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The Real Secret to Achieving Long Term Weight Loss

The Diet Buddy

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The Real Secret to Achieving "Long Term" Weight Loss

Traditionally, the New Year is the time that people make New Year Resolutions and for many losing weight is one of them. Many people choose to follow a diet, usually one where they spend a temporary period of time depriving themselves of certain types of food and limit their food intake. Whilst this may work for a few people and yes you can actually lose weight on a diet, the harsh reality is that this is a temporary solution. If you are someone who is usually a healthy weight and you have just put on a few pounds over Christmas, then this will be fine and will enable you to shed those few pounds very quickly.

However, if you are someone who has been struggling with your weight, then going on a diet as part of your New Year Resolution is probably not going to lead to long term, healthy weight loss. The sad fact is that this approach cannot be maintained in the long term and actually by the time many of my clients come to see me, they have spent year after year being on a diet and off a diet; on a diet and off a diet; losing weight and piling it back on and is this really the way that you want to live your life? I know personally how miserable this way of trying to lose weight can feel: it's not fun and it generally leads to highs and lows emotionally: happiness when those pounds start to reduce and then guilt followed by frustration and despair when a few months later the diet is forgotten and the pounds are firmly on your body again. Why are some of the biggest "slimming clubs" (I won't mention personal names, but you know the one's I mean) multi-billion pound industries? Because they don't work; and it is in the businesses interest for you to fail, so that you keep signing up and coming back week after week, month after month;paying your monthly fee and buying their processed "diet" food. The fee is usually relatively low, so that it doesn't really hurt when you pay it each week or month -  but if you add up how much you have spent over a period of time, without achieving your long term results, you will realise it is actually rather a lot financially and in terms of  your time.

So if this way of shedding those excess pounds doesn't work, what does?

Before I answer this question I want to share with you that this being the first week of January, having seen many of my weight loss clients after the Christmas break, I am delighted to tell you that the majority of my 1-1 weight loss clients did not put on weight over Christmas: they stayed the same as they were before the festivities and didn't have to deprive themselves or eat any "diet food" over this period either. AND, several of my weight loss clients actually weighed in with me this week, having lost a few pounds! All by using the powerful techniques I have taught them and by changing their mindset and behaviour around food.

So what is the secret to achieving long term weight loss? A lot of people think it's about deprivation, or will power - these don't work in the long term, and I'll explain why later.

It's actually about changing your habits around food and eating, and then embedding these new behaviours, so that they become automated and unconscious. If you think about it, this is exactly what some of your unhealthy behaviours are, like always having to have biscuits with a cuppa, or always having to have a bar of chocolate at 2pm!

Will power is to  "mindfully" and "consciously" control oneself or one's behaviour. This requires a great deal of effort and is actually a limited resource. Will power can become depleted by feelings and internal/external triggers. As many of us know, it is actually quite hard to maintain willpower for long periods of time. What happens is, as we become exhausted with all the effort, our brain reverts to our default (old automated) behaviour eg having those biscuits with that cuppa, snacking in front of the TV etc. Hence, will power goes out the window and there we are again back at square one, eating the things we said we would not eat from January 1st!

Habits are "mindless" as in  "unconscious" acts or behaviour patterns acquired through regular repetition until they become automated- these are easy and require little effort.  Think about brushing your teeth twice a day: this is a habit that is completely regulated and effortless. You can create new habits easily by creating the right environment and triggers to remind you initially to do the new action and then with regular repetition, this becomes an automated process. Once a new habit is established, you won't need will power to maintain it. Also, you only have to start with small shifts to create a new habit effortlessly: small shifts of improvement over time, can make a huge difference and are manageable. Once you change your habits and behaviour around food, those old habits will be replaced and so will no longer be a problem. In my next newsletter, I will take you through the process of how to create new, healthier habits easily and effortlessly around snacking and food, so that you can move forward with achieving long term weight loss, without the constant effort of having to try to rely on will power.

Diet Buddies - Helping you to change your habits and behaviour around food.

As discussed above, the secret to long term weight loss is about making changes to your habits in relation to snacking, food and eating. This doesn't have to be hard work. The Diet Buddy programme is designed for you to succeed in achieving weight loss, by helping you to alter your eating habits and behaviour without the pain of dieting. It is on a par in terms of monthly cost with some of the "famous" weight programmes, but the difference is that this programme:
  • is accessible to you 24/7 - 365 days per year (great for busy people, who can access it on their phones, laptops, pc's or tablets - even on the beach!)
  • you can work through it as quickly as you wish, or take your time, if you are someone who likes to think through in more detail what you are achieving
  • you can unsubscribe whenever you wish, no long term tie in, no penalties if you don't "attend" every week!
  • It does not involve you depriving yourself of your favourite foods
  • No silly, unhealthy or expensive food substitutions - just normal, healthy food that you can buy in any supermarket
  • A private support group which you will be invited to join for immense support, encouragement and motivation - it's like having your own group leader and the group with you all the time when you need to ask them something, or need some encouragement
  • no competition with other people, no public humiliation of "weighing in" every week
  • psychology based techniques to help you change your relationship with food and eating
  • MP3's to listen to, to support you in making these changes. You can download these and keep them even when you have finished the programme
  • Inspirational reports to keep you motivated and to help you think differently about food and eating
  • weight loss coaching used with my 1-1 clients included to take  you step by step through making these changes
You work at your own pace through seven on-line modules, which take you through a process, each step building easily on the previous one, to help you make these changes in your weight. Small shifts of improvement, step by step with support and guidance which will make a big difference.

" I had yo yo dieted for years and was fed up with feeling heavy and frumpy, and not being able to wear the clothes I used to wear. I had health problems related to my weight;aching knees, bad back and lack of energy. I signed up to the online programme and over a period of 6 months I achieved some incredible changes in my eating and behaviour around food, particularly in my snacking behaviour, which was out of control. As a result I have lost  just over a stone in weight, and I am continuing to lose small amounts of weight each week, just through the changes that I have made even though I am no longer subscribed to the programme. I can go out and socialise with my friends and still eat the foods I love but it is all easily balanced now without the pain of any dieting." Christine P

ONLY £14.95 per month - no minimum period - no dieting - available immediately, and 365 days per year, including support from me via the on-line facebook forum.
Is 2015 the year that you finally crack your weight loss?

To subscribe now, email me: and I will send you the link to subscribe, with more information.
Monthly Weight Loss Inspiration
Eating large amounts of the right type of food is the KEY to weight loss
what makes new eating habits workable for the rest of your life!

There is a myth that people get heavy because they consume a high volume of food.
FACT: Excess fat and weight is not usually caused by how much you eat, but by the types of food and snacks you are eating. You can actually eat huge amounts of the right type of food, feel full and still lose and maintain weight loss. The wrong type of foods are those that have no nutritional value, minimum fibre and are high in calories - eating this type of food too frequently is what contributes to weight gain.
Wishing you a wonderful start to 2015.

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