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New Beginnings

With a new school year comes the promise of new beginnings.  By pushing just a little further than you thought your wings could carry you, goal-setting is about striving to be the best YOU that you can be. In welcoming the class of 2017 to campus, Aboriginal Access to Engineering joins their support systems by helping students reach their own educational goals.  Educators of students of all ages can certainly relate! This issue brings some ideas related to goal setting and achievement.  If you know of Aboriginal youth interested in engineering as a career option, or are simply wanting to learn more about the exciting opportunities associated with this profession, please contact us for additional information about our program. Education is a journey of a lifetime, and we aim to help support that journey.  Please follow us on facebook and twitter for regular updates in Aboriginal STEM initiatives.

Taking Education in New Directions

Aboriginal programs at Queen's expand with the development of Indigenous Studies minor
Queen's University furthers its' commitment to Aboriginal education with the announcement of an Indigenous Studies minor concentration program through the Faculty of Arts and Science.  A recent article in the Alumni Review magazine provides a good overview of Aboriginal programs at Queen's, including Aboriginal Access to Engineering.  Read more here!

For Parents and Teachers


Although we featured this resource last month, it bears repeating!  New school years are a heightened time of transition, especially for those new to a post-secondary setting.  As a parent or guardian family member involved in the lives of youth, back to school marks an important time of transition.  The Ontario Native Education Counselors' Association Transitions team has prepared some timely tips for assisting your student through life-marking transitions.  From pre-school to elementary, high school to post-secondary, here are some ways to help support your loved one's journey.


Goal Setting
- why teach it?

We all set informal and formal goals, whether it’s to get through today’s workout on the elliptical or to have a smooth school year.  Our goals are usually something we strive for, an end to some type of means.  Effective educators need to be able to communicate the need for goal setting.  Why is goal setting for students important?

Preteens, Perseverance and a Parent's role

Guiding children through the process of goal-setting is one thing....but what about reaching those goals?  What can a parent do?  Parents can be a child's most important partner in the journey towards achieving a goal.  An ideal time to start is in the pre-teen years, when goal-setting and achievement can teach a child an important life skill, that of perseverance.  Here are seven ways to guide that journey!

On Campus Events

Four Directions welcomes all to their cultural and social programming events.  Most events are free.
The Welcome Back BBQ is on deck this week (Sept 18th) and Three Sisters' Feasts start up again this month!

For more information contact Vanessa McCourt 613-533-6823
Four Directions Aboriginal Centre

Indigenous Issues in PSE

Second conference addresses transitions to workplace Recognizing the importance of education to economic, social and health outcomes, Queen's University organized a conference in June 2011 on Indigenous Issues in Post-Secondary Education. The second conference will be held in Toronto on October 6 - 7, 2013.  The 2013 conference will shift attention to the transition from colleges and universities to the workplace.  The conference will be of interest to a wide array of educators, including senior administrators, those involved in Aboriginal programs and faculty/staff supporting job placement services.  Public and private sector employers seeking to recruit college and university graduates should also find the conference to be of value.  For more information and to register, please visit the conference website.

Students' Section

Making a change
This month were talking about setting a goal, and usually that means making some changes as you work toward the goal.  Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming though!  Teens' Health has come up with an interactive journal to help you set your goals and think about the steps you'll need to take on your way there.

Engineering - where to start?
Have you just started your engineering education?  Coming back into second year and heading into your discipline at full speed?  Take a moment to read over this advice from a University of Arizona professor....he starts the list advising that you begin by HAVING FUN with your engineering courses!

Upcoming Conferences

Indigenous Issues in PSE
Queen's University

Transitions to the Workplace
October 6-7, 2013
Toronto, ON

Power of Water Canada
Ontario Waterpower Association
October 20-22, 2013
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Soaring Career Conference

November 6, 2013
Edmonton, AB

Diversity: vive la différence!
Ontario School Counsellors' Association

Keynote speaker Susan Aglukark
November 10-12, 2013
Toronto, ON

Igniting Curiosity
Science Teachers Association of Ontario

November 14-16, 2013
Toronto, ON
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