Wow – we are into September already, the last two months seem to have flown by!  Still high temperatures so summer time in the Costa Blanca continues.
This year I again managed to escape the heat of August by visiting friends and family in the UK.  It’s always a joy to have quality time with Layla and Caden and we had lots of outings to the park as the weather was good.  In fact it was so hot that they were able to spend time frolicking in their new paddling pool.  It was a real bonus for me to see Caden taking his first steps and his beaming smile when he accomplished them!  Layla was into imaginative play so I watched her doing lots of “shows”.  This month she will start school, a significant new beginning for her.
Our members and children enjoyed a fantastic day at our annual “Pool Day” event.  It was a great opportunity for them to meet new members and for the children to enjoy the pool.  More details below. 

Like most parents, our members are looking forward to their children returning to school and a more “normal” way of life resuming.  Good luck to all the children, wishing you a great year!
Finally, while writing this we have unfortunately been experiencing a massive fire in Jávea which lasted three days.  Hundreds of people were evacuated and many have tragically lost their homes.  The fire-fighters (bomberos), helicopter and aeroplane pilots are incredible people who worked tirelessly to put out the fires and we can’t thank them enough.  It has been a very traumatic time for those affected and on behalf of  GA  I send all concerned much love at this time.
“Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again. Those who use time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives.”  from “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin S Sharma
Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542
The Magic of Gratitude (continued)
From “The Magic ” by Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret)

Rhonda Byrne’s book shows how you can bring about incredible changes in just 28 days.  We have been sharing her tips in previous issues of the newsletter.  Here are the final 7 tips.

DAY 22.  CARRY IT WITH YOU.  In the morning, copy out your top 10 desires on a card or a slip of paper.  Whenever you have the opportunity, take the list and read through it.  Using the power of visualisation imagine they have already been manifested.

DAY 23. GIVE THANKS TO THE AIR.  Oxygen is one of the most abundant elements in our bodies.  Stop and think about how amazing the air that you breathe is .  Do this five times over the day, each time taking five deliberate breaths to feel the quality of your breath and the joy of the air.

DAY 24. RETURN THE GIFT.  Collect photos for 3 people you would really like to help.  Hold each person’s photograph in turn and imagine that their health, wealth or happiness has been returned to its best and you’re being told about it.  Then say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for......’s health, wealth and happiness.

DAY 25. LOOK FOR YOUR CUES.  When you begin a new day and someone says “Good morning” you are being given the cue to be grateful for a good morning – just as hearing an ambulance siren can be a cue to be grateful for perfect health.  All you have to do is be alert to seven magical cues during any day, and give thanks for each one.

DAY 26. TRANSFORM YOUR MISTAKES.  Think of a past mistake that hurts when you remember it, however big or small.  Transform it into a blessing by asking “What did I learn from the mistake? What are the good things that came from it?  Try to find 10 blessings that have arisen from the mistake and feel them transform into miracles.

DAY 27. LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Negative feelings towards ourselves cause extensive damage.  But if you feel gratitude, the feelings that bring discontent disappear.  Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, then thank yourself out loud for being you, and for being all that you are.  Continue being grateful for yourself exactly as you are for the rest of today, and from now on, each time you look in the mirror.

DAY 28.  REMEMBER THE MAGIC.  When you wake up, think back to the first thing yesterday morning, then work through the day recollecting all the unique and amazing things that happened.  Say thank you for each one.  Do this every day from now on.
After doing these exercises every day, you should be feeling upbeat and equipped to embrace the positive side of life.  To keep yourself focused, whether it’s on improving your love life or bank balance, choose your favourite three tips and practise them regularly.  Now let your life begin! 

If anyone has been practising the Magic, please get in touch to share your outcome in the next newsletter –  send to
Diary of a Single Parent
by Colette Hirst

It is with heavy-heart that I write this piece today.  While Charlotte and I sit in our new country, our new home for what I hope will be the foreseeable future, Jávea is burning.  I hope by the time this goes out that things are back to normal; I know the wonderful community there will rally round and support each other.

