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Andrews Myers
Business Insight from the Ground Up
Federal Funding Allocated for Texas Flood Control Projects
by Lauren Scroggs   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has recently announced that Texas will receive approximately $5 billion in funding for various flood control projects throughout the State. This funding comes from a disaster relief package passed by Congress earlier this year.
The bulk of the approved funding—nearly $4 billion—will be expended in the Sabine Pass to Galveston Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management and Ecosystem Restoration Project.  This Project entails the construction of nearly 27 miles of new levees and the fortification of 30 miles of existing levees along the coast.  Read more...
Real Estate
Three Ways Real Estate can Benefit from Blockchain Technology
by Katie Gourley  As blockchain technology continues to take the world by storm, industries such as commercial real estate have begun to seriously consider the potential benefits of such technology. As business trends towards complete digitization, industry leaders seek to further increase transparency and efficiency in real estate transactions. Blockchain technology, a relatively new form of data management involving a completely digitized public ledger distributed through a database to maintain records and the public accounting of transactions, presents new opportunities for the commercial real estate industry to streamline its methods of operation. Although still in the development and experimentation phase, blockchain’s benefits show potential to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry.  Read more...
Top 100 Settlements of 2017 Recognizes Kathryn "Katy" Baird and Jason Walker
Katy Baird and Jason Walker were recognized for their successful representation of  a Houston-based supplier in breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties,  unjust enrichment and Quantum Meruit claims against a Texas-based structural steel fabricator
Considering the "Not So New" DTSA
by Andy Clark   Since the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (the “DTSA”) became law two years ago, companies have had an additional venue—federal court—to pursue trade secret misappropriation actions against former employees and those employees’ new employers. The DTSA created a private, federal cause of action for trade secret misappropriation, regardless of the size of the employer or the amount of money at issue. Actions under the DTSA may be, and often have been, brought alongside state law misappropriation claims.

The DTSA offers traditional remedies, including injunctive relief (to “prevent any actual or threatened misappropriation” of a trade secret), compensatory damages (for actual loss and unjust enrichment), exemplary damages (for up to two times the amount of the actual and unjust enrichment damages, if the trade secret was “willfully and maliciously” misappropriated), and attorneys’ fees, as well as ex parte seizure of property in extraordinary circumstances.  Read more...
Join Us at Any of the Upcoming Special Events in July & August

July 26  - Ben Westcott presents  "Construction Law/Pitfalls of Government Projects," at a private client event
July 31 - Chris Love and Jason Walker present "Subcontractors Right to Cure Under Texas Law," at ASA educational series
August 1 - AM Litigation team holds a "Mock Trial" for AGC CLC members
August 10 - AM sponsors the AGC CLC Annual Golf Tournament
August 21 - AM sponsors the Texas Contractors Association PAC Sporting Clay Shoot
August 23 - AM sponsors the Houston Contractors Association Networking Mixer
August 27 - AM Sponsors the ABC Houston Fall Sporting Clay Shoot
Pipeline Squeeze in the Permian
by Champe Fitzhugh   Everyone saw it coming, but when it arrived everyone was still a little surprised  -- pipeline capacity problems in the Permian Basin are causing companies to curtail drilling programs, not complete fracking plans and sometimes stop wells prior to completion.  A recent quote from ConocoPhilips’ CEO, Ryan Lance, accurately captures the moment: “we didn’t see it coming as maybe as fast or as hard as it came this year.”  If you work in the oilpatch or have a business that caters to those who work in the oilpatch then you have already seen some effects and are likely to see more. 

Are you a company that began ramping up last year when prices finally rebounded steadily?  Are you now facing tough choices regarding debt service, workforce allocation and asset use?  Do your master service agreements provide you some outs for unprofitable work? We can help you with any of the above issues – we regularly review existing debt arrangements, pipeline contracts, terminal agreements and master service agreements and can help you navigate a short-term or long-term downcycle.
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