In Spain, February is a time of stunning sunrises and sunsets, almond blossom and the start of longer days. I appreciate these blessings every day.  However, unfortunately, it’s not a good time for some in the UK and my heart goes out to those who have been suffering the loss of homes and businesses due to the flooding in the south. I sincerely hope that help is extended to them very soon. 
We had some very exciting news last month when we were told that Guardian Angels had been nominated for recognition for their work, one of 20 charities in the area. Bay Radio is hosting a Gala Ball at the Marriott Hotel in April and some of our charity workers have been elected to be there. (Personally I wish we could elect all of them!) A short film has been made of our work which will be shown on the night. We are delighted that this will give the public the chance to see what we do and enable more single parent families to find out about us.... watch this space.
This month we re-started the Positive Mental Attitude Workshops which are free to single parent members. The first course of 4 was very successful and good feedback was received:-
  • “I am getting some great reviews in advance for my novel so I now know what to visualize!"
  • "Having a positive mental attitude is an amazing thing to have as it works if you let it. It is so easy to be negative about things."
The aim is to empower members to help themselves, their families and others so that they attract more of the good things into their lives. If that appeals to you, do come along as the workshops are open to everyone.
Tricia Barr (Founder) 622 795 542     tricia@guardian-angels.es
“Sometimes a letter is like a prayer; it's more for the sender than the receiver.”    Alex Woodard
Positive Mental Attitude Workshops
I gave an illustration in the December newsletter of how positive affirmations had brought great changes to my life. These are just one of the techniques you can use to attract what you DO want in your life. At one of the workshops we also cover visualisation. Many athletes and celebrities practise this technique successfully. In 1987 actor Jim Carrey, wrote a cheque to himself to the sum of 10 million dollars. He dated it 'Thanksgiving 1995' and added the note, “for acting services rendered.” He visualised it for years and in 1994 he received $10M for his role in Dumb and Dumber.
The next course of 4 workshops begins on 14 February so don’t miss it. (If you can’t get to PMA 1 but can do the others you can still come along as you can do it at a later date). The investment is €35 for the complete course.
More information from tricia@guardian-angels.es
Pick a Date in the Calendar
This is an exciting new fund-raising idea with 3 great PRIZES to be won – 150€,  100€ and 50€. You select a date in the calendar for only 5€. The calendar will be available at our events.
Inn on the Green, Javea, Annual Spring Fair, Wednesday 19 March, 11.00am - 4.00pm
Come along to this popular event with proceeds going to GA.  If you have any auction items or raffle prizes you can donate they will be gratefully received.  Contact Gill on 655415003 or email gillsomers@ymail.com
Charity Gala Ball
The Gala Ball at the Marriott hotel on Saturday 12 April is being organised by Bay Radio and Europa Network. Guardian Angels has been nominated for recognition for their work, one of 20 charities in the area, and some of our charity workers have been elected to be there. This will be a wonderful event which will be attended by the British consul in Alicante, Mr. Paul Rodwell, the mayor of Javea and a variety of well known entertainers. A short film portraying the work of the charities will be shown on the night.
Tickets are 50€, available from Sue Nutbrown: nut2brown@btinternet.com or call 679369909
Curry Night at Ca Pep, Orba on Wednesday 23 April
What better way to celebrate St George's Day on April 23rd but with a Curry Evening and Disco at the Ca Pep Bar in the centre of Orba. The owners of the bar, single parent Romanian Mihaela and her Spanish partner Jose have offered GA use of the bar for the evening. The menu will be poppadums, pickles and raita, mulligatawny soup and crusty bread, chicken tikka massala, basmati rice, Bombay potatoes and mini naan bread. Dessert of homemade lemon tart with fruit compote topping or ice cream with chocolate sauce. There will also be music and a raffle. Tickets will be €12 per person and can be reserved by calling Vernon on  965577461 or email vernon@guardian-angels.es - all profits will be donated to Guardian Angels. Places are limited so book early and payment will be required in advance.
Further events
Spinning Event, Golf Day, Coach Trip, Summer Ball......... more information to come.
Young Drama Workshop -    10:00 Saturday March 15th (venue tba in or near Javea)
A Drama Workshop for children and teens, comprising 3 hours of games and drama exercises to build confidence and acting skills, with some insight into the workings of the Theatre. This is a “taster” for a more regular weekly/fortnightly event.

