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Newsletter: December 2021

       The mission of the Research Office is to:

  • Support the research plan and enterprise of the College of Medicine – Phoenix.
  • Support student and faculty research development and success.
  • Enhance the impact of research by expanding the sponsored projects portfolio.
  • Support research infrastructure and resources.
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Important Dates
  • January 3 - Deadline for Call for Abstracts
  • January 14 - Trainee Seminar Series 
  • February 1 - Research Office Retreat
  • February 17 - reimagine Health Research Symposium
  • March 18 & 19 - 6th Annual Principles & Techniques of Complex Spinal Reconstruction 
  • March 22 - UA/ASU Translational Research Partnership Event
Table of Contents


Research Office Retreat 
  Date: February 1, 2022

Time:  2:00pm - 5:00pm

Location:  In-person and Zoom Webinar

Agenda Forthcoming 
We have a number of important research-related areas to get your input on. We are very excited to introduce our new “one-stop-shop” concept on our home page that is intended to serve all of your research needs. Light refreshments will be served.


The 4th Annual reimagine Health Research Symposium on Health and Disease over the Lifespan will examine the molecular and genetic basis, clinical management, societal impact and health disparities of important human diseases that occur over the lifespan, ranging from pediatric to geriatric conditions, including during gestation and the impact of the environment.  The symposium will explore this theme with sessions on Ageing and the Immune System, Genomic Instability and Cancer over the Lifespan, Gestation and the Environment, and Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Thursday, February 17, 2022
Free All-Day Symposium*
8:50am - 6:30pm


In-person and virtual ticket options available.*
In-person tickets will be limited to the first 100 registrations.
Virtual tickets will be available until sold out.

The symposium will be hosted as a hybrid event both on our campus in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and virtually via our event platform, Whova.

*Thanks to our generous sponsors, the Arizona Biomedical Research Centre and the Flinn Foundation, there is no cost to attend the symposium.

Register Today

Keynote Speaker
Jerry W. Shay, PhD

Vice Chairman, Department of Cell Biology, UT Southwestern
Associate Director, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
Southland Financial Corporation Distinguished Chair in Geriatrics

The University of Texas 
Southwestern Medical Center

Presenting: “Aging and Cancer: Are Telomeres and Telomerase the Connection?”
You are invited to submit an abstract for the 4th Annual reimagine Health Research Symposium on February 17, 2022! Abstracts should focus on the categories listed below. 

All interested attendees including students, trainees, and principal investigators are encouraged to submit an abstract!

Abstract Categories:
  • Ageing and the Immune System
  • Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Genomic Instability and Cancer over the Lifespan
  • Gestation and the Environment
  • Epidemiology, Public Health and Social Determinants of Health
  • Disease Management
Submission Deadline: Monday, January 3, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.
Learn More & Submit an Abstract

6th Annual Principles & Techniques of Complex Spinal Reconstruction 2022 
March 18 & 19, 2022
Phoenix, AZ


This Workshop brings together leading specialists in spine
surgery to discuss and debate the State‐Of‐The‐
t treatments for complex spinal pathologies
including trauma, deformity and oncology.
Advanced reconstruction techniques of the spine
will be emphasized, including the use of cutting-edge
and innovative technologies.
                                 Ali A. Baaj MD,                          Han Jo Kim, MD            
                                Chief of Spine Surgery              Spine Fellowship Director
                                Associate Professor                  Hospital for Special Surgery
                                University of Arizona                 Weill, Cornell Medical College
                                College of Medicine                  New York
                                Phoenix, AZ

Registration Information Coming Soon! 
More Information

UA/ASU Translational Research Partnership Event
March 22, 2022
3:00p - 5:00pm
*Reception to follow in the BSPB Canyon 


Additional Information Forthcoming 
Campus Safety 

Located in an urban setting, all of our buildings are under controlled access. Students are only allowed on site when Campus Security staff are here. We utilize private security officers — in addition to UArizona employed security personnel — in order to provide a continuous security presence on campus.  

