QBQ! and ... Politics?
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QBQ! and ... Politics?
*** This note is not about political parties, people, policies, or positions. It is about principles. ***
A few months ago I posted a politically oriented news article at the Facebook page of my book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. Someone immediately commented saying this: “What the heck does QBQ! have to do with politics?! I won’t be following QBQ! anymore!”

After calmly and thoughtfully considering that response, I wