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Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021

Righteousness by Faith Alone

But the father said to his servants, “Bring out the best robe and put it on him.”

— Luke 15:22

Are you clothed in the new white robe of righteousness that only Christ can give? That is the gift He came to bring. He came to take away all of our foul smelling sin, to go outside the city wall to the dung heap of Jerusalem and there to lay Himself down on the Cross to die for us. He took away our uncleanness when He rose on that Sabbath morn and He clothes in white righteousness all who will come to Him in faith, acknowledging their uncleanness, acknowledging their sin and unworthiness, and saying, “O Christ, O Divine Redeemer, clothe me in Your white righteousness that I may faultless stand before Your throne, clothed in Your righteousness alone.”

Righteousness comes through faith in Christ—the righteousness which is of God, by faith. God is our righteousness. What is that robe of righteousness made of? It is made from the perfect life of Christ—from His active obedience and His passive obedience—and His passion, when He suffered and agonized and died upon the cross.

Question to ponder:
Does it change your view of sin to think of it as dirt on your white robe of righteousness?


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