Newsletter #1

The HUBiquitous project is up and running!

For those of you who do not know us yet, HUBiquitous is a European Innovation Action aiming at creating a joint Africa-Europe Startup & Innovation Ecosystem for long-term collaborations and partnerships. The project has the ambition to increase the technology level and capacity building of 30 local Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)/TechHubs in 5 African countries.

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What is Hubiquitous?

Meet the team

HUBiquitous brings together a strong consortium of five European and four African partners, experienced in providing promising startups and entrepreneurs with the technical resources and business skills they need to scale their ideas and ventures.

Meet the Hubiquitous' team

The concept of the project

The project proposes highly innovative concepts called Innovation Enablers:
Solution Lab, Application Business Box and the MeetHub platform.

Solution Lab will be a developmental & testing infrastructure for IoT, Big Data and AI technologies composed of generic hardware/software, networking and computing resources, APIs, tools/platforms and supporting learning material.

Application Business Box will be a “ready to use” package of technical, training and business support, constituted of three essential elements: hardware & software kits, training and coaching support material, and business development tools and templates).

MeetHub platform will be an online collaboration platform to boost Africa-Europe innovation partnerships as well as the creation of a joint DIHs and startup innovation ecosystem.

Thanks to these Innovation Enablers, the project will further demonstrate and build the local innovation capacity through
3 Programs:
Talent program, Accelerator program and Community program.

Talent Program will improve the technical skills of the African tech-communities/professionals in order to increase the innovation capacity of the local ecosystem. It will also enhance the employment opportunities within the communities.

Accelerator Program will improve the innovation creation capacity for entrepreneurs and startups, support the African-EU joint innovation project ideas and ventures, and increase investment opportunities in African startups.

Community Program will create will create vibrant Africa-Europe innovation communities engaging DIHs, startups & entrepreneurs, SMEs/industries, incubator/accelerator, diaspora communities, youngsters and women.

Our technology

HUBiquitous builds on technologies developed by the WAZIUP and WAZIHUB projects, namely “out-of-box” complete solutions, from sensor nodes to applications, that are particularly adapted to tough conditions requiring low power and long-range.

More info can be found on the dedicated page on our website:

Next events

HUBiquitous will organize a dedicated workshop at the EU-Africa Business Forum 2022, to be held from 14 to 18 of February online and from 16 to 17 of February at The Square, Brussels. Furthermore, the project will be present with an online booth to engage in one-on-one conversations with those who are interested in getting to know HUBiquitous' activities more in depth.

Join us to get to know the project and the unique opportunities we will provide to promising talents, startups and entrepreneurs.

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