I left Jávea for a new job but it was not an easy decision, having spent the previous two years there, making friends and setting up a home.  The journey to Thailand was an eventful one, 23 hours in transit, vomit and tears.  We landed to the incredible heat and the crazy electrical wiring hanging from all buildings.  It was our first time in Thailand, some would say you should visit a country before emigrating there, I say pah! We’ve now been here for over a month and love the place, the school is incredible, Charlotte said to me, “Mummy, thank you so much for getting this job.”  Thai people are friendly and welcoming, although Charlotte is still confused as to why people stop her in the street to pinch her cheek, ruffle her hair or ask for a photo with her.  We’re both looking forward to our future adventures here, learning to speak Thai and eating more of the incredible food.  So if like me, you crave new adventures, just do it, you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.  Keep in touch guys.

Colette & Charlotte xx

I have great admiration for Colette making this big move to Thailand to work.  I look forward to hearing more stories about life in Asia.  Tricia
Giving Back
The charity is expanding and is seeking caring people to join who would like to give back. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor on a voluntary basis or can offer another service, please contact Tricia Barr Thank you.
Ongoing Pick a date calendar - 3 per date
September 15 Ladies Lunch at Restaurant Palau de Jávea, Old Town at 1pm.  Contact Gill
September 25 Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club contact Gill
October 29 Hollywood Glamour Ball, The Parador, Jávea. Contact Michelle  638 258 377
The Great GA Pool Party
Sunday 7th August proved to be a fantastic day in the Guardian Angels calendar. Members of GA and their children, along with helpers and mentors had a fun packed day at the annual pool party. Sue Coley kindly opened her house to us and allowed us to use the pool, her beautiful terrace and outdoor kitchen area. She arranged a marvellous BBQ, popcorn and soft play toys for the younger children. There were water games and toys, ice creams as well as suitable drinks for the adults. Everyone who attended had a brilliant time and several children were reluctant to leave!

Single parents were able to meet and establish friendships but more importantly, build a network of support for each other. Mentors were available to listen and socialise.

Mentor, Ann Lawrenson said, “I love being with the children. It always amazes me how young children can switch languages so easily. I love listening to them”.

Thanks go to Ann Lawrenson for helping organise the day and to Sue Coley who was a perfect host and made the party possible.

Guardian Angels would like to thank all the friends, sponsors and supporters who have helped to raise funds for these important events. Their generosity is really appreciated.

A Tribute to Laura Shires
It was with great sadness that GA received the news that one of our members, Laura Shires, passed away in July. She would have been 40 this December.  Laura was a professional dancer who had led a happy life travelling the world before getting married and settling down in Spain. She had a beautiful 6 year old daughter Amelie who many of us remember as a happy, confident child. Laura sadly had a long struggle with various illnesses before her death. Amelie will now be looked after by her father.

The funeral was held on 25th July and many of Laura’s family and friends paid tribute to what a lovely person she was, remembering her kindness and wicked sense of humour. 

We send our condolences to Amelie and Laura’s family and friends. To quote one of the tributes:

“RIP Laura, heaven has gained a beautiful showgirl.  xxx”

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Ladies Lunch – Thursday 15 June at 1pm, at Restaurant Paulau de Jávea, Jávea Old Town  (suitable photo )
Our ladies lunches are a great opportunity to enjoy delicious food, network, make new friends and support GA.  The restaurant is offering a superb 3 course meal including a drink, all for just 18€.  Places are normally in demand so please book early. Tel:  Gill on 655 415 003 or Tricia 622 795 542 or contact us on our Guardian Angels Spain facebook page where you can see the menu.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Sunday 25 September - Golf Day at Ifach Golf Club

Golf Day

Mixed Texas Scramble with lunch and raffle prizes.  For more information please contact

Guardian Angels Hollywood Glamour Ball, The Parador Hotel in Jávea on 29th October 2016
We are very excited about this annual event. Cava on arrival, 3 course meal including wine during dinner and tea/coffee. We'll have a live band and a disco afterwards to dance the night away (till 2am). Tickets are 45€. The hotel has a limited number of rooms available, so if you would like to stay over at the hotel on 29th Oct, please contact them on +34 965 790 200 as soon as possible and mention the Guardian Angels Ball. You will get a special rate for the room including breakfast. For more information or to reserve your table/ticket, please contact Michelle on 638 258 377, Gill on 655 415 003.
Friends of Guardian Angels
If you would like to be added to our “Friends of Guardian Angels” e-mail list so we can contact you about our events please contact Ann Lawrenson at

Guardian Angels support lone parents with children living with them. Unfortunately if a single parent marries or has a live in partner they are no longer eligible to be GA members so should inform us of their change in circumstances.  However it may be possible to attend some events and make a contribution as appropriate.

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