Emergency Numbers
BSPB Security - Front Desk: 602-827-2750 - (Mon - Fri -7am -7pm)
HSEB Security - Front Desk: 602-827-2368 - (Mon - Fri - 7am - 7pm)
ABC1 Security - Front Desk:  602-827-2500 - (Mon - Fri - 8am - 5pm)
24/7 Roving Officer:  602-827- 2368
24/7 Emergency Building Maintenance:  877-681-5116

For additional questions regarding security please contact:
Print Emergency Card
HIPAA Office Hours & Presentations

Save the dates for our last two presentations of 2021:

11/17 @ 3 pm
Patient Rights under HIPAA
If you work for a health care entity, how are you required to help patients? When you sign a Notice of Privacy Practices as a patient, what exactly are you agreeing to? In this presentation, we'll cover patients' rights as guaranteed by HIPAA, and how to exercise them. Stick around after the presentation for Q&A. 
12/1 @ 3 pm
Secure email and PHI
New email controls to protect the security of PHI are coming to the University of Arizona! These controls, collectively known as "Data Loss Prevention" or DLP, will be implemented in the coming months. Join us to learn how DLP will affect the way we send PHI and what guidelines you'll need to follow. Stick around after the presentation for Q&A. 
All HIPAA office hours can be accessed with the following zoom link:

A lot of us rely on Box Health to securely store the information we need to perform our jobs and our research.  The HIPAA Privacy Program (HPP) receives a lot of questions regarding proper use of Box Health – everything from access rights, to training requirements, to setting up external collaborators with access.
Answers to your most common questions have been collected and published in one place.

This page is also the place to start when you need information on adding external collaborators (auditor, co-investigator, etc.) to your Box Health folders.
Please let us know if you have any questions or if you want additional information included on the webpage.  Thanks.

For more HIPAA information
Email for Questions

If new people have joined your team during the remote work experience, or you will be onboarding people soon, please encourage them to have their headshot photo taken in the Media Production Studio on-campus in Room 3163 (on the 1st floor) in Building 3.

**Please note we are also updating the research website and hope to include new faculty photos as well.
Walk-in Photo Sessions will be available between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on each of the days listed below:
       Monday, December 20, 2021   
Thursday, January 6, 2022
Monday, January 24, 2022
   Thursday, February 10, 2022
   Monday,  February 28, 2022 

Tips for On-Camera Talent.

*If you would like to schedule a specific date/time, you may do so using the Media Production’s Request Form.


How Can You Benefit From Biostatistical Support? 

Biostatistics applies statistical reasoning and methods to biomedical and public health research. Our support is vital at every stage of a research project, from study design to publication. We are valuable members of interdisciplinary research teams — ensuring appropriate data collection, management and analysis. We also develop statistical methods or modify existing methods to address your study's problems, if or when the standard approaches do not work well.
*Office hours are every Tuesday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Biostatistical Dept Information

For accounting purposes all UA College of Medicine – Phoenix's Research Cores must be acknowledged in any publication, grant proposal, poster, scholarly report or presentation that contain data generated using instrumentation in a COM-PHX Research core. Please see guidelines at the following URL as to how to acknowledge our cores.

If you would like to schedule time on machines, please go to the following sites:
For questions, contact the Research Office at

First Friday – Trainee Seminar Series
This seminar series is for all Phoenix Biomedical Campus-affiliated trainees to present their latest research and/or practice national presentations (sessions, poster talks, data blitz, or other verbal communications).
This series will take place the first Friday of every month from 3:30pm to 5:00pm with Happy Hour to follow.

The January 14th Seminar will feature:
Zak Sabetta 
Sex, Age and Region Dependent Changes in Astrocytes After Traumatic Brain Injury 

What is it?
The Trainee Seminar Series is intended to provide opportunities for oral presentation experience, with feedback, advice, and mentorship toward developing exceptional oral presentation styles by the UA research community. This seminar series is for all Phoenix Biomedical Campus-affiliated trainees to present their latest research and/or practice national presentations (sessions, poster talks, data blitz, or other verbal communications). A student moderator will introduce the speaker and facilitate questions, similar to chairing a session at a national conference. There will be the opportunity to receive written and verbal feedback/advice/mentorship from faculty following the presentation and at the subsequent Happy Hour.

What to expect?
The seminars will start at 3:30pm on the first Friday of every month. Attendees have the option to attend in-person or virtually on Zoom. Speakers can choose the length of their talks; between 10-30 minutes plus a five-minute Q&A session. Longer and shorter sessions can be requested to accommodate presentation guidelines for local and national conferences. More than three speakers can present per seminar, as long as the talks and Q&A do not exceed 90 minutes.

The January 14th seminar will take place in BSPB E113
Please RSVP below to receive Zoom Link
RSVP in person
RSVP through ZOOM


The University of Arizona provides a variety of tools and resources to assist faculty, students, and staff to identify funding opportunities for research, creative, and scholarly activities. Access to Pivot is provided by RII using a UArizona NetID. Pivot combines the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities with a unique database of 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles.

