Do you find it hard starting something new or do you have goals that you haven't even made a start in achieving yet? If so then let me fire the starting pistol and show you how to get started.
Now the kids are back at school, it's time to focus on you, and I'll show you how to have a Post Summer Makeover to get you back on track with healthy eating.

How to have a Post Summer Makeover

The first day back at school has come and gone,and sadly so have the Summer holidays. Like many mums with young children the focus through the holidays has been on keeping the children happy,entertained and enjoying their holidays. However,now it is time to take stock and focus on you,especially if you have put on a few pounds over the Summer holidays. Lots of BBQ’s ,treats,and eating out can certainly take their toll. Routine often goes out of the window during the Summer holidays,as does food shopping. I have noticed this year that I haven’t done “big,organised” shops like I normally do,during these holidays and certainly once we came back from our Summer holiday away,I noticed that I didn’t have the usual “stock” of healthy foods in my cupboards and fridge.

So if you are suffering with the Summer food overload,it’s time to makeover your cupboards and fridge. Take stock of what you have in them in preparation for getting back on track with your weight loss and healthy eating.

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  • Find it Hard to Get Started on Something New?
  • How to Have a Post Summer Makeover.
  • 3 Tips to Sleeping Better

Find it Hard to Get Started on Something New?

Often when we have goals that we want to achieve, it can be really hard to get started on them. There is a gap between what we SHOULD do and what we ACTUALLY do!. Here is a great tip below that has really helped me and many others to close that gap. The reality is, that if you want to achieve something you simply have to GET STARTED! But often this can be the really hard first step to take. You know you want to achieve your goal and it is worthwhile to you, so why haven't you got off the starting block? You are probably making a load of excuses.... do any of these sound familiar? "I don't know how to do it!", or "I haven't got the time!" or "I'm not sure I can do it!" or any other excuse.Now here is a simple little technique that will get you started and I'll explain why it works.

I am somebody who loves books( I am a former English teacher!)  and has bought many fabulous books, that I have been intending to read for personal development or just out of curiosity. I kept buying these books with the intention of reading them and learning from them but then got guilty because I kept seeing these pristine books on my bookshelf gathering dust. I kept telling myself "I'll read that one day!" or "I just haven't got the time to read that book yet!" both were excuses. So what I decided to do was to make a decision and wrote it down, that "Before I go to bed tonight I will read 5 pages of that book" I took the chosen book and put it on top of my radio alarm clock right next to  my bed. When I went to bed that night, I saw the book and my written intention, and I read 5 pages... just 5 pages.... I got started. Within a few nights I had read the book from cover to cover and this helped me to develop this habit: of reading something positive and uplifting before I went to sleep every night.

Now you will notice that I didn't make the decision that "Before I go to sleep tomorrow night, I will ......." as this is too far in the distance of time and leaves room for too many excuses. You will also notice that I didn't write "Before I go to sleep tonight I will read the whole book", that is to big a chunk and would have felt like an over load - hence I would not have got started. And this is what we often do when we want to achieve goals: - we set the "taking action" part too far in the future, or we choose too big a chunk to start with, feel overwhelmed and don't get started at all.

So what have you been putting off starting? What goals have you got, that you haven't stepped over the starting line to achieve? Here's what I want you to do right now.... YES RIGHT NOW! Grab a piece of paper and write down a small chunk of that goal with the sentence:"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will ...."

Here are some examples that my clients have shared with me, to help you:

"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will do 5 pressups!" (Goal of getting fitter)
"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will plan my meals for tomorrow" (Goal of eating healthier)
"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will do 5 minutes of my meditation" (Goal of being calmer)
"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will pack my bag for work tomorrow" (Goal of being more organised)
"Before I go to sleep tonight, I will write my first blog" (Business client who wanted to start writing a blog)

Do you get the picture? Once you have done this first step, spend the next few days, setting small goals like this that you can accomplish towards achieving your bigger goal.
So remember:
1) Small Chunks
2) Time frame of today, "before I go to sleep TONIGHT!"

So I want to hear what you are intending to achieve. Sharing it with me will really set your intention. So email me now, with the the title GOALS and tell me what you intend to achieve tonight before you go to sleep. I may not be able to respond to you all directly, but I will definitely read these. Here's to you getting of the starting block today!
3 Tips to Sleep Better

If you are suffering with stress or anxiety, this can often affect the quality of sleep that you are having. Not being able to get to sleep in the first place because your mind is racing and "thinking" about everything can be a major factor. Here are my 3 easy tips to help you get a better night's sleep.

1) Try getting into a routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. This will train your body to sleep better by getting it in to a regular pattern.
2) Sprinkle a few drops of calming Lavender oil on your pillow. Research has shown that this oil in particular can really aid relaxation and calm and so put you into a more relaxed state to aid sleep.
3) If your mind is in a spin when you get into bed, try writing a checklist of things that you need to do or are worried about. Doing a "brain dump" of these things will help to clear your mind and will help your mind to stop processing them for solutions during the night.

Sweet dreams! ZZzzzzzzz

September's Inspirational Thought:

As I go about my work, I often come across sayings or inspirational thoughts that lift my spirits or help me to work through issues personally or professionally. So I thought that this month, I would share one of these inspirational thoughts with you that really touched me and made me reflect this month.

This month's inspirational thought is:
" Without change there would be no butterflies!"

I really love this one, although I don't know where this quote is from. I read it on a facebook page and it really made me think. So often we can be scared or worried about change and yet often it can really make a positive difference to us and our lives, especially if through fear we have been resisting changes.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to Autumn and I look forward to catching up with you next month.

With warmest wishes,

Maria x
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