The event is open to all members' children and their friends, living here permanently or otherwise. The Workshop will be open to all nationalities but will be conducted in English. Parents are more than welcome to come along. Those taking part will need to wear warm comfortable old clothes and bring along some refreshment.

If your child would like to attend please let Leigh know ASAP on 648757326 or email leigh@guardian-angels.es
Congratulations ...
......to our fantastic “Calendar Angels” who have worked very hard selling our calendars, especially Ida, Celia, Leigh, Tamsin, Cindy, Gill and Sue. Thanks also to “Angel” Anne who sold them in the UK.
We have a few calendars left and are asking for a donation to clear them. If you would like one please contact vernon@guardian-angels.es or go to one of our outlets (see our Facebook page).
Members' Good News
In keeping with our positive thinking theme, we are going to publish good news about our single parents. This month we have a success story about an Estonian member who joined us before Christmas. She moved to Spain with her daughter on the advice of her doctor, as the cold in Estonia was exacerbating a condition with her bones. After being here some months and unable to find enough work, her money ran out.  So she was feeling pretty desperate when Tricia met her but she reassured her that GA would do everything to help. She was allocated a mentor who stepped in to provide emotional support. Within a short space of time, she was receiving food and clothes, had paid the rent and was being given practical help and TLC by her mentor and others in the GA team, but she still needed work. A job came along, so she did her CV in English and delivered it by hand, all in the space of a few days. The same week she attended a PMA workshop and was advised that a positive attitude would help her get the job. The next day she had an interview and talked the management into giving her the job! She was over the moon. She still has a way to go but has the right attitude and determination to do it. We are very proud of her!
Children of single parents travelling out of Spain
The following story was posted by Lynn Cobb on the Denia Connect Facebook page recently:

"Anyone whose child (under 18) is travelling out of Spain without his/her parents or only one parent, is supposed to sign an official permission form at the Guardia which they will stamp with an official stamp. This has long been the case, but until recently just one parent's signature has been sufficient. As a result of abductions by one parent, the law was apparently recently changed & now BOTH parents' signatures are required.

I discovered this last week when we went to get the form for my daughter to go to the UK with the school. For previous trips my signature alone has been sufficient but this time I was told that my husband had to sign as well. Since he died 2 years ago this of course isn't possible.... I had to prove that he had died but I don't have any death certs left & he was British & he died in the UK, so there was no official record here in Spain. I managed to get something from the ayto - a printout showing that he had been removed from the padrón because he had died. They won't record that without seeing a death cert. so that was accepted as official enough.

I went back to the Guardia with this & the guy on the counter said he now needed proof that he had been her father!! And her birth cert would only be OK if it was 'officially translated' - this was on Friday afternoon & she was leaving Sunday so that wasn't going to be happening! I found copies of my daughter's resident certificate which has her father's name on it, so that should have been sufficient - but didn't see why I should have to prove it - no-one was asking for proof that I was her mother & none of the other parents were made to prove the parentage of their child either. So I waited for the shift change & went back when the guy I had seen the previous evening was on duty - he didn't ask for proof of parentage & issued the form.

If you are a lone parent & you need one of these forms, make sure you have OFFICIAL PROOF IN SPANISH that you are the sole, legal guardian of the child...I'll be sending off for another copy of the death cert next week!
The subject of leaving the country with a child when seperated or divorced is explained very clearly on this website - http://www.expatwomen.com/.../international-abduction...
If you have a computer or access to the internet, you can keep in touch with what is happening in Guardian Angels on a day-to-day basis via our website which contains lots of useful information and details of our supporters and service providers. It also has a regularly updated Events section with a Calendar showing our forthcoming events and a Photo Gallery of past events. If you would like copies of any of the photos shown, please email vernon@guardian-angels.es
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