This is the time of year that I love in Spain, sunny days and warm evenings before the humidity of July and August.  The chirinquitos (beach bars) have opened up along the beach and present the opportunity to savour a mojita or two while enjoying the sea view.  Soon the holidaymakers will be here in abundance to recharge their batteries and relish the rest.  I count my blessings to be living here at my stage of life.
Our members recently went on the annual outing and this year it was to Terra Natura near Benidorm. As always, it gave them the chance to mix and chat while enjoying seeing the animals.  Our next event will be the Pool Day on 7 August when a host kindly opens their house and pool for our members and children’s enjoyment.
The summer can be a tricky time for single parents coping with work, school holidays, childminding and the heat.  On the plus side there is more work available than at any other time of year.  Whatever you plan this summer, I wish you enjoyment and fun and try to remember to live in the moment.
When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”  John Lennon 

Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542     tricia@guardian-angels.es
The Magic of Gratitude (continued)
From “The Magic ” by Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret)

Rhonda Byrne’s book shows how you can bring about incredible changes in just 28 days.  We have been sharing her tips in previous issues of the newsletter.

DAY 15. HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.  Today, look at a problematic relationship, and list 10 things you’re grateful for about that person, however hard that may seem.  Address the person in the list, for example, “John, I’m grateful for....” There is gold in every relationship, so if you only have contact with your ex through your children and you and him don’t get on, thank him for your children.

DAY 16. SUPPORT YOUR BODY.  Gratitude’s magical power can assist in healing.  Remember three specific times you felt fantastic, and say thank you for those times.  Now, say thank you to your organs and five functions in your body that are working well today.  Lastly, choose one thing you would like to improve.  Visualise the ideal state you want that part of your body to be in and give thanks for this.

DAY 17. CHEQUE IT OUT.  Even if you are short of cash, be grateful every time money comes to you, whether it is through a salary increase or a discount on something you buy.  Feel joyful for this financial reward, and your joy mixed with gratitude, will attract even more abundance.

Now write a “magic cheque” to yourself, filling in the amount of money you want to receive.  Hold the cheque and picture yourself using the money to buy something you desire, with as much excitement and gratitude as you can.  Repeat this at least twice a day.

DAY 18. MAKE A TO-DO LIST.  Today, write a list of all the most important things you would like to be resolved – from the smallest day-to-day things like losing your keys to bigger life stuff.  Now, choose three items and spend at least one minute imagining everything has been done to resolve this, and feel enormous gratitude in return.  This will attract the solution to you.

DAY 19. STEP FORWARD. Albert Einstein wrote about feeling gratitude 100 times a day.  He said “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving”.

Walk 100 paces, and say thank you after every step.  Do it for about 2 minutes.  You’ll feel happier.

DAY 20. HEART MAGIC.  Try closing your eyes and focusing your mind on your heart as you say and feel the magic words ‘thank you’.  Repeat a few times – you may feel a tingling sensation around your heart, a rush of joy, plus more peace and happiness.  Now go through your list of top 10 desires from Day 13.  Practise heart magic on each one to increase the gratitude felt for each of your desires being manifested.

DAY 21. ATTRACT MAGNIFICENT OUTCOMES.  Use your thoughts and feelings to attract magnificent outcomes by being grateful for them before they even happen, from the amazing job interview to the phone call with your mum. Choose at least 3 things today that you want magnificent outcomes for - mundane tasks or big events alike.  Imagine you are sprinkling magic dust over the event and write down, “Thank you for the magnificent outcome to ...” then see the magic work.

If anyone has been practising the Magic, please get in touch to share your outcome in the next newsletter –  send to tricia@guardian-angels.es

Welcome  to Clair Parsons, Chief Mentor

Clair has lived in Spain for 14 years and is a Counselling Psychologist with clinics across the North Costa Blanca.  She has four children and a granddaughter and has spent most of her time as a parent being single so she understands some of the needs and circumstances of being a single parent first hand while appreciating that we all have different experiences.

