NEWSLETTER - April 2016

Welcome to the April newsletter.  Spring is a delightful time of new beginnings, blossom, daffodils and longer days.  A time of coming out of hibernation and into awakening and, for some, seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
I belong to a reiki group in Spain and we discuss life in a positive way.  We read books about living in the moment and not dwelling on the past or thinking too much about the future.  As I get older I realise how important that is.  Many celebrities of my generation have passed away in recent months, as has a friend who was on the Guardian Angels committee for some years.  Every day seems increasingly precious, so, for me, the best way to live  is to be grateful for everything I have and to think of what makes me happy and do it.  When I get into negative thoughts I have a little saying “Cancel, clear, delete” to wipe them out.  It can get easy to get bogged down by worry but worrying doesn’t achieve anything and I read somewhere that 90% of what we worry about never happens – what a waste of our energy!   I have been a fan of the amazing Louise Hay and her wonderful affirmations for many years and I would recommend any of her books for anyone who wants to change their thoughts/life for the better. 
Being a single parent and bringing up children on your own can be a very difficult task.  However with a good dose of positive thinking and an attitude of self love, it can make all the difference to you and your children.  Forget about  “ should and must ” and focus on what makes you all happy.  See “The Magic of Gratitude” below.
Happy April to everyone and try to live each day as it comes.
Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542     tricia@guardian-angels.es
“Never forget the importance of living and unbridled exhilaration.  Never forget to see the exquisite beauty in all living things. Today, and this very moment, is a gift.  Stay focused on your purpose.  The Universe will take care of everything else.”   from “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin S Sharma
The Magic of Gratitude (continued)
From "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret)

Today, give thanks for the food you eat and water you drink, which are essential for keeping you alive.  Stop and think about everyone involved in growing or producing your food.

Many resent paying bills, but negativity can cause a poor cash flow.  Find 10 bills you have paid in the past and feel grateful that you have been able to pay them.  On every bill you get in the future write the magic words, "Thank you - paid".  If you are struggling to pay a bill write "Thank you for the money" and feel grateful for having the money to settle it, even if you presently don't.  Do this regularly and pay your bills with love.

Visualise yourself sprinkling magic thank you dust on everyone who provides a service for you today, from the bus driver to those who provide an unseen service like cleaners or transport workers. 

Make a list of 10 instances where people helped you, and mentally send them some magic thank you dust.  When you say thank you in person, make sure you look them in the eye and really mean it.  Do this even if someone serving you is rude - they might be having a bad day, and your gratitude and kindness might be the nicest thing that happens to them.

When you give thanks for things when you wake up, there is no room for complaining.  You'll feel happier, more confident and the day ahead will be wonderful.  As you open your eyes, say thank you for the gift of another day, say thank you for a good sleep in a comfy bed, say thank you to those who laid the pipes so you can have clean water right to your home, for your toothbrush, paste, towels, mirror and everything that helps you get ready for the day ahead.

Most of us can remember a time when someone has supported and guided us.  Who introduced you to the love of your life?  Who taught you to cook, to enjoy books, to draw so well?  Today find some quiet time to think of three extraordinary people who've made a difference in your life, and why.  Say out loud to each individual (as though they were present) why you're grateful for what they did, and how it affected your life.

So far you have worked on building an amazing foundation of gratitude for everything you have received in the past and present.  Today, you can begin to use this magical power for your dreams and desires.  The key is to imagine what you want, feel as though it's yours and be grateful for it before it's arrived, trusting that it will, without wondering how.
Write a list of our top 10 desires as though you've received them.  Say "Thank you, thank you, thank you for my perfect partner, or for my dream home", right down to the last detail.  Saying thank you three times is important because three is the mathematical number of all new creation in the universe.

In the morning, thank the universe in advance for each appointment or event going well.  For example, you could say thank you for the easy and joyful trip to the supermarket, or a wonderful day at work.  Finish by saying, "Thank you for the great news coming to me today".  The day she tried this, Rhonda reckons she's never had so much good news in her life!

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Ladies Lunch, Arte Sano, Moraira – date tbc 
Contact Gill 655 415 003
Fashion Factory, Benissa
19 May, 2.30 – 5.30
Come along to this girlie afternoon and see the beautiful Spring Collection, enjoy a glass of free cava and nibbles and look out for the raffle prizes.  Have fun trying on outfits and receive 10% discount of your purchases.  For directions see their Facebook page
Guardian Angels Hollywood Glamour Ball
The Parador Hotel in Jávea on 29th October 2016

We are very excited about this annual event.  Cava on arrival, 3 course meal including wine during dinner and tea/coffee. We'll have a live band (tbc) and a disco afterwards to dance the night away (till 2am). Tickets are 45€.

Tables will be in groups of 10 - why not book a whole table for your company's year end party or you could come as a group of friends. (You can book individual tickets as well and you will be allocated a table).

The hotel has a limited number of rooms available, so if you would like to stay over at the hotel on 29th Oct, please contact them on +34 965 790 200 as soon as possible and mention the Guardian Angels Ball. You will get a special rate for the room including breakfast. For more information or to reserve your table / ticket, please contact Michelle on 638 258 377, Gill on 655 415 003 or call GA 622 795 542 (tickets already selling quickly so don’t delay!).

