Dear colleagues,

This is just a reminder of the survey we sent out last week. So far our response rate is good and the answers valuable. For those who have not yet replied to the survey, please click the link below to do so. For those of you who have replied, thanks very much. When the data are tabulated we shall of course, send you a summary of the results. Please feel free to send the survey onto others.

Thanks again,

Stephen Truscott

Forming tomorrow's spiritual directors today...
Dear colleague,

We need your help with forming spiritual directors by answering a questionnaire.

As the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction, we offer formation guidelines to  programs training Australian spiritual directors. In 2008, we updated the Formation Guidelines: Recommendations to Foster, Support, and Recognise the Formation of Spiritual Directors in Australia. Since then, we have awarded Certificates of Recognitions to six eligible programs.

We recently set up a Formation Guidelines Review Committee to update the Formation Guidelines. The members of the Committee are John Auer, Peter Bentley, Tess Milne and Stephen Truscott. 

Your responses to the questionnaire will help us to revise the Formation Guidelines. After collating and analysing your responses, we shall give all respondents feedback about the analysis that may help you form spiritual directors. From the analysis, we shall draft new guidelines for you to comment on. Your comments will help us to finalise the guidelines that we shall send to you.  

We shall liaise with the programs we currently recognise about how they might use the new guidelines. We understand this could take some time to do, especially for part-time programs conducted over several years.

CLICK HERE to do the questionnaire and please complete by Monday 14 October.

Please send this email to anyone who could contribute to the review.

Thank you for helping to develop future Australian spiritual directors. 

Peter Bentley 
President AECSD

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