EU Referendum Ten Minute Rule Bill Tomorrow
EU Referendum Ten Minute Rule Bill Tomorrow

On Wednesday February 6th John Baron MP is introducing a Ten Minute Rule Bill.
It is important that your MP supports this bill. 

The purpose of this Bill is to legislate in this Parliament for a referendum in the next. The advantages of bringing forward the legislation in this Parliament are as follows:-
· Legislation would address the public’s distrust of politicians on the issue of an EU referendum given that all three of the major political parties have in recent years made and then withdrawn commitments to consult the people. 
· Politicians have for too long obfuscated this issue. Legislation would force all parties to declare their hand – the electorate would then know where they stood.
· An in/out referendum should not be dependent on a Conservative victory. Whilst accepting that no one Parliament can bind its successor, any incoming Prime Minister would find it difficult to repeal a piece of legislation supported by the overwhelming majority of voters from across the political parties.

It is vital that all MPs take part in this important debate.
It is important you let your MP know today that you support John Baron's call to legislate for a referendum in this parliament. 
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David Cameron's EU Referendum Promise

David Cameron's recent referendum commitment raises one key question. If the Prime Minister is sincere does he now intend introducing legislation this side of the general election stipulating that it must be held within the lifetime of the next parliament? 
The People's Pledge in its briefing for MPs and the media in the run up to Mr Cameron's speech on January 23rd called for this question to be put because given the uncertainty concerning the result of the next general election, it is important that Labour and the Liberal Democrats be tied also to this policy.

A referendum Bill would place Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in an extremely difficult position. If they were to let it pass, then their parties would, by definition, be obligated to consult the people on the EU if they were find themselves in government after 2015. On the other hand, if they were to whip their MPs to vote it down, they would give the majority of voters who favour a referendum a clear choice at the next election to the clear advantage of the Conservatives.    
Given that all three of the big political parties have promised to give the British people the chance to vote on our relationship with Brussels in recent years, only to then withdraw these commitments, it is now necessary that those within the political elite who do support a referendum now set their promises in stone to demonstrate they are really serious.    

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