Sports of All Sorts  | Annual Fundraising Extravaganza
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Dear Friends of All Sorts in Greensboro and afar.

We know you can’t ALL be at this years’ annual campaign celebration,
Sports of All Sorts. But we know you celebrate what Elsewhere does and what it means. You celebrate what Elsewhere does for artists around the globe. You celebrate Elsewhere as a place to connect, experiment and play. You celebrate a home for artists create on a scope and scale often beyond their reach and with material resources that asks them to think critically and collaboratively. You celebrate what Elsewhere does for downtown Greensboro--making it a core of creativity, entrepreneurship, and investment for our future.  You celebrate the collaborative culture that Elsewhere imagines, models, and strives everyday to bring to life. 

You celebrate Elsewhere, because you know just how rare, unique, and important it is that Elsewhere is here.

In 2015 we celebrate the 50 artists that created new work at Elsewhere, the 15 exceptional public artists that participated in
South Elm Projects with our downtown neighbors, the 6 Southern Constellation Fellows who produced new experiments with the museum’s material wealth, and the Chicago sound artists who transformed our stairwell into a performance venue. 

Elsewhere’s annual campaign, punctuated by our yearly celebration, is the only direct support we receive for the artist team and staff. Foundations support our programming, fund art projects, commissions, and education, but you, and only you, directly support the team that imagines it all. Your memberships and sponsorships, annual pledges and gifts fund the team that keeps the museum open, the swings swinging, the artists supported, and Elsewhere connected with neighbors locally and nationally. 

We wish you all could be Elsewhere, but your support celebrates what Elsewhere is and what it is becoming.
Make a tax-deductable sponsorship gift today!

Going and Growing with you,
George Scheer (Director) and all the Elsewherians

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