NEWSLETTER - February 2016
The winter here so far has been one of the mildest since I came to live in Spain nearly 8 years ago.  I am so delighted as I don’t do cold.  At this time of year it is always wonderful to see the almond blossom on the trees and to do the popular “Almond blossom” walks in the Jalon Valley.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.
GA’s committee meetings are underway and we started the new year with two new committee members who bring with them lots of enthusiasm and fresh ideas:  welcome to Debbie Evans and Michelle Lawrence-Sinko.  In addition we are delighted that Angie Blower has joined us as our publicity person and Anne Davies who is helping with I.T.  Sadly one of our committee members, the lovely Linda Phillips, decided it was time for her to move on and left at the end of December.  We also said a sad goodbye to Nettie Squibb, a dynamic mentor, who made the decision to wind down and have more time for herself and husband. 
When a new year arrives I believe we should greet it with hope and positive thoughts so I am running the advice from  “The Magic ” by Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret) in this and the coming newsletters.  There are 28 days in all so I am starting with the first seven.  Keep practising and watch your life change for the better.....

Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542     tricia@guardian-angels.es
“If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going” Chinese proverb
The Magic of Gratitude
DAY 1. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS  Instead of talking about what you don’t have or being negative, start each day by writing a list of 10 good things in your life (however small) and why you are thankful for them.  For example, “I am truly blessed to have... because....”  Afterwards, reread the list and say thank you for each blessing three times while genuinely feeling the gratitude.  Repeat the process every day for the 28 days.  Think of 10 new blessings a day in all areas of your life, from health and body to money and relationships.

DAY 2.  PICK A MAGIC ROCK.  Find a smooth stone or rock that fits into the palm so you can close your hand around it.  Put it by your bedside, and before you go to sleep, hold the stone in your palm.  Think about the best thing that happened to you that day, then say “Thank you”.  Do this every night for the next 26 nights.
Choose photos of the three people you are closest to, either on their own or with you.  Looking at their picture, say their name out loud and thank them for five things – for example “Thank you Jane for your patience.  Thank you Jane for your laughter” and so on.  Repeat this exercise three more times during the day.

DAY 4. BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH.  Think about your legs and feet and everything they do for you, such as standing, dancing and walking.  Say “thank you for my legs and feet” and really mean it, then do the same for your arms and hands, your senses, your brain and your beautiful mind, as well as the organs working to keep you alive, such as your strong and healthy heart.

On a piece of card, write THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE and place it somewhere prominent.  At least four times when you see the message today, read it slowly and feel deep gratitude for your health.

DAY 5. ENCOURAGE ABUNDANCE.  Be grateful for all that you’ve ever received.  Think about the things you were given as a child – meals, clothes, birthday presents, days out, family holidays and say a heartfelt “Thank you” for each recollection.

Now take a post-it note and write, “THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I’VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE”.  Stick on a €5 note and feel gratitude each time you hold the note during the day, allowing the floodgates of abundance to open.

DAY 6. CHERISH YOUR CAREER.  Be grateful for having work – even if you hate your job right now.  Imagine an invisible manager making a list of the things you’re grateful for, like time-saving technology, a cheerful receptionist or friendly workmates.  The longer the list, the more the invisible manager can bring you in terms of money, success, opportunities, enjoyment and fulfilment.  If you’re currently not in regular employment, whether it’s by misfortune or choice, repeat Day 5’s thank you exercise.

Taking things for granted leads us to complain and this pushes your dream life away.  Choose one problem in your life you’d like to resolve then list 10 positive things about it.  For example, if you’re unemployed, you could be thankful for the extra time to spend with your family.  At the end of the list write “Thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect resolution”.  Your mood will improve immediately.  If you start to think negatively at any time today, stop yourself and say, “But I have to say that I am really grateful for....”.
Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live in partner they are no longer eligible to be GA members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.  However it may be possible to attend some events and make a contribution as appropriate.
Diary of a Single Parent
I was asked to share a little of my story, which maybe similar to some of yours.

I moved to Jávea nearly 10 years ago with my 2 beautiful children who are now 19 & nearly 17. We drove over in a campervan from London and have had a real adventure. Folk used to comment “How brave of you to do that” or “That must have been so difficult to bring up 2 children on your own in a foreign country” but the truth is that we were living my dream and so it never felt difficult. I know some couples and families who had far more issues because one of them enjoyed life in Spain more than the other, maybe the wife missed her family or the shops or the husband missed his mates or work. I feel really lucky because even though life has thrown more than a few curveballs at us, (especially when the savings ran out) we have had a really rich life here.  Serendipity is always playing out, life is just a game and we are all winners.

Sometimes it does not feel like that. Sometimes it all feels so real!

Life is about to change for me. My youngest is considering going back to the UK soon,  her brother is already over there. If you have small children, that moment may seem a lifetime away. Enjoy every moment of the gift of parenthood. There are many different experiences that could arise from my current situation; nervous or anxious empty nest syndrome all the way to exciting, freedom, new beginnings. When that time actually comes I do not know how I will feel but I do believe that whatever happens in life, I will be OK. No matter what life serves me. Life is colourful and often messy, who said it was meant to be any other way?

Every experience is a gift!

Happiness is our birth right. I invite you to come and explore where our feelings truly come from in a Happyology Gathering at Casa Serendipity. This is a donation based event. Every Friday at 2pm or pop around for a cup of tea and a chat at a time that suits you.
Peace, Love ‘n’ Fun,
Amanda O'Shea

Visit Amanda's website

I have known Amanda for a few years and, although she has had many challenges as a single parent, her positive attitude has always been evident. My thanks to her for sharing with us.  Tricia

Ladies Lunch at Arte Sano, Moraira
Our first Ladies Lunch was a great success with healthy food choices in a cosy venue surrounded by paintings and photographs.  We raised some money for the GA pot and were delighted to be given a wonderful donation of 200€.
Fun Quiz

A big thanks to all our supporters who came to the Fun Quiz Night and helped us raise a fab 346€ to put into the GA pot. Gee Jays did excellent food and service, Andre la Masurier entertained everyone with a great selection of games - especially the "biscuit" one! The winning team (by a whisker) were awarded prize wine kindly donated by Debbie Clarke and a good time was had by all.
Fundraising Events for 2016
We have lots of lovely events coming along this year, as you will see below.  If you would like to be added to our “Friends of Guardian Angels” e-mail list so we can contact you about our events please contact Ann Lawrenson at ann.lawrenson@guardian-angels.es
Ongoing Pick a date calendar
March Ladies lunch - TBA
April 9 Grand National Event, Cortados, Jávea
May/June Business Exhibition & Zumba, Ladies Lunch - TBA
September 25 Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club
November Hollywood Glamour Ball
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