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One step forward, two steps back
Five things you need to know about the 2015 election – and five about 2020, writes Siobhain McDonagh MP

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Jeremy Corbyn risks returning Labour to the 'politburo politics' of the 1980s
The Labour party risks a return to the 'politburo politics' of the 1980s, warned chair of Progress John Woodcock MP, writing today on Independent Voices

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Where are the Tories in our leadership debate?
If we learned anything from 2010 it is that this summer can frame the whole five-year parliament and the next election, says Mary Wimbury

Leaving Nato would be a grave mistake
The nation’s security depends on its alliances and credible defences. To give up both is not just foolish, but deeply dangerous, warns Richard Arthur

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Labour’s challenge: electing a leader who can win
Brendan Chilton

Tristram Hunt: Blair should be in 'pantheon' of great Labour leaders
BBC Newsnight

Liz Kendall is the candidate the Tories fear and Labour needs to win, claims former Cardiff North candidate Mari Williams
Mari Williams

Liz Kendall interview: ‘A new leader will be elected ... but this debate will go on’
Joe Murphy

Liz Kendall ready to join ‘The Resistance’ if Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership race
Joe Murphy

Flint has my vote
Janice Turner

Corbyn’s skeletons are already tumbling out of the closet. What would happen if he was leader?
Rob Marchant

Jeremy Corbyn denies links to Lebanese 'extremist' Dyab Abou Jahjah – as picture emerges of the two sharing a stage
Matt Dahan

Just how electable is Jeremy Corbyn, really?
Leo Barasi

What would a Corbyn leadership mean for the Lib Dems?
George Eaton

Labour: The wilderness years – conversion of a Jeremy Corbyn supporter (Part One)
Tarjinder Gill

Corbyn’s calls for unity are rank hypocrisy. Don’t be surprised if they go unanswered
Sam Dale

Dugdale opens up in first major speech as Scottish Labour leader

Leaked notes reveal Labour ignored legal advice over new membership
Patrick Wintour and Rowena Mason

The Labour party is in danger of getting infected with a terrible virus
Joe Goldberg

Changing our structures could be the key to avoiding this constant navel-gazing
Emma Burnell

Does Labour have anything to offer the elderly?
Tim Starkey

Did Labour lose because it wasn't leftwing enough?
Adam Ludlow

The 2015 election was won and lost on brands, messages, and leaders rather than policy
Democratic Audit UK

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Progress West Midlands conference
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Keynote speech: Tristram Hunt MP. Other speakers include: Emma Reynolds MP | Liam Byrne MP | Pat McFadden MP | John Woodcock MP | Jess Phillips MP | Gisela Stuart MP | Ruth Smeeth MP | Albert Bore. More speakers to be announced

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