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Hypno-Gastric Band - read about this new amazing technique. Last chance to book early bird SLIM workshop and much more..... 


Slim 2012  

Are you ready to make it happen in 2012?
If you have given up on your diet already, then you need to consider trying an alternative way of losing weight, which does not involve the pain of dieting.
The SLIM workshop will give you the tools you need to lose weight, whilst eating normal healthy foods. We will help you to change your mindset around losing weight and will show you how to work with your body and it's natural way of procesing  food, so that you can lose weight comfortably and in a way that is sustainable
The next incredible 2 day SLIM workshop has been scheduled for 31st March and 1st April 2012. Places are already filling up fast,  so there are currently only a few places left on this life changing weekend. Early bird price is £99 if booked before 20th January 2012.  The the course will revert to a mid-early bird offer of £147 until 17.2.2012 and this includes the free bonus coaching call. From 18.2.2012 the course reverts to the price of £199.. So DON'T DELAY - BOOK TODAY AND  YOU SAVE £100 on the ticket price, PLUS  YOU GET THE EARLY BIRD BONUS OF a post course 30 minute free 1-1 telephone coaching session which is worth £40.00

So this is what you will get for your investment in yourself and your health: 
  • 14 hours training
  • two expert trainers with proven success in weight loss
  • comprehensive course manual showing you how to successfully lose weight
  • all refreshments (except lunch) and
  • your free 30 minute confidential personal coaching session.

Venue is Holiday Inn, Sutton, Surrey. For more information about the SLIM workshop; view here or if you wish to book using online, click here (please be aware that if you book on-line there are additional booking fees outside of our control) or call me on 0208 395 5471 asap to book your place.

The New SLIM website is

We now have a website dedicated to SLIM and as well as giving you full details about the workshops we offer, it also will provide you will tips, advice and information about losing weight without dieting. Obesity is a major issue in the UK today, and it has been proven that diets don't work for the majority of people who want to lose weight for the long term. So we are aiming to educate as many people as possible about the alternative ways to lose weight by eating normal, healthy food and changing your relationship and eating habits. This is what most diets do not address and hence whilst most people fail to achieve sustained weight loss by dieting.
The tips and information on here is designed to help you and is free!
Take a peak at:


  • NEW Hypno-Gastric Band
  • SLIM programme of workshops 2012
  • NEW Website to help you lose weight
  • Blog - diets make you fatter

The Hypno-Gastric Band
Tried every diet out there but don't feel they work for you? Considered a gastric band but nervous about an operation? The Hypno gastric band weight loss is a ground-breaking hypnotherapy treatment for those that need help with weight loss but without the operation. It is safe, pain free and also much cheaper than the physical operation.

For most people the hypno-gastric band process is 4-6 sessions. During your first consultation I will take a detailed history of your weight issues and determine whether you are suitable for the treatment. This will include assessing your Body Mass Index and discussing your eating habits and behaviour around food, cravings and any emotional eating. We will need to work on these prior to the hypno-gastric band procedure. Even if a client had a real gastric band operation and continued to fill their smaller tummy with chocolate, wine, sweets, cakes, and crisps for example, they would still have a weight problem. It is proven that clients who have a gastric band who eat healthily and exercise will lose weight more quickly. If it is agreed to proceed, then you will have upto 5 more sessions with me, each lasting an hour, and I will guide your mind through the process from consultation to anaesthetic to the hypno-operation. If required I can also conduct a band adjustment through hypnotherapy.

Some of the complications which can occur when having the surgical procedure include post surgery bleeding, wound infection, band slippage, lung problems, injury to the spleen, blockages and blood clots. This is why it is far safer to have the hypno gastric band weight loss therapy. Also the gastric band operation involving surgery costs in the region of £7000! My hypno-gastric band package costs £560. However, if you want to try this and mention this newsletter, then you are invited to do so at a special offer of £500 inclusive of all handouts, and any CD's. (There is a payment plan to split the cost over a period of sessions). Call me on 020 8395 5471 if you would like to find out more.
The Daily Mail wrote an article about this and if interested you can read it here.

If you are feeling miserable about your weight and body and would like to be one of my wonderful clients who is now slim and full of health and vitality then do email me on or if you are really serious about shedding those pounds now then give me a ring for a quick chat on 020 8395 5471.

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Looking out of the window today as I write this, I feel excited as I know that we only have a few weeks left of Winter. Have you noticed that the evenings are already a little lighter as we are heading towards Spring? I wonder how you are getting on with your New Year Resolutions? Once of mine was to exercise daily: by that I mean getting myself to move more each day even if only for 10 minutes rather than going to the gym. I have been walking, lifting weights and doing 10 min cardio exercise every day since my holiday over Christmas. Thereby, I am hopefully creating a new habit by incorporating this in to my daily routine. They say it takes between 20-40 repetitions of something for it to become a new habit! So I am hopefully well on my way and certainly feel more motivated as this small change is manageable. I look forward to catching up with you again in February.

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 Diets Make You Fatter - It is now proven by scientists and research.
If you would like to read this short article explaining the research and how diets actually make you put on weight, then read here.
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