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Handmade Style: Flower Powerillustration by Andrea of ArtigianoJewelBox
Handmade Style: Flower Power
Summer is all about being comfortable in your own skin, letting loose and having fun!
This season's trends are bohemian chic...So embrace your inner hippie with breazy maxi dresses, floral frocks and tops, neon skinny jeans and shear fabrics...all paired with STATEMENT JEWELRY!
  1. Full Sun Garden Necklace by NinaGibsonDesigns
  2. Adinkra Stack Cuffs by kerinrose
  3. Fossil Coral Ring by betsybensen
  4. Butterfly Ring by ArtigianoJewelBox
  5. Beady Necklace by markaplan
  6. Hoops Earrings by kathryncole
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Beatle Beet Charm by inbarbareket
Beatle Beet Charm by inbarbareket
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filigree hoops by discomedusa
filigree hoops by discomedusa
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Mokume-gane and Sea Glass Ring by LivelyHood
Sea Glass Ring by LivelyHood
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Hazelnut, pearls & felt earrings by ArtByWinona
Pendant by AdobeSol
Enamel Necklace by lsueszabo
Ruby - the passionate birthstone for July 
Ruby Ring by NodeformWeddings
This is ruby, lord of gems and the birthstone for July.  Implant a ruby under your skin like the warriors of ancient Burma for courage and protection in battle.  Bury one under your home to bring good fortune.  Grind up a ruby and drink the elixir to bring passion and fertility.  Or… just wear one on your finger, if you dare.

As one of the toughest and most durable gemstones, ruby makes excellent jewelry.  Ruby, like sapphire, is composed of the mineral corundum.  Trace impurities incorporated into corundum crystals during their formation give the mineral its color, with chromium oxide causing the red color associated with ruby.  Corundum of any other color, including pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, and white, is called sapphire.

To learn more about rubies, continue reading this article...

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