We have lots of lovely events coming up this year, as you will see below.  If you would like to be added to our “Friends of Guardian Angels” e-mail list so we can contact you about our events please contact Ann Lawrenson


Ongoing Pick a date calendar
May, date tbc Ladies Lunch, Arte Sano, Moraira. Contact Gill 655415003
May 19 Fashion Factory event, Benissa. Contact Debbie 625 80 31 20.
September 25 Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club contact Gill
October 29 Hollywood Glamour Ball, The Parador, Jávea. Contact Michelle  638 258


Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live in partner they are no longer eligible to be GA members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.  However it may be possible to attend some events and make a contribution as appropriate.
Diary of a Single Parent by Fiona Jennison
Tricia asked me about my story as a single mum. What could I say? Pretend to do it and then pretend the dog ate it? No. I hope to grow up to be like Tricia one day! I became a mother at the age of 41. Left it to the last minute, like everything else (ironing especially). I have a six year old daughter, Olivia.

So Tricia asked me to tell my life story. Hope she doesn’t think she has the film rights! Although it would be a novel mix of horror, action and tear jerker, my life put on celluloid! I worked in the TV industry as a producer and director for 20 years. Started as a researcher in comedy, and worked with the likes of Steve Coogan, Mrs Merton and Alan Davies (who became a boyfriend …silly me - I dumped him!) The problem with working for geniuses though, is you don’t get enough room to be creative! Never have a boss who is too smart! So then I worked in light entertainment, and popular documentaries, and also some great live studio shows. Anyone remember Mel and Sue?  I interviewed Wonder Woman (Linda Carter) in Washington a year before the Twin Towers tragedy. She told me all about her bulimia and the Taliban. I had no idea who she was talking about. When watching the horrendous atrocity my father wondered who might have been responsible. I replied "the Taliban". My father asked "How do you know that?"  I replied "Wonder Woman"

We never know how or from whom we are going to learn. I learn “stuff” every day from Olivia. We all have this psychological disease re the grass being greener that even the emotionally healthiest of us will always have. A flaw in our wiring.

I moved to Denia in December, leaving the stunning, funky island of Ibiza behind me after several years. For a multitude of reasons. A bad relationship, a defunct business, bad memories and suffocating good ones....and Ibiza is very expensive. Of course I miss Ibiza. The grass is greener there, right? No. Here it´s a lot less groovy but a lot cheaper and easier… When I feel envious of those in relationships I try to remind myself that they probably have 15 arguments a week, and she has to put up with the football on, while I watch whatever I like on Netflix.

I used to have a boat. I have lost that now. But for 12 years I owned my own 10 m x 5 m catamaran, and a charter license, and sailed daily in paradise with clients paying up to 950 a day in cash.  I called my boat The Life Of Riley.  It almost was, but nothing ever is.

My huge thanks to Fiona for sharing her exciting story.... so far..  (especially when she was given very short notice!  Tricia )

Past Fundraising Events

Ladies Lunch at La Sucreria

What a lovely time we had at the ladies lunch at La Sucreria in Jávea. The food was so delicious and we’ll definitely be returning! Thank you to all the ladies who were able to make it - hope you had a good time. Also thank you to Lauren Staton for the beautiful poetry book that she donated as a raffle prize. and to Laura Aldridge for donating her gorgeous painting and cards.  She has more paintings available on her Facebook page.  Many thanks to Bob and Andrea for allowing us to have our lunch at their restaurant and for donating a raffle prize of breakfast for 2 with cava. Finally, thanks to angels Debbie and Michelle for hosting the lunch.  For information about the next one in May contact Gill Somers 655 415 003.
Grand National fun event, Cortados, Jávea

The lovely Debbie Clarke, owner of the bar, worked very hard on this event and produced a huge variety of delicious tapas, followed by an elegant dessert. The supporters were kept busy participating throughout the afternoon with Name the Teddy, Name the Winning Horses, Pick a Calendar date, Bingo and much more. The Grand National race was watched with great excitement and the winners very happy with the resulting payout.  Proceeds raised came to over 300€. Many thanks to Debbie, her staff who worked for free, Colin and Teresa and the GA team of helpers.

La Finca, Beniarbeig

This open day at the her beautiful ‘La Finca’ home is held monthly by the generous owner, Rosie Woodham, who gives the proceeds from the tea and cakes donations to a charity. In March she chose Guardian Angels, so a team of bakers (including our committee and mentors) set to work and produced the most wonderful collection of mouth-watering cakes.  Thanks to everyone’s hard work 534€ was raised for GA.  We are very grateful to Rosie and all concerned.
 In Memory of Carole Barnerias

It is with much sadness that we announce that our dear friend Carole Barnerias recently passed away as a consequence of cancer. Carole helped the GA committee for several years and was often involved in fundraising events. She was always a great supporter and helped in any way she could. We will miss her but are happy she is at peace with her own angels now. The photo shows Carole (on the right) with our VP Gill Somers when she was at the Gala Ball two years ago.
Our Thanks to Becky Claire

We recently said a big thank you to Becky Claire who has been GA's Chief Mentor for the past year. Becky spent a lot of time giving guidance to our mentors, holding meetings and supporting members. Her professional help has been invaluable and she managed to find the time for GA despite her busy working schedule. Although Becky is stepping down from the role she will still be supporting GA's various activities. We immensely appreciate her input. Thanks again Becky.
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