#hack4good adds cities and welcomes Sails.js creator to speak and hack in Paris! - 16/09/13
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Dear Geeklist fan,

The Geeklist #hack4good update:

  • 1,000+ hackers and geeks registered already.

  • 8 new cities join hack4good.

  • Sails.js creator to speak live at the Paris location.

  • Announcing the Geeklist Healty Hacker initiative, featuring Erin Parker


That's right! 1,000+ hackers already signed up in over 21 cities and online!

Cities as far reaching as: Kazan, Vilnius, Topi, Toronto, Kiev and Costa Rica! They have all joined to host a local on-site #hack4good on October 4th-6th! Go to the official hack4good.io site to see cities and join in or join online! The demand to add cities has grown incredibly fast so we will be extending the ability to let us know you want to host in your city for another 5 days. Sign up to host.

To join one of the cities to hack alongside 1,000+ incredible hackers worldwide for social good go here or click the image of locations below:



Mike McNeil to speak and hack live in Paris!

We are so excited to announce that Sails.js creator, Mike McNeil will speak and hack live! Yes, Mike is flying into Paris in support of the Paris Hacker community on Geeklist to speak about Sails.js. He will also be doing a 1-2 hour 'Live-Hacking' session on Saturday for everyone to watch online! You'll get to meet, hear from, and get tips from Mike throughout the hackathon.

Announcing the Geeklist Healthy Hacker initiative!

"I'm excited to help out with the Healthy Hacker initiative because I'm passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. In the coming newsletter, I'm going to share my hacks for designing a healthy lifestyle, which also includes a variety of stretches for the lower back and non-caffeinated drinks you can chug late at night to keep you awake and focused." - Erin Parker


You can't have a global hackathon without global sponsors:

Warm welcome to Google Developers, Bountysource, Leadnomics, Mandrill and many more who have joined to help sponsor this huge undertaking. To become a sponsor email us at hack4good@geekli.st - sponsoring the event means exposure to the worlds greatest hackers!


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