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Dear LEHS Community, 

I recently sent the following message to our staff related to our brain and what we allow our mind to focus on throughout our day.  During the fourth nine weeks we must remain focused on the task at hand and pushing our students every day that we have with them.  

What are you fixated on? Our brain is amazing, it has the ability to filter out billions of pieces of information allowing us to focus on one or two specific things.  This is a good thing, but in recent times it has become a negative.  

The simple fact is, whatever it may be that you are fixated on becomes your reality.  If you are fixated on all of the negative things around you that is all you see, the negative.  It is also very easy for the fixations of those around us to shift our focus and can easily change our outlook on life and the world around us.  We constantly tell our kids to not let those around them dictate their mood and how their day is going, yet we are guilty of the exact same thing at times.

I have preached for many years to set a focus for your classroom and set specific goals and expectations for your kids.  Try doing this for yourself.  Establish right now what you are going to concentrate on today, for each classroom, or for individual students.  Good always wins in the end!

Nate Smith



The scheduling process should be completed at this point.  If you have not had conversations with your child about their plans for next year, please contact the counselor's office.  Parents will be able to view the Academic Planner for their child through Infinite Campus.  The Academic Planner outlines the students’ plan for all four years of high school.  

Final nine weeks

The final nine weeks of the school year begins Monday.  The fourth nine weeks of school is a very busy time of the year for every school, especially a high school.  Please pay special attention to your child’s grades during this quarter, along with their final exams.  Final grades are calculated based on the following chart.  


Yearlong course

Semester course

Letter Grade
















Students enrolled, in a yearlong class, must earn 5 points in order to receive credit for the class. At least 2 of those points must be earned in the second semester of that course.

Students enrolled, in a semester class, must earn 2.5 points in order to receive credit for the class. At least 1 of those points must be earned in the second quarter of that course.


Upcoming dates

4/5 & 4/6- ELA and Gov't testing (2 hour delay schedule for non testers)

4/7- NHS induction ceremony 8:00 in McDowell (All students attend and sit the balcony)

4/8- Military signing day (seniors entering the military/all seniors attend to watch)

4/12 & 4/13- Algebra and Geometry testing (2 hour delay schedule for non testers)

4/20- Biology and History testing, both parts (2 hour delay schedule for non testers)

5/6- Senior awards

5/6- Talent show and car give-a-way to begin at 1:00 in McDowell gym

5/7- Prom

5/12- Building showcase at McDowell from 4:00-7:00

5/13- Braves Expo day and freshmen field trip

                 Expo day is our career readiness day filled with activities and presentations 

5/19-5/21- Senior Exams

5/24-5/25- Underclassmen exams

5/27- Graduation


Graduation Requirements

  1. Class of ‘22 must earn 1 of 3 below

    1. Earn 18 points on End of Course Exams

      1. Of which, 4 must be in Math, 4 in English, and 6 in Science and Social Studies Tests.

    2. Earn a 12 point Credential

    3. Earn a college ready score on the ACT

  2. Classes of ‘23 and beyond (Permanent Requirements)

    1. Students must take the ELA II and Algebra I End of Course Exams

      1. Students must earn a score of 684.  (For reference, a 700 is considered proficient)

    2. If a student is unable to meet the score requirement of 684 they must meet one of the following.

      1. Demonstrate Two Career-Focused Activities* : 

        1. Foundational Proficient scores on WebXams 

        2. A 12-point industry credential 

        3. A pre-apprenticeship or acceptance into an approved apprenticeship program 

          1. Supporting 

            1. Work-based learning 

            2. Earn the required score on WorkKeys 

            3. Earn the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal

      2. Enlist in the Military

      3. Earn CCP credit in Math or English

    3. Once a student earns a 684 on ELA II and Algebra I OR they meet one of the three above requirements, they must earn two of the seals listed below.  One of these seals must be an Ohio seal.

      1. OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Ohio) 

      2. Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (Ohio) 

      3. College-Ready Seal (Ohio)

      4. Military Enlistment Seal (Ohio) 

      5. Citizenship Seal (Ohio) 

      6. Science Seal (Ohio) 

      7. Honors Diploma Seal (Ohio) 

      8. Seal of Biliteracy (Ohio) 

      9. Technology Seal (Ohio) 

      10. Community Service Seal (Local) 40 hours

      11. Fine and Performing Arts Seal (Local) Fine Arts Credit

      12. Student Engagement Seal (Local) Sport or Club


Infinite Campus

You must register for an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account to update your child’s records for this school year.  We will not have paper copies sent home for this annual process, you must do this online through the “Online Registration” tab.  You can track your child’s grades, get assignment alerts, new grade alerts, view their fees, schedule, attendance, daily announcements, etc.  You will need to contact Mr. Dan Hugus or myself to receive an access code. or 


Calendar of events:  

Athletic Calendar

School announcements


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