To schedule a training class, request assistance using Pivot, or for other help finding funding for your research interests, contact Research Development Services:

Click to view training slides

Pivot Information


NIH will transition to FORMS-G for grant application due dates on or after January 25, 2022

FORMS-G – We’re Ready, Are You?

November 18, 2021
By NIH Staff

Hopefully, you’ve seen our notices, tweets, and previous Nexus posts regarding our pending transition to an updated set of grant application forms we refer to as FORMS-G. If so, you already know that you must use FORMS-G forms for grant application due dates on or after January 25, 2022 and FORMS-F for due dates on or before January 24, 2022. You might have even started preparing your FORMS-G application. Here are a few updates and tips to help navigate the transition.
application forms, FORMS-G

Email Carol Haussler

During this time of uncertainty about the pandemic and when we are experiencing increases in COVID cases, we will be limiting minors in the lab to only those who are the very most essential for lab operations. Please email the Research Office with the name(s) and home institution(s) of any minor you would like to have in the lab so an assessment can be conducted on the appropriateness of such student in the lab. Minor students must be wearing of PPE and social distance per the CDC guidelines.  Students must be in compliance with any requirements set by their home institution.
Please be sure all students and volunteers who are not employed through the university has a Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) affiliation in order to get appropriate training in the lab.

Complete this DCC form:

The hierarchy of controls was developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and is so integral to occupational health that it is frequently referenced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in regulations and guidance.

Learn More

Individuals working remotely should only return to campus when notified by their leadership that it is appropriate to do so. Those who return to campus in any capacity must follow the UArizona policy and guidance for Safe Return to Work outlined in this section.

Prepare to Return to Campus
  • Shared Equipment
    • Equipment is available from Biomedical Imaging Core (BIC), Flow Cytometry Core (FCC), and Molecular Discovery Core (MDC)
  • Surplus Equipment
    • Do you have non-functioning or retired UA research equipment, freezers, or refrigerators that you would like removed from the laboratories? Regardless of the current operational state or resale value of your research equipment, don’t let third party vendors remove these UA assets.
    • Please contact Research Office @
  • Shared Research Space Calendar


This policy outlines the University’s commitment to providing all employees, students, volunteers, and visitors with a workplace that promotes health and safety, meets regulatory requirements, assigns responsibility, and addresses workplace hazards in a timely and effective manner.

  1. Workplace Health and Safety must be given the highest priority in the planning and implementation of all University programs.
  2. With proper planning and preparation, most accidents and incidents are preventable.
  3. Compliance with applicable health and safety regulations will be considered the minimum requirement. Effective health and safety programs require moving beyond mere compliance. The University may adopt standards or requirements that exceed those set by applicable law and regulations in its ongoing effort to seek and implement best practices for promoting health and safety, incident and injury prevention, and reducing risk.
To learn more please visit: Workplace Health and Safety (Interim) | Policies and Procedures (


Learn about the many research resources we offered through the Research Office, Research, Innovation & Impact, the University of Arizona Health Sciences, and more!

We recommend you bookmark this link so you can refer to it the next time you're trying to find contact information for a research resource! Click "View Handout" to learn more about what their research resource offers and how it can help you!

  • Biostatistics and Study Design Services
    • Biostatistics applies statistical reasoning to every stage of a research project, from study design to publication.
    • We help research teams ask their research questions and collect, manage & analyze and interpret the data.
    • We also develop statistical methods or modify existing methods to address your study’s goals, if standard approaches do not apply.
  • Proposal Development Services
    • Offers guidance in appropriate construction of proposals to address NIH or other sponsor guidelines.
    • Routinely works closely with PIs to provide scientific editing and experienced advice.
    • Develops cohesive and consistent documents by integrating all sections of research grant applications.
  • Submitting a New Proposal?
  • ORCiD: Connecting Research and Researchers
View Directory

Encryption Guidance: January 2021
There is a great variety of encryption methods available depending on your computer configuration; please refer to the attached guides for important information.

Submit a request for monetary support for workshops or other research related activities. Personnel costs are excluded, contact for any inclusion criteria.

Webinar on NIH Funding Opportunities for Scientists at All Career Stages Proposing Innovative High-Risk, High-Reward Research.

Watch the Recording
Request for Support

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