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Chocoholics: how to have your yummy chocolate treats and still lose weight. Anxiety and Kids - how to help them deal with the challenges of life. Smokers, would you pay £50 for a packet of 20? Special offer on quitting smoking for July.


Week 7: Help Me to Slim for Summer - Change your Meal Time Habits
 5 simple ideas and very easy to make habit changes that will support you in losing weight. I had such great feedback about this article, that I thought I would add the link here incase you missed it on my website.

Helping Children Deal with Anxiety and Build Confidence

 More and more I am being asked by parents to work with their children, teenagers and young adults to help them overcome anxiety and build confidence. As many of you may know I am both a parent of a 10 year old child and a former Secondary School Teacher, so working with young people is a heart felt passion of mine.

With the pressures of school life, home life, exams, bullying, family issues, friendship issues and all the stresses that this can put upon a child, there is no wonder that some children get into a state of worry and find it difficult to feel happy, relaxed and confident about themselves and life again.
Worrying can then become a real habit for some children and breaking the pattern of the worrying thoughts can be a challenge that parents often don't know how to deal with. Just telling a child who is anxious to"stop worrying" and pull themselves together has limited effect.

Children who worry too much are held captive by their fears and will often go to great lengths to avoid frightening situations.
Parents often find themselves spending huge amouts of time and energy, reassuring, coaxing, accommmodating and applying adult logic to the problem, usually with ineffective results. I work creatively and in a fun way with children (and often their parents too) to help them contain their anxiety, externalise it and teach them how to think differently, build confidence and relax (this follows the principle of competing demands ie that you cannot be both relaxed and anxious at the same time!) My aim is to teach the child to take back control of their anxiety, and to teach them skills and techniques that will support them as they grow up and encounter the challenges that life brings.

If you have a child who is anxious and would like more information, then please call me on 020 8395 5471. I am currently working with children aged from 10 years to 17 years old.

WELCOME TO June 2012
  • How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight
  • Week 7 of Slim for Summer - Change Your Meal Time Habits
  • Helping Children deal with Anxiety
  • Quit Now or Pay £50 for a Packet of 20?

This is for all of you chocolate lovers out there, who are working hard to lose weight and keep it off. As you know, I am a Specialist Weight Loss Coach (Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach) and I advocate losing weight without the pain of dieting, and being able to eat normal, healthy food on an 80/20 principle. No food is banned and you do not have to deprive yourself. This means that 80% of the time, you will be eating gorgeous, yummy, healthy, normal food and the remaining 20% of the time, you can indulge in snacks that are not considered so healthy. Chocolate falls into this category. If you are eating chocolate every day and are craving chocolate, then you probably have an underlying issue that I can help you resolve. However, once this is dealt with you can still enjoy a chocolate treat once in a while without piling on the pounds. If you are looking for a chocolatey treat then some of the suggestions below will allow you to have your chocolate and still keep those pounds off!

Note please: this list does comes with a warning…none of these treats have health benefits nor zero calories, so the best advice is enjoy in "moderation". 

1. Chocolate rice cakes (56 calories)
One rice cake contains 56 calories and 3g of sugar. Considering an average chocolate digestive weighs in with 85 calories and over 5g of sugar, replacing your dunking digestive with a slimline chocolate rice cake is a clever swap.
2. Options hot chocolate (40 calories)
A regular mug of hot chocolate typically contains around 100 calories, while Options hot chocolate makes a tasty and calorie saving alternative of 60 calories. A lovely yummy treat especially if the weather is a bit damp and wet.
3. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. (140 calories)
Forget the slab of chocolate fudge cake or a calorific chocolate cheesecake. A much healthier and lower calorie option is strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate. Ten strawberries dipped in 4 squares of melted chocolate is a dessert lover’s dream at just 140 calories.
4. Chocolate raisins (105 calories)
Small, but a satisfying way to indulge your sweet tooth. One ounce or 25g of chocolate raisins contains 105 calories.
5. Milky way bar (98 calories)
Chocolate bars are every dieter’s enemy! They look innocent and relatively small…yet one bar seems to automatically add inches to the hips. Well there are a few out yummy ones which are relatively low in calories. A mini milky way bar has 98 calories, about a third less than a typical chocolate bar.

As I write this month's newsletter the sun is trying to peak out from the clouds. It is only a few weeks now until the children break up for their Summer holidays, and we will all be looking forward to our own holidays, if we are lucky enough to have one booked.  I am looking forward to a family trip to Cornwall and a spot of surfing at Watergate bay. I know that several of my female clients are getting excited at the prospect of getting into their swimsuits and bikinis and feeling confident (for some of them it will be the first time in a good few years!) about looking good in their swimwear. So congratulations to them.... you know who you are and I want to see the pics when you get back! 
Whatever you have planned for Summer, have fun.

With warm wishes,



Women - Are you Ready to Quit? Or would you rather pay £50 for a packet of cigarettes?
Did you know that some people may be charged £50 for a packet of 20 cigarettes. You may be forgiven for thinking this is a typo, but it isn't! If you live in New Zealand this might become a reality as the government considers increasing the cost of a packet of cigarettes to NZ$100 (around £50).This drastic proposal aims to eradicate smoking completely by 2025. I wonder if this will become a reality in the UK at some point?

It's interesting that so many women want to give up smoking and yet are worried about putting on weight: they worry about over eating as a substitute for cigarettes. The good news is that because I am a professional Hypnotherapist I can work with you to help you to quit smoking AND as I am also a weight loss specialist I can programme your mind so that you won't feel the need to substitute food for cigarettes. So you could give up smoking, get healthier, be a better role model to your kids, save money and stay looking fabulous at a healthy weight!

Until the 31st July, I am offering a special offer on my Stop Smoking package.
The package consists of two sessions with me (the first one is 2 hours and the second is 1 1/4 hours) a bespoke CD after the second session and relevant handouts to support you in quitting smoking. The usual price is £220. However, for the first 10 readers or their family members who contact me before the 31st July, and mention the June Newsletter, I will sign them up with this package to Stop Smoking for only £180! How many packets of cigarettes is that? Well I am informed that a packet of cigarettes is about £7.00, so that is just over 25 packets. So for many smokers that is less than 4 weeks smoking cost! So take action now and get it nipped in the bud before the Summer holidays and before smoking becomes as expensive as paying a mortgage! Call me on 020 8395 5471.
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