend with you for free.So to book your place and a free place for a friend call Maria on 020 8395 5471 or email me on for more information. Numbers are limited, so act quickly if you want to secure your place.


Are you afraid of public speaking or presenting in public?

if the answer is yes, then do take a look at Dr. Joanna Martin's one day Shift Presentation Speaking workshop. Held in London on various dates througout May 2012. I highly recommend Joanna as she is a great person and excellent at what she does. I attended the one day course last year and have found it an inspiration and it has totally transformed by ability to present in public. In fact it is so good and such good value at only £67 for the whole action packed fear busting day, that I am doing it again in May to learn even more. If you would like to watch what Joanna has to say then take a look at her video where she explains what the workshop will do to help you and there are video testimonials from people who attended last year. 

WELCOME TO April 2012

  • Lose Weight for Summer
  • Use Stress Busters to manage your stress
  • New Image and Confidence Workshop for Mums
  • Overcome public speaking fears and present with confidence

Lose Weight for Summer

Ok so Easter is long gone and hopefully so are all the Easter eggs (mind you my son, still has a couple lurking around the house!) and although the weather hasn't been brilliant these last few days, we really are getting nearer to those lovely (hopefully) Summer days ahead. I love the thought of getting out my light, airy clothes and feeling the sun on my shoulders. However, if currently your body is not as beach ready as it could be, then you still have time to take action and lose those extra pounds in time for the holidays. Last week I started a blog ( a series or articles on my website) to help motivate, and support all of you who would like to use the next 12 weeks wisely to shed any extra pounds ready for their holidays.
In week one I encouraged you to start planning for your weight loss and that gorgeous body and today I have added an article about establishing and clarifying what exactly you want to achieve with your weight and figure in the next 12 weeks. It's not just about the number on the scales but also how you would like to feel and look and what clothes you would like to wear. As we lose weight, our shape changes and i know for myself that in the past I stuck to wearing a lot of black clothes. However, as my body has become slimmer I have found that i really enjoy wearing brighter colours that reflect more of who I am.

So I'm asking you in that post to get SMART to lose weight and this is about really getting goals that will motivate you and I show you how to do that. In my next post I'll be talking about taking action: no point in just sitting there stuffing another choccie biscuit into your mouth and wishing you could lose weigh is there? No. You have to take ACTION! So if you would like to jump aboard and join me in your own 12 week weight loss journey, take a look at these series of articles, you can even click on the RSS feed to have the new one's sent to you when I put them on the website.

Use Stress-Busters to Manage your Stress

Life can be very stressful at times. Certainly, many of my clients who come to see me are often looking at ways to manage stress and even for many of my weight loss clients, a lot of them are over eating due to stress and the need for comfort. It is a big issue in day to day life for many people. There are many life events that can cause us to feel stressed, but one of the secrets of managing stress it to realise that we cannot control external events that happen eg:redundancy, divorce, illness, etc but we can control HOW we look after ourselves in times of stress and also HOW we react to these life events. In this newsletter I have put together some of my favourite day to day "stress busters" and would encourage you to try some of them yourself to see how they help you.
OkOkOk  fkjsdfkldsj 1) Take some time for you and have a long, soak in the bath before bed. Make sure there are no distractions and spend a little time feeling warm and floaty (with lots of lovely smelling bubbles if that appeals to you!)
2) Go for a good long walk either on your own or with a friend. I have a lovely client who has been seeing me for weight loss and she is doing the charity walk for breast cancer. When she agreed to do this, she really didn't like exercising and was overweight. However, as she has been building up to do the walk on 12th May, she has been walking miles with a friend and says it's one of the best things she has done. They have a good natter, laugh alot  and burn calories whilst doing it. That sounds llike a win/win activity to me.
3) Watch your favourite comedy film and to make it extra special, if you have children, spend a snuggly evening watching one of their favourite comedy films. I do this regularly with my son and whilst I laugh at some of the antics of the characters it makes my heart smile to hear him laughing aloud too.
4) Read a good book that engages you in the story and takes you away from everyday life.(One of my personal favourites!)
5)Practise self induced relaxation or meditation. There are plenty of cd's and books out there. Very soon I will be adding a free relaxation MP3 download to my website. SO watch this space and I will let you know when it's on there.

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As I write this newsletter I am getting excited about the new workshop that I am running with my colleague Sandra Collins.  Sandra is an image and style consultant as well as being a Career Coach. She does colour and style analysis, wardrobe de-cluttering and personal shopping days with clients to help them dress and feel wonderful.
If you would like to book an appointment to see Sandra, then do let me know and I will be happy to pass on her details to you.
  I am very excited to be working together with Sandra on our Mum 2 Me workshop in June, as I can remember how I felt when I had to go back out in to the world of work after having my son and how scary it felt returning to my career when I knew that i had really changed and had different priorities. After my maternity leave I felt very confident with my year old baby but certainly didn't feel confident about being back in the work place again. And, my body shape had changed dramatically since having my baby, so wasn't sure what to wear once I returned to work. So I am passionate about helping other mums who find themselves in a similar situation, as it can be a difficult transition going from mum 2 me again!
Anyway, here's hoping for some warmer weather very soon. See you in May.


With warm wishes,



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