An adorable kitten video, personalised collars back in stock, a Love Heart collar for Valentine's day, and some press coverage for Mog's Togs!
Mogs Togs
Kitten hugs for all!
What is there to say about February? The best we can say is that we're one month closer to spring, although the temperatures have plummeted this weekend. If you're feeling a bit glum, have a look at this video which should help cheer you up - warning: contains adorable kittens. In the newsletter this month there's some press coverage for Mog's Togs, new collars which include some for the next holiday - St. Patrick's Day, and a notice about personalised collars which are back on sale again.

Coming Soon!
I've added a new collar choice to our Skulls style - this one's a lovely rich purple. Still can't find any purple webbing though!! February's special collar is our final Valentine's one, and also look out this month for the first Mog's Togs St. Patrick's day collar! It features shamrocks on either white or pale green ribbon, and a cute green shamrock charm too. As always, keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see when these go on sale.

Your Cat magazine

Famous for five minutes...

I was very excited to find out that Mog's Togs collars were featured in this month's Your Cat magazine! Our Union Jack and pink Skulls collar were picked to be included in a page of cat collars. Of course, it goes without saying that ours were the nicest, but then I am probably biased...
Love Hearts Collar

February Collar

I thought that I was done and dusted for Valentine's collars, but when I saw this Love Hearts ribbon, I found space for one more! This one also includes an enamel heart charm. Available now for £6.95 on our website; soon in our other shops.
Personalised collars back in stock

Purrsonalised Collars...

Back again!! The deadline for orders is February 12th and I hope to get them posted out in the first week of March. Don't forget to let me know all the details you want on the collar! Click here to purchase.

Cat of the Month

February's feline figurehead is black and white Taffey, in her Wizard cat collar. She lives in Scotland with Danielle. Thanks for all the photos that you send me - I love receiving them!
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