‘After being a member of Guardian Angels myself, for many years, it is great to now have the opportunity to give something back, by providing support for our members and the wonderful team of mentors too’. Clair commented.

We are delighted to have Clair join us and know that our members and mentors will all benefit from her life experience and expertise, Tricia
Giving Back
The charity is expanding and is seeking caring people to join who would like to give back. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor on a voluntary basis or can offer another service, please contact Tricia Barr tricia@guardian-angels.es. Thank you.

Friends of Guardian Angels
If you would like to be added to our “Friends of Guardian Angels” e-mail list so we can contact you about our events please contact Ann Lawrenson at
Ongoing Pick a date calendar - 3 per date
September 25 Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club contact Gill
October 29 Hollywood Glamour Ball, The Parador, Jávea. Contact Michelle  638 258
Trip to Terra Natura
This year our members enjoyed their annual day out to Terra Natura, Benidorm. Thirteen parents and their children had a fantastic day visiting the zoo park. The weather was not too hot so the animals were more active than they would have been in higher temperatures. Perfecto!

I am pleased to report that Auna escaped from her cage and luckily, the lions did not; Brigitte survived the assault by an eagle during the display of birds of prey and Vernon´s hat was undamaged by the owl that settled on him. Sadly Maria had to go home without her map because the goat had eaten it!

The day out proved to be a brilliant opportunity for parents to meet, make friends and build a support network. The children were able to do the same and see some amazing animals as well.

Thank you to Tricia, Vernon, Celia and Ann for their hard work organising the day and ensuring everything went smoothly
We hope you will all be able to continue to enjoy the friendships and support offered by coming to our next event which will be the pool day on 7th August.

Annual Pool Day For Members on Sunday 7 August, 2pm  – 6 pm.  Senija

We are very fortunate to have been invited to the home of a lovely lady who has offered to help GA. There will be lots of fun for the children in the pool whilst parents can chat together and enjoy the delicious food and drink. More details, including directions, will be emailed to members nearer the time.  Any members intending to come please email Ann Lawrenson
ann.lawrenson@guardian-angels.es or let her know via our Facebook group.

Past Fundraising Events

Ladies Lunch in June

Unfortunately this had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.  The next one will be in September and will be advertised on Facebook on our Guardian Angels Spain page.

Fashion Factory event

We were delighted with the turnout of people to the Fashion Factory Event and the consequent proceeds to the charity which came to 285€. This is very gratefully received and will be a big help in aiding our events for our families this summer. Thanks so much to Jayne and her team for all her efforts to make this happen. Thanks also to Debbie & Gill in the GA team.  (We are planning to do another one in the autumn so watch this space!).

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Sunday 25 September - Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club

Mixed Texas Scramble with lunch and raffle prizes.  For more information please contact gillsomers@ymail.com

Guardian Angels Hollywood Glamour Ball, The Parador Hotel in Jávea on 29th October 2016
We are very excited about this annual event.  Cava on arrival, 3 course meal including wine during dinner and tea/coffee. We'll have a live band and a disco afterwards to dance the night away (till 2am). Tickets are 45€.  The hotel has a limited number of rooms available, so if you would like to stay over at the hotel on 29th Oct, please contact them on +34 965 790 200 as soon as possible and mention the Guardian Angels Ball. You will get a special rate for the room including breakfast. For more information or to reserve your table / ticket, please contact Michelle on 638 258 377, Gill on 655 415 003.
A Book You May Like

For those of you with children aged 3-7, we recommend this one-of-a-kind book I Can Handle It!. Susan Jeffers and co-author Donna Gradstein present 50 delightful stories showing children "handling" many difficult situations that confront children today...such as teasing by other children...or fear of the dark...or upset about a parent's divorce…and much more. It is a book that shows children how they can lessen their fears...how they can be more loving...and how they can truly make a difference in this world. Ultimately, as the various stories unfold, the child learns that ALL difficulties in life can be handled in a powerful and loving way. (Note: Susan also presents an excellent guide for parents at the beginning of the book).   
Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live in partner they are no longer eligible to be GA members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.  However it may be possible to attend some events and make a contribution as appropriate.
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