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2015 Patriot Results

Over the holidays, 84 of the nations top collegiate golfers gathered to play in the 5th Annual Patriot All-America Invitational at the Wigwam Arizona. The 54-hole amateur event is the combined effort of the Arizona Golf Association, the Golf Coaches Association of America and the Wigwam Golf Resort. The unique aspect to this tournament is the fact that the players also commemorate our military heroes. Each golfer received a PING golf bag that bears the name and branch of a fallen or wounded hero from their hometown or school. 

University of Mississippi's Braden Thornberry, honoring Army Specialist Charles E. Leonard, shot a 2-under (211) for the win. Arizona's George Cunningham from the UofA was tied for 6th at 2-over 215, Christopher Peterfish from Scottsdale finished tied for 11th with a 5-over 218 and Alberto Sanchez attending ASU was tied for 20th with an 8-over 221.   Read more...
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2016 Rebate Change 

AGA along with the AWGA will continue to offer a Multi-Member Rebate Program for any members who belong to more than one club in the state of Arizona. However, for 2016 we are no longer offering full rebates. The membership dues for each additional club joined will be $15. We are also requiring that the rebate request be made by the individual, either online or by mail between January 1 and December 1, 2016.

Rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, provided full payment has been received from each of the member's active clubs. This is to maximize the time for all clubs to remit payment on invoices. Read more...

2015 Player Awards

 Open Divison: Ken Tanigawa; 91st Arizona Amateur Championship - Champion; AZ Mid-Amateur Championship - Champion; 2014 Player’s Cup (Masters Division) - winner; 2015 Goldwater Cup Team Member 

Masters Division: Rick Bojalad; Southern Amateur (Masters Division) - Tied for 1st; Short Course - Winner; AZ Senior Match Play - Semi-finalist

Senior Division: Murphy Mitchell; AZ Senior Match Play (Senior Division) – Champion; AZ Senior Stroke Play – Tied for 2nd; San Tan Amateur – Tied for 3rd; Southern Amateur (Senior Division) – Tied for 1st; Northern Amateur – Tied for 5th; 2015 Goldwater Cup Team Member, 2015 AZ/UT Shootout Team Member

Legends Division: Terry Beels,  AZ Senior Stroke Play (Legends Division) – Champion; AZ Senior Match Play (Legends Division) – Runner-up

Mayfair Award Winner: Blaine Staggs; Scoring average  

Rules Trivia

Question: On the putting green, a player addresses his ball. He stepped away from the ball to reconsider his line of putt. The ball then moves further from the hole. What is the ruling?

Tournament Players Association

Are you planning to play in AGA events this year? Then you may want to consider joining the Tournament Players Association. It would be well worth your while - with benefits like a membership in the TPA club (includes a handicap), discounts on all AGA Major Championships, select SKINS games throughout the year, eligibility for automatic team selection, special gifts and sponsor promotions periodically throughout the season and first option to enter the Players Cup Championship.

So what are you waiting for? - SIGN UP TODAY!

Andrew's Tip of the Month

This month, we are going to work on some creative movements using a cable apparatus focusing on hip stability and mobility with proper core activation. We are going to try to go beyond some of the basic movements that you may have previously used a cable apparatus for. Working the front and sides and rear of the hip.  Also, we will be at Golf Fest February 12-13th 8am- 5pm at Longbow Golf Club. We will be doing complimentary golf fitness screenings. So contact us to schedule a time, or come by our booth. 

Call Andrew at 602-638-3000 or email for a complimentary golf performance screening in Scottsdale or Mesa.

So You Played Alone
2016 is a year for changes to the USGA Handicap System. There are six major changes - probably the one that will impact the largest number of golfers has to do with what scores can be posted.

Beginning January 1, 2016, scores from rounds played alone are no long eligible for handicap purposes. At first glance, this may seem a little odd. After all, there are many times that golfers go out on their own. But think about it - have you played alone? When you do, do you play according to the Rules of Golf or do you drop another ball if you hit the first one badly? How generous are you with 'gimmies'? If you hit it Out of Bounds, do you go back where you last hit it or do you just drop another on that spot? 

The whole premise of the USGA Handicap System is built around peer review - the ability of golfers to review the records and scoring of their peers. If you play by yourself, it eliminates the ability of your friends to verify that you've posted that score correctly and to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a posted score. To read about all the changes, go to

Itty Bitty Open

You can never be too itty bitty to swing a golf club. Enjoy a day where you and your mini-me, son and/or daughter, along with a cartoon friend, will learn the basic skills of golf. Saturday, January 16th you and your child will be involved with a clinic taught by a PGA or LPGA golf professional followed by a fun, non-competitive golf tournament.

The event is open to 3-5 year-old's only.  For your convenience, there will be 15 locations and 3 times offered. Each golfer with receive a set of plastic golf clubs, balls, a bag, and a visor but must have an adult caddy accompany each golfer. Space is limited so sign up today! For more information on locations please visit

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2016 Complete Tournament Schedule 
January 9-10: Short Course, Rolling Hills Golf Course - Tempe
January 16: Itty Bitty Open, 15 locations available 
January 30-31: Tempe Amateur - Ken McDonald Golf Course - Tempe
February 6-7: Roy Tatum Best Ball - Randolph Golf Complex - Tucson

Trivia answer: It depends. Prior to 2016, once the player addressed the ball, he was deemed to have caused that ball to move no matter what. The penalty was one stroke and the ball had to be replaced. Beginning 1-1-16, the term "deemed" has been removed from the rule. It is now treated like any other situation where the player's ball moves. If the weight of evidence indicates that it is more likely than not that the player caused the ball to move, even though that conclusion is not free from doubt, the player incurs a one-stroke penalty and the ball must be replaced. Otherwise, the player incurs no penalty and the ball is played as it lies. (Decision 18-2/0.5)

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