June 2013
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Dear Friends,

Friday is a celebration of Elsewhere’s education program QueerLab - a youth-led media project and forum for LGBTQIA-identifying youth in North Carolina and beyond.

Throughout the spring a team of QueerLab youth have worked to launch I Don’t Do Boxes, a new magazine exploring queer southern experience. The first issue brings together a wide range of stories and artworks that explore gender and identity. They guide you to the latest Queer-Hop, provide advice for safe binding, draw you comics, and tell you stories about love. 

For us, being queer means thinking critically and being open to experiences outside the norm. Queer is interface for ongoing curiosity, and a way of living artfully with what you’ve got. As you’ll find, our contributors don’t do boxes. They prefer movement and fluidity. That’s what being queer is all about. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this first issue.


the I Don’t Do Boxes team


1. Integral City attends Sustainable Cities Design Academy | June 5 - 7
2. Potpourri of Pearls screening + performance | Wednesday, June 5 at 8pm
3. "My lunch with Karen” / “My lunch with Danai” | Friday, June 7 at 1pm
4. I Don't Do Boxes Launch Party | First Friday, June 7 from 6 to 10pm
5. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn | Saturday, June 8 at 8pm
6. Constellations + Conversations | Thursday, June 13 at 730pm
7. Play City: Tourists in the City | Friday, June 14 at 8pm

1. John Q - Joey Orr + Wesley Chenault (Atlanta, GA)  - NEA Southern Constellations Fellow
2. Gregory Jay Bloom (Washington, D.C.)
3. sleeper (Miami, FL)
4. Lea Devon Sorrentino (Minneapolis, MN)
5. Ashley Yeo Yakka (Singapore)
6. Lindsey Clark-Ryan (Northampton, MA)
7. Rebecca Noone (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

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3. Schedule a creative retreat for your class, organization, or group.
4. Support I Don't Do Boxes with a donation to QueerLab.

1. Artist Talks | Thursdays at 830pm ($1 / free for members)
2. Weekly Tours | Saturdays at 4pm ($5 / free for members)
3. Members' Dinners |  Thursdays at 730pm ($5 / members, RSVP)
4. Museum Open | Wednesday til Saturday from 1pm to 10pm ($1 / free for members)

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2. This month of photos elsewhere.


1. Integral City is an arts-led economic development project fostering connectivity and collaboration throughout downtown Greensboro. The project team includes Elsewhere, the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, Action Greensboro and North Carolina A&T University’s Architectural Engineering Department. This partnership is interested in strengthening grassroots arts leadership in Greensboro, catalyzing redevelopment of Greensboro’s historic urban core and restoring connections to underserved neighborhoods, educational and cultural institutions and the city’s burgeoning Greenway.

2. Since its inception, Potpourri of Pearls, an art synthpop band from Philadelphia, PA, has been a union of distinctly different artists committed to common goals. Bate, Brody, and Allingham each have separate interests and impressive solo projects which they've pursued in addition to their career together. What unites them is a mutual respect and shared affection for the sexy and strange tradition of synth pop. They see this music as being, by definition, one of activism and hope. 

Screening of video work begins at 8pm. The show begins at 9pm. 

Free with museum admission.

3. A simultaneous, remote, on-line co-performance by Danai Vlachou and Karen Niemczy presented as a ‘lunch meeting’ between friends where casual chat on daily issues and the pleasure of food,intertwines with discussions on art, education, politics, economy and its effects on social realities as observed and experienced today, in the US and Greece, as well as Sweden - the country where the two artists met.

The performance pays a tribute to Loui Malle’s 1981 film, ‘My Dinner with Andre”, which incidentally has been parodied by Andy Kaufman in ‘My breakfast with Blassie’ (1983). Thus the two artists complete the variety of main daily meals, with their addition – the lunch – while enjoying the opportunity to reconnect on-line. At the same time they pose a question to the audience about whether there is in fact a threshold, which divides life from art.

D. Vlachou will be present at the AVAF exhibition space, in Athens Greece while K. Niemczyk will perform on-line at the front stage theater at Elsewhere this Friday, June 7 at 1pm

4. This First Friday in June: Launch of I Don't Do Boxes, a magazine for and by queer youth in the south with the debut of the inaugural issue: School's Out! - a collection of over 30 artworks, stories, poems, comics and essays exploring queer southern experience. The evening will begin with live music, followed by a public reading of selected stories, a piñata smashing, and a Queer Dance Party like no other! 

6pm: Live 'Queered' Music in the Storefront Theater with Samuel Silverstein, Jeremy Harris and Elayna Madden
7:30pm: A public reading of selected queer stories from the first issue of I Don't Do Boxes
8:30pm: A musical performance by the Tomboys
9pm -10pm: A Queer Dance Party with DJ GothBabysitter
A special performance of VALIDnation by artist Stacey L. Kirby throughout
Help support QueerLab with a donation by visiting:
I Don’t Do Boxes is a project of QueerLab, a youth-led platform for digital storytelling Elsewhere in collaboration with YouthSAFE and the Guilford Green Foundation.

5. Join the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn for this hilarious new musical about three polygamist pop stars on the hunt for their brother husband in Greensboro, NC. When husband Charles Gregory Howard disappears under suspicious circumstances -- having last been seen singing karaoke at the Q Lounge with his vocal coach, Gerard -- it's up to Sister Gretchen, Sister Fanny and Sister Bunny Catherine to track down their band mate and the father of their seven children. A pride play in its purest form, this 45-minute show lampoons and investigates the institution of marriage as the harmonious sister wives must ultimately accept their husband for who he truly is. 

For more information and tickets visit:
Tickets are $10 and available online through and at the door. 

6. Meet the twinkling lights of our 2013 Southern Constellations program. Come out on Thursday, June 13 at 7:30pm and meet and greet Southern Constellations Artists-in-Residence, Joey Orr and Wesley Chenault of  'John Q.' Stay for their artist talk at 8:30pm. 
John Q is an idea collective whose name references “John Q. Public.” The “public” is left understood, though the work is considered a kind of public scholarship, and the “Q” is left hanging to reference the group’s interest in queer history and politics.
Joey and Welsey will be working on site at Elsewhere from June 5th through June 19th. 

7. City is a game of play-pretend that re-imagines the museum as a bustling urban metropol complete with a button currency and all the overhanded and underhanded deals that inflect local politics, business, and culture. Join us as whoever you want for as long as you want. Come in costume or just as you are.
For this episode of City on Friday, June 14, we'll don fanny packs and set out to explore the city with maps and cameras in hand. Marvel at the media tower, appreciate local history at the boardwalk, look for souvenirs, and get your picture taken in front of a famous artwork or two.
Participation in this event is free with $1 museum admission. 

Elsewhere is an artist-run, non-profit contemporary art organization, set in a former thrift store in downtown Greensboro, NC. Utilizing the massive 58-year inventory, Elsewhere’s environment of art and everyday objects invokes new modes for creative response, living, doing, and exchanging in our downtown neighborhood and across the world.

The Fund for Democratic Communities is a Greensboro, North Carolina based foundation supporting community-centered initiatives and institutions that foster authentic democracy and make communities better places to live.
Elsewhere is funded in part by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, The North Carolina Arts Council, the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, the Fund for Democratic Communities, the Future Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, Tannenbaum Sternberger Foundation, Guilford Green Foundation, the Harpo Foundation & friends like you.
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