Since the last newsletter our weather has been quite varied, as you’d expect at this time of year. Despite the myths to the contrary, winter can be very cold in Spain, as the houses have not been built with  sufficient insulation and have cold stone floors. Being fed up with feeling cold, I decided to buy some storage radiators, which for our UK readers will seem like a step back in time!  (I had them in my house in the UK in the 70s.) However it was a good decision and I have happily been nice and toasty indoors with my visitors complaining about it being too warm!
Whenever I speak to people about GA, I am very careful not to mention the names of our members but I must admit I maybe get a bit over passionate when I am describing their, sometimes dire, situations. Last week I was telling a man about some of our families’ challenges and was getting quite carried away with one in particular. I explained how she was struggling to learn a new language, find work and support her family without any financial or practical help from her ex.... not to mention all the bureaucracy involved with Spanish paperwork. Suddenly the man reached for his wallet and handed me €50 to help the charity. I was blown away by his generosity and almost started crying.... I am SO grateful for this generous man and to all the wonderful people who are helping us. Our members benefit so much from many kind people.
Next month we hold our AGM and will be proud to celebrate 5 years of supporting single parent families.
“The secret of happiness is simple: find out what you truly love to do and then direct all your energy towards doing it.  Once you do this, abundance flows into your life and all your desires are filled with ease and grace” from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by R.S Sharma.
Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542     tricia@guardian-angels.es
Zoe’s diary continues….
When Tricia asked me to contribute to this month’s newsletter, my first response was to think - no way! My mood was such that my writing would have had you all sobbing into your pillows with despair, which isn’t really the point of an uplifting informative newsletter!

Some of you may remember that I have been travelling back to the UK to do care work, which consists of living 24/7 with the client, usually for a mínimum for two to three weeks. The work can be incredibly challenging, depending on the needs of the client; in my case it was not physically demanding but far more psychologically demanding. As single parents, you all understand the demands of being mother/father/ bread winner all in one, so to then go and be strong, understanding, empathetic and firm with a complete stranger can be at times a huge strain to say the least. Hence I returned from a 16 day stint emotionally fried and straight back into the daily routine of a single parent family. What can I say? The first few days were not very positive for me.

12 days on, I’m back on top and able to look at everything from a completely different angle, one of which is the poignant message I got from many a conversation with my 89 year old client. At an age where many of her generation, and of course her parents' generation, are long gone, she lives predominantly in the past, reminiscing about all the special times and special people no longer with us. She was also envious of my daughters, as a woman who never had children, reminding me of the importance of appreciating living in the now, the present and no matter how hard it may be at times, our children, our loved ones, are a gift.

This woman has had a fascinating life and lived in areas of the world that most of can only dream of and yet she yearns for the simple pleasure of being surrounded by people she loves and the children and grandchildren she never had. These are the things that are worth focusing on in times of difficulty - the people we love, some things money can’t buy.
Zoe Braganza Jones at lielowcoolbreeze@yahoo.es
Upcoming Fundraising Events
Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir, Saturday 23 May 7.00–9.30pm, Salon de Actos, Teulada
The very popular Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir will be singing with the L’Alfas Canta, with profits being donated to Guardian Angels. The venue is the Salon de Actos, which is situated beneath the ayuntamiento building in the centre of Teulada.

Tickets price €10 can be obtained from Mike Evans, tel. 965 744 577 or email tikievans@gmail.com or Vernon on 965 577 461, email vernon@guardian-angels.es
Wine Tasting, 29 May 7.30pm at Asador Salamandra Braseria, Ctra Moraira 121, Rada De Moraira (please note change of date)
We are looking forward to the wine tasting evening with Javea-based Vicent Monfort. Come along with a few friends and enjoy this wine-sational experience! Tapas included in the price. Tickets 15 euros. Please call Gill 655 415 003 to reserve your tickets. More information on Facebook.
Guardian Angels Masquerade Ball, Saturday 14 November at 7.30pm, Hotel Denia Marriott, La Sella Golf Resort & Spa
An exciting new band named The Allerton Road Band have been booked to provide the music for dancing after dinner. They have a great energy and are sure to have everyone up dancing. You can come along in "disguise" wearing a beautiful mask or mask-less, the choice is yours. More information from Linda: 629 554 561
23 May Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir
29 May Wine Tasting
June TBC Zumba Event
July None
August None
20 September Multi-National Music Event
15 October Thai Evening
14 November GA Masquerade Ball
Wanted - PR/Publicity Assistant
Guardian Angels, the single-parent support group based on the Costa Blanca, is planning to expand its membership and offer its support services over a much wider area - it already has members in UK and in Kenya. We are looking for a volunteer, who preferably has publicity experience and is also fluent in Spanish, to help the President drive this project forward.
The person's role would be to seek out the places where single parents can be reached (schools and colleges, health and social centres, social media sites, etc.) and newspaper and radio stations in other areas, arranging for the display of posters, press articles, interviews and talks and helping to set up new groups.
If you feel you have the skills and time to help us with this interesting role, please email your details to tricia@guardian-angels.es or call Tricia to discuss on 622 795 542. You can find out more about Guardian Angels on our website http://www.guardian-angels.es
Listen to your Body
Eat Happy If you sometimes overeat (or eat the wrong things), go deeper and try to understand what your tummy is trying to tell you.  Does it feel hollow and empty because something is making it anxious? Or is it just trying to tell you that you are really tired and need to look after yourself better with good nourishing food?

Speak Up If your throat is often sore, the answer could be physical: perhaps you’re picking up every bug that’s going around because you aren’t looking after your immune system properly. But there might be an emotional quotient in there too - what’s stopping you from speaking up at home or at work?

Move More! I avoided exercise for years, but not giving your body exercise is as cruel as never walking your dog.  My answer was to walk to a neighbour because I couldn’t bear to let a friend down. I also do Skype yoga, at home in my pyjamas (again, no excuse when my teacher’s lovely smiley face pops up on my laptop at 8am.)

Meditate This doesn’t need to be formal or complicated. Just try breathing in and out for 5 minutes in the bath with the door locked.  When you can quieten the thousand chattering monkeys in your head, your body has a better chance to tell you what it needs.

Get Professional help If I can’t soothe an aching muscle, calm the butterflies in my stomach or work out what’s giving me a pain in the neck, I book an appointment with another healer.  Sometimes they can see clearly what I can’t.
Taken From Woman & Home “Tune into the healing power of your emotions” by Georgia Coleridge http://georgiacoleridgehealing.com
Past Fundraising Events
“Angels and Divas” event 
This was a wonderful girlie event with a good turnout. We were very happy to raise €433, which will enable us to help our members who have applied for our training initiative to improve their chances of getting jobs to support themselves and their children. I am very grateful to fellow organisers Claire Lindsay and Gill Somers, Nicola Franklin of High Street Heaven and to the beautiful models and great team of hairdressers, beauticians and helpers and of course to all the people who turned up to support us.
Ifach Golf competition and lunch at Club de Golf Ifach
The Golf Outing at Golf Ifach was very well attended and the golfers had a gorgeous morning to play their round of golf. We had lots of lovely raffle prizes, donated by local businesses and the ladies golf section and GA were, as ever, overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. We also had a Star Prize of a 40” flat screen TV, which was donated to GA by a local business sponsor, who we cannot thank enough, and one of the lady golfers happily bid for it, so well done!

After the round of golf we enjoyed a lovely meal and presented all the winners with their prizes.  GA would like to say a special thank you to Helena, Marlise and Pam. Also to Steve, John, Robin and Paul, the Captain, and also to the lovely ladies from the golf section who made us welcome. 

GA organisers Carole Barnerias and Gill Somers were very pleased that the day raised €610 for the charity and look forward to next year’s event at Golf Ifach.
Muchas gracias for the donations
GA is extremely grateful to have recently received financial donations from Lesley Ellis, Rolf, Sue Nutbrown, the Citrus Bar and several anonymous donors. We are also eternally grateful for all those kind people and businesses who donate raffle prizes.
Benidorm Guardian Angels Wing 
If you would like to become involved with this wing by offering your services as a committee member, mentor or fundraiser or in any other way,  please contact Tricia on 622 795 542
Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live in partner they are no longer eligible to be members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.

Check out our new website at www.guardian-angels.es with a new Meet the Team feature, Upcoming Events, an improved Events Gallery, containing photos of past events, an updated list of Service Providers and much more. We are also gradually translating the whole website into Spanish.

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