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AZ Publinks Championship

The AZ Publinks Championship is open to all AGA amateur golfers who are members of a public club in Arizona and who hold a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 6.9. This years tournament will be hosted by Aguila Golf Course April 15-17.

There's still time to sign up! Don't miss the chance to hold the title of the best public golfer in Arizona.


2016 Rebate Reminder 

As stated in last month's newsletter, for 2016 we are no longer offering full rebates to members of multiple clubs in Arizona. The membership dues for each additional club joined will be $15. We are also requiring that the rebate request be made by the individual, either online or by mail between January 1 and December 1, 2016.

Rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, provided full payment has been received from each of the member's active clubs. This is to maximize the time for all clubs to remit payment on invoices. Read more...


57th Annual Father/ Son Presented by Acura

It's that time of year again to start getting your teams together for the annual Father/Son Tournament held at Antelope Hills Golf Course June 4-5. This is a very popular event so get your entries in early.

The format is a Chapman - one father can play with up to three sons. Each player tees off (fathers only have to hit one tee shot). The teams each select their best drive and then alternate shots until the ball is holed.  Fathers get your exercise because you will be hitting a lot of shots - especially when none of your sons select your drive.

Entries open Tuesday, March 15. Entries will be accepted by mail, personal delivery or fax (no email entries). Entries submitted by mail will be considered received on the postmark date of the entry.  Once the total entries received on any given day exceed the maximum allowable teams, ALL entries received that day will be determined by lot until the field is full. The remaining entries will be put on a wait list, again determined by lot. 

Meet Our Executive Committee 

The Arizona Golf Association is excited to welcome three new board members to help the AGA grow the game of golf.
Mark Jeffery
Superstition Mountain Golf Course
Mark is the President and CEO of Aquimo LLC, a revolutionary mobile gaming platform for basketball, football, golf, bowling and other sports. His consulting expertise is data-driven marketing strategy and execution, enterprise performance management, and unlocking business value from marketing and IT.
Ryan Johnson
Arizona Golf Association
Whether playing competitively against friends or filming PGA TOUR Professionals, finding Ryan on a golf course is finding Ryan in his ‘happy place’. For the past five years, Johnson has been the videographer for the annual Patriot All-America Invitational held at The Wigwam. During the 2015 tournament, he created a 30-minute segment that will be aired on Fox Sports in March.
Judy Polidori
Alta Mesa Country Club
Volunteerism and serving have always been a part of Judy's soul - from organizing volunteers to spearheading fundraising ventures. Judy served on the AWGA Board as the Fundraising Chairman for 6 years. In addition, for the past two years, she has been the AWGA/AGA Liaison.

Andrew's Tip of the Month

This month Andrew will address torso rotation or lack of mobility on both sides of torso rotation. More often than not with golfers, a right handed golfer has a greater ability to turn to the right side. Sometimes they lack the ability to turn an equal distance to the left. Left handed golfers are the opposite. Andrew will demonstrate a test that they use to determine how well a golfer moves side to side.

Call Andrew at 602-638-3000 or email for a complimentary golf performance screening in Scottsdale or Mesa.

Handicap Trivia
Question: Jack has a Course Handicap of 11 for a given round after converting his 9.2 Handicap index through the appropriate slope conversion table. Under Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) what is the maximum score he can take on any hole for handicap posting purposes for this round?
A.6  B.7  C.8  D. Double Bogey

May is Arizona Golf Month
In 2015, in an effort to take advantage of the state's great weather and to promote golf for local Arizonans, the AGA, Arizona Women's Golf Association and Junior Golf Association of Arizona declared May as Arizona Golf Month.  

Playing golf has more than just a couple of health benefits: reducing stress, getting exercise and being outdoors.  Golf will also enhance your mood (depending on how well you are hitting the ball that day) and help you live longer by staying active. 

The month-long statewide campaign will be supported and promoted by golf courses throughout the state. How does a golf course get involved? All they need to do is provide us the details - whether it be discounts to AGA members and guests, specials on teaching, deals in their restaurants - whatever they want - we'll advertise it free of charge for the entire month. It's a celebration of golf that gives the golf courses and the golf associations a chance to thank the loyal golf community and increase participation in the game.

If you want to promote a special, contact Alex Tsakiris

Congrats To...

...Mason Nam, San Tan Amateur Champion, shooting 4 under (140) at Alta Mesa CC
...Sun Devil senior Jon Rahm, winner of the 2015 Mark H. McCormack Medal which is presented to the #1 amateur golfer in the world, as determined by the World Amateur Golf Ranking
...Hannah O'Sullivan and Monica Vaughn, named to the 2016 USA Curtis Cup Team
... AGA's February Newsletter Survey Winner, David August.

Save the Date:
March 17-20: Arizona Stroke Play Championship: Grand Canyon University 
March 26-27: Mayan Palace Member Day Weekend: Peninsula Course 
April 19: 100 Holes of Golf Marathon: Moon Valley Country Club
April 15-17:  AZ Publinks Championship: Aguila Golf Course

Trivia answer: B
Section 4-3 of the USGA handicap system manual outlines a procedure referred to as Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) which is a mandatory procedure that applies to all scores being posted for handicap calculation purposes. ESC places a maximum individual hole score for a player when the round is posted in order to make a golfer's handicap more representative of a player’s potential ability. The ESC table is based upon a player’s converted Course Handicap assignment for a given round. In this case a Course Handicap of 11 for Jack dictates a maximum ESC hole score of (7). Reference: Equitable Stroke Control 

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