Packed in the newsletter this month:Are you one of the 44% or women who do this? Read on to find out what exactly! For all of you who are struggling to lose weight, is your husband or best friend sabotaging you? This article will explain why and how to stop them.Yummy low-cal lollies for you and the kids, and I share simple coping strategies to help you deal with anxiety.

Is your Husband or Friend Sabotaging your Weight Loss?

If the answer to this question is YES, then it can be a difficult issue to deal with. However, my recent blog for those of you who may not have seen it addresses this issue and provides solutions to deal with this diplomatically. There are 5 common reasons why someone close to you may be trying to stop you from losing weight and in my blog I outline 5 solutions to help you deal with this. Take a look at my blog to find out more.

Coping with Anxiety

When you are suffering with anxiety and in the midst of it, you can often not see the wood for the trees. I describe this to my clients like a pendulum that has swung up high into the anxiety area. In this high state, it often feels very difficult to stop the anxious thinking and take back control of the negative or anxious thoughts. It can really be helpful to make a list of activities or resouces that will help to bring your anxiety pendulum back down to a place of centredness or calm, so that in the future if anxiety is triggered and the pendulum swings, you have already got a list of some of the things that will help you to regain your sense of calmness. Some of the coping strategies that my clients have said that have worked for them include:
- ringing a friend
- listening to a favourite piece of music
- watching a favourite funny DVD
- making a cup of tea
- walking in the park, where I can see flowers, birds and butterflies. Being with nature.
- colouring
- playing with my dog
- spending time with the children kicking a ball about
- writing in my journal
- swimming
-meditating or doing a relaxation cd
- doing something creative like sewing or making a cake
- taking a bubble bath
- exercising
- horseriding
- fishing
- running

Although these are very simple things, it can be very difficult to do these when you are feeling in the pits of despair and worry. It really does take effort to stop thinking and carry out one of these pleasant tasks. However, the more you put this in to practise, the easier it will become as you will remembe what worked last time. In this anxiety area, you have to recognise your lack of motivation to do anything and then challenge it, by doing one small thing. Engaging in that one small coping strategy or activity will start to lesson the anxiety, as you become more immersed in what you are doing. This will allow your mind to relax and release a little of the anxiety. So it's worth sitting down and writing a list of what your coping strategies are for those times when you feel more anxious, so that you have a list to hand and can see what works most effectively for you. You may want to remember this: "Rock bottom is not a nice place to be. But we have the consolation of knowing that there is only one way to go, and that is up!" Ivy Jeffers.

WELCOME TO July 2012

  • Are you one of the 44%?
  • Is your husband or friend sabotaging your weight loss?
  • Coping Strategies for Anxiety
  • 6 yummy low-cal lollies for Summer(for adults & Kids)

Are you one of the 44%?
According to a recent survey, 44% of women feel guilty at some time after eating! And 36% of women have admitted to eating in secret. Both of these issues can be a problem for many of the women I see for weight loss.  One of my clients used to eat half a packet of biscuits at work in the afternoon on a regular basis. She told me that she used to feel guilty afterwards as she wasn't even hungry, but would still repeat the behaviour regularly. Another client, told me that she would eat healthily all day and then during the evening, she would scoff bars of chocolate or bags of sweets. Again, she would feel guilty afterwards and horrified that she had "been good all day and then ruined it at the end of the day." Neither of these women were eating because they were hungry. For both it was a "mindless" form of eating that was clearly fulfilling something else. Working with both of these clients, using Hypnotherapy and NLP I was able to discover that in each case the underlying reason behind this form of eating was an emotional reason. For the first lady, she was very unhappy in her work and felt undervalued and bored with her role. After some futher coaching and confidence building, she decided to change jobs and now her biscuit munching has stopped as she is far happier and much more engaged in her new role. For the second lady, we discovered that her mindless eating was a form of reward and "time for her" She said that once the kids were in bed, she was relieved that all her hard work and responsibilities were over for the day and therefore chocolate was her treat to reward herself for getting through another day! With coaching and using NLP we discovered that some of this habit stemmed from experiences in her childhood which we dealt with . We then discovered and implemented other options, which were non food related, that she could use to reward herself and feel good about herself. Hence, she could fulfil her goal of being healthier and slimmer. If you identify with this type of eating, then there is probably an underlying reason why you are doing it. Often it can be something that is emotional or you are trying to fulfil something that you feel is missing. Think of it like feeding an "emotional hunger!" If you would like to know more about how this type of issue can be resolved, then ring me on 020 8395 5471.

As I write this today, it is still grey and raining outside, however, I am excited about some of the changes I am planning to make to my coaching and Hypnotherapy business in the next few months in preparation to be able to offer even more value, and accessibility for my clients. I will share the results when they are ready, but it means that I will be able to help and support even more special women to realise their goals, heal their pain and feel happier about themselves and their lives - which is my heart felt passion!
With the children's holidays fast approaching, I will say "happy holidays" and look forward to sharing again with you in September.

With warm wishes,



Lovely Low-Cal Lollies for Summer

I saw this in an article recently and thought I would share it with you in anticipation that the sun may actually shine at some point during the months of July and August!
Lollies such as Magnums can pack in almost 270 calories and a 99 cone with a flake is approximately 250 calories- ouch! So here are 6 of the best of low-cal lollies:
1) Chocolate Mini Milks - 30 calories per 35ml lolly and a lovely chocolaty taste too!
2) Barratt's Refresher Ice Lolly - 56 cals and natural colours too.
3) Rowntree Fruit Pastilles Lolly - 61 cals and made with real fruit and no artificial colours
4) Nestle Fab Ice Lolly - 90 cals of yummy chocolate, vanilla and sprinkles (and 45 yers old this year too!)
5) Solero Berry Explosion - 90 cals and a great combination of ice cream and lolly
6) Walls Calippo Orange Lolly - 100 cals and 0g fat and lots of refreshing orange flavour.

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