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  • Being Stuck sucks!
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Being Stuck Sucks!

If you are feeling stuck with an area of your life, I bet you are feeling frustrated. It's no fun being stuck is it?

Many of my weight loss clients contact me when they feel stuck at a weight they are not comfortable with. These are  the areas of  "stuckness" that they tell me about:
  • they tell me that they have tried dieting, they have tried exercising, they have tried to lose weight but they are still over weight and feeling frustrated and uncomfortable.
  • they tell me that they do want to lose weight but they can't find the motivation to stick to it.
  • or they cannot afford an expensive programme to help them.
  • They say that they haven't got time to attend weight loss groups or sessions because of the demands of work and family life on their time.
  • For others, they are stuck because they actually no longer know what is "healthy" food and what is not - there is so much conflicting advice out there.
  • Others tell me that they just cannot face another diet, which does not fit in with their social lives and families.
These are common areas of "stuckness" which stop people from losing weight. When we have all these reasons and demands on us, we end up feeling a real sense of despair that nothing will change and we feel doomed to live life feeling overweight, not being able to wear clothes that make us look and feel good, and feeling guilty about eating and drinking.

I want to re-assure you that if you are suffering this "stuckness" with your weight, there is a solution ( and an affordable way forward) that "unsticks" all of the above and is helping women like you achieve fabulous results- and the good news is that there is no dieting and no need to exercise. If you are fed up with feeling "stuck and overweight" read more here
“How to Relax on the Spot!”
If you are feeling tense, anxious or stressed, then it's a good idea to have a strategy to help you immediately, to start to feel more relaxed. Now obviously, if you are with other people, at work or in a public place, you cannot suddenly sit down and start meditating! So it's a good idea to have a subtle set of techniques that you can use in these situations to calm yourself.

Below are two simple to use techniques that I have taught clients to use when they are feeling very anxious.
1) 7/11 breathing - this  is very simple and can be done at any time, and in any position. It can be especially useful to use when in the middle of an anxiety provoking situation.

Take a slow deep breathe in, allowing your tummy to rise as you breathe in, and count to 7. Then breathe slowly out to the count of 11! Do this 10 times and you will start to feel a difference.

2) Visualisation Exercise - I wish I was there!
  • Imagine a peaceful  scene that you find relaxing – it may be somewhere you have actually been or just an imaginative scene that you would enjoy being in.
  • Concentrate on that image, imagining that you are actually there, right now, hearing the sounds, seeing what is in your scene and all the while taking deep, slow breathes.
  • Enjoy being there for a few minutes with your eyes closed.
With both of these techniques, it is worth practising them regularly, even when you are not feeling anxious, as then you will be very familiar with them when you need them at those stressful times!
Inspirational Quote of the Month
F-E-A-R has two meanings!

"Forget Everything And Run"
"Face Everything And Rise."

The choice is yours
Wishing you a Happy Easter.
With warm wishes

Maria x

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