Insurance and Professional Standards for Spiritual Directors
The Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction seeks your assistance with its research into the matters of Insurance and Professional Standards.
These matters, especially access to affordable professional indemnity insurance, are frequently raised as matters of concern within the spiritual direction community.   
A working party of AECSD has now been established to explore them with the intended outcome of putting forward, from an informed standpoint, proposed course(s) of action and viable options for obtaining accessible, affordable insurance encompassing best practice standards in line with our Code of Ethics.
We believe that achieving these outcomes will impact positively on the strength and well-being of the spiritual direction community.
It would be of great value to our endeavour on behalf of the wider spiritual direction community if your group would please take the time to complete our brief (2 page) questionnaire. 
We look forward to incorporating your responses and learned wisdom into our search for viable solutions to these matters.

CLICK HERE to do the questionnaire and please complete by Friday 15th November.
Kind Regards,
Judy Backstrom, Dianne Bradley, Mary Murphy and Liz Anne Smith
AECSD Working Party on Insurance and Professional Standards

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