December is such a busy month with lots of festive preparations underway for Christmas fairs, present buying, parties and nice meals. The nights are colder and it’s the time to be indoors in the warmth. We held our Christmas party earlier this month and it was great to see so many members enjoying themselves.
During the past year we have grown even more, encompassing many new members from Calpe south. Our mentor team have been kept busy supporting members, the committee have worked hard on the fundraising events and we are fortunate to have had an increasing number of supporters who give us donations in various forms. Steve and Vernon have made a great job of our new, modern website – do have a look: Tamsin stepped down from the committee, having spent four years helping GA grow and I personally am very grateful for her huge contribution. Ian Coleman, our chief mentor, is sadly leaving us to live in the UK but will continue to support our mentors from there until a replacement is found.
I am so excited about spending the Christmas celebrations with my lovely family in the UK and wherever you are spending yours, enjoy it! I am very grateful to all our amazing, giving team of “angels” for their support and I wish all of them, our lovely members and all our readers a very happy Christmas and a magical 2015.
Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542
“Help others achieve their dream and you will achieved yours” Les Brown
Tamsin leaving
Tamsin German was Tricia’s "right hand angel" when she started Guardian Angels four and a half years ago and they proudly watched the growth of GA together. Tamsin recently decided to stand down from the committee and devote herself to developing her dream of running a Wellness Centre. We are sorry to see her leave but are delighted for her achieving her dream. The committee and mentors presented Tamsin with leaving gifts as a sign of gratitude for her hard work and we all wish her well.

We asked Tamsin to tell us about her business and she said: "It's Light my Way Wellness centre at Grafique hair salon in Calpe. It's a centre for beauty treatments, holistic healing treatments, weight management, massage therapy, clairvoyant readings, alongside a fully qualified hair consultant. We give one-to-one consultations on the best options to suit you as an individual. All treatments are based on the holistic idea of treating the whole person. The road to health and happiness starts on the inside!"

The Wellness Centre is at Grafique hair salon,  Centro Comercial Biblos, Local 3B Urb Los Pinos, Calpe, 03710.  Contact Tamsin at 666 622 786.
Christmas Party
This was great fun and was attended by over 65 members, their families, mentors and helpers.
The children enjoyed lots of party games organised by Andre, tucked into wonderful party food, including a huge Christmas cake made by Ann Martin of The Little Cake Shop, and were finally treated to a visit by Santa who, assisted by his helper ‘Fairy Nuff’, distributed presents to everyone. Meanwhile, the members were able to relax and chat with each other and with their mentors.

Tricia made a special presentation of a painting of the local area to the chief mentor, Ian Coleman, who is returning to the UK with his wife Brenda. Thanks to Tricia and Gill for the party organisation and to Sarah Mears for her donation.
Pick a Date in the Calendar
We made a good profit of 485€ after distributing the prize money.
Eastern Delight evening
This was a successful event with 65 people attending. The venue, Monsoon Thai Restaurant in Javea, and the type of food were popular and the evening raised a total of €530 for the charity.  Our thanks to Ann Mather for organising it and to singers Claire Parsons and Colin Hulmes for providing great entertainment.
Christmas Fayre at
Denia Marriott 
This went well and was a good PR exercise, with monies raised going towards the costs for the Christmas Party. Our thanks to all those who manned the stand and to Leigh Patterson and Tammy Ablitt for their kind contributions.
PR/Publicity assistant
We are planning to expand our membership and offer our support services over a much wider area - we already have members in UK and in Kenya. We are looking for a volunteer, who preferably has publicity experience and is also fluent in Spanish, to help the president drive this project forward.
The person's role would be to seek out the places where single parents can be reached (schools and colleges, health and social centres, social media sites, etc.) and newspaper and radio stations in other areas, arranging for the display of posters, press articles, interviews and talks and helping to set up new groups.
If you feel you have the skills and time to help us with this interesting role, please email your details to or call Tricia to discuss on 622 795 542. You can find out more about Guardian Angels on our website -   
Being a Guardian Angels Mentor 
My wife Celia and I were among the first to be approached by Ian when he suggested the mentoring scheme to Tricia three years ago. Our reaction was that we had no experience of dealing with single parents who were in need of support after suffering the trauma of a broken relationship. However, Ian knew we'd been happily married for many years after the break-up of my first marriage and that Celia had raised my son from that marriage. He convinced us our background would stand us in good stead.
We were cautious at the start and only accepted one or two members each, fearing a volume of calls we'd be unable to deal with. My first mentoree was badly in need of help and I was horrified to find that she and her children had been subjected to years of physical and mental abuse from a 'control-freak' husband. I was also surprised that it wasn't only she who needed my support but also two of her teenage sons, who were suffering severe emotional problems.

The number of members assigned to me gradually increased, some of whom call upon my support from time to time, whilst others are reassured by knowing I'm there if they need me. I've also found that face-to-face contact is not always necessary and in fact is sometimes impossible, so I use whatever media suits - Facebook messaging, Skype, telephone or email.
My most important role is to provide non-judgemental support and guidance and my lack of training in counselling doesn't prevent me from providing this - experience of life, empathy and the ability to listen are what is needed. I am proud of the help I have given to some members as they recover their dignity and rebuild their lives; the heartfelt testimonials we receive are evidence of the value of the mentoring service.
We can't wave a magic wand and solve our members' problems but we can be there for them and their families at a very difficult time of their lives.
Benidorm Guardian Angels Wing 
We are delighted to announce that we have two lovely ladies willing and able to set up a wing of our charity in the Benidorm area. Plans will go ahead in January with initial preparations and many meetings with Tricia. The Alfaz Spiritual Foundation have supported GA for some time and are very kindly giving us a donation of 500€ this month which is ideal timing for helping establish the new wing.
If you would like to become involved with this wing by offering your services as a committee member, mentor or fundraiser or in any other way,  please contact Tricia on 622 795 542.

We are very grateful to Alfaz Spiritual Foundation for their ongoing support.
Month Proposed event
29 January Quiz Night
February Zumba Type Event
March Pamper Day
April Murder Mystery
May Ifach Golf
Sponsored Walk
June Wine Tasting
July None
August None
September Multi-National Music Event
October Thai Evening
November GA Ball
29 January at Inn on the Green (save the date)
For more information contact Gill on 655 415 003
Check out our new website at with a new Meet the Team feature, Upcoming Events , an improved Events Gallery containing details and photos of our past events, an updated List of Service Providers and much more. We are also gradually translating the whole website into Spain.

Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately, if a single parent marries or has a live-in partner they are no longer eligible to be members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.
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