Just when I thought we were going to have warm weather all the way through till Christmas, the temperatures dropped and suddenly we are into jumpers and boots, but I'm not complaining as the sun continues to shine.
Life is definitely a Box of Chocolates as Forrest Gump said - you never know what you are going to get.  So many strange things have been going on with the UK and USA leadership which I am sure have surprised most of us.   Personally I don't feel the need to get anxious or upset about things out of my control, we just have to get on with it.  Focusing on the good, simple things in life is better for our health and peace of mind.  I love hearing good news from my friends and celebrate their successes.   The GA Positive Thinking workshops are based on thinking good thoughts which immediately will make us feel better... more to come in the new year.
We are all looking forward to the Christmas Party in December  for the members and children.  This year it will be so much fun with great food, games, music, karaoke, presents and much more, maybe even a visit from Santa! 
Wishing everyone a stress-free run up to Christmas.  
“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven”  Alan Cohen

Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542

 Sue Coley, the caring lady who hosted our Pool Day and who lives near Benissa, has kindly extended an invitation to our members and their children to join her for lunch on Christmas or Boxing Day this year.

If you would like to accept this kind offer please contact Vernon ASAP. 
The need to protect your family
We are all aware of our Angels member who passed away earlier this year leaving a young daughter to be cared for by others.  She probably had all sorts of ideas in her head about what they would do together in the future and never meant to leave her so soon.  They might have planned trips together and she would have often thought how she would manage to put her daughter through college or University when the time came.
We have all heard about a parent being taken too soon and have been saddened by the uncertain future of the child or children when this happens.
However, with a little forethought when we are happy and healthy,  we can all make plans for our children even if we are not there to do it for and with them.
Did you know that the cost of life insurance is much less than we might think? For a 35 year old healthy person, it need only cost about €65 a year for cover of €50,000. If you are a bit older or have a medical condition the cost could be a bit higher but we are talking about putting less than €10 a month aside to protect our children should the worst happen. Think about what that means - one less drink a week, one less coffee, one less ice-cream or cake, half a packet of cigarettes.
Life cover is very easy to apply for. Decide how much cover you need, agree a premium, answer a few medical questions and you are good to go. Unless you have a serious medical condition you are unlikely to be asked to attend a medical. The payments can be made by bank direct debit or by cash at the insurance brokers' office - nothing complicated and nothing to worry about. €50,000 invested for a few years could easily cover all the things you wouldn’t be there to do for and with your children and whilst we all hope that this will never happen to us, maybe this is something we should think about?
It's also really important to consider who would look after our children should the worst happen, agree it with them and get something written down with the help of a lawyer.  You can write that person a list of the wishes you have for your children and if there were a sum of money to cover those things then you would know that the children would have a better future than if you had done nothing.
As single parents you are the protector of your children and their future is in your hands. I am asking you to think for a few minutes about what would happen if you can't be there for them. Write a plan which includes providing some money for their future needs.
I would be happy to speak to anyone who wishes to look into this further and I can be contacted by e-mail

Debbie Evans - Secretary, Guardian Angels

Giving Back

Guardian Angels Vice President Position
This voluntary position is now available.  If you are interested and would like to learn more please contact Tricia at  or call 622 795 542.
The charity is expanding and is seeking caring people to join who would like to give back. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor on a voluntary basis or can offer another service, please contact Tricia Barr. Thank you.
Members Christmas Party -
at Laguna Ribs, Javea. 2pm - 5pm.

This is always great fun!  Lots of food, music, games, presents...and this year Karaoke too!

As always we have invited Santa to come along and he has never let us down!

Please message Tricia on Facebook or email ASAP to let her know your intention to come.
Ladies Lunch,
Tuesday 6 December at 1pm
La Solana, Alcalali.

The 3 course menu provides plenty of choice and includes 1/2 bottle wine per person for only 15€.  Our ladies lunches are always good fun and give everyone the opportunity to meet friends and/or informally promote clients businesses with cards and leaflets.   Contact Ann for a menu. 
Guardian Angels Hollywood Glamour Ball,
The Parador Hotel in Jávea

The months of preparation for this night were well worth it as it was an outstanding success. Michelle Lawrence-Sinko was the master planner of the event and spent months locating lots of things to give the evening a “Hollywood” feel. Gill Somers, our experienced event organiser, was also a great helper along the way. Debbie Evans did a sterling job organising the “Find the Celebrity” game and providing beautiful menus and place names and Andre Le Masurier, our inimitable MC, did a wonderful job keeping the evening flowing. We were impressed by the excellent performance given by the young dancers and singers of Studio 23.  The Parador provided an excellent menu. The band Gatecrash had everyone up dancing and got the party going, followed later by DJ Claire. Our supporters were exceedingly generous and contributed to the monetary success of the evening. A fantastic night was enjoyed by all and an amazing 4000€ was raised. 
Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club
This was a successful event, the 3rd year GA has been invited. Another fantastic turnout and huge thanks to John, George, the Ladies Section and all the golfers who played. We raised 465 euros. Thank you all so much, we really appreciate it.  

Well done to Gill Somers for organising this event.

Friends of Guardian Angels
If you would like to be added to our “Friends of Guardian Angels” e-mail list so we can contact you about our events please contact Ann Lawrenson.

Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live-in partner they are no longer eligible to be members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.

December 6th Ladies Lunch at La Solana, Alcalali at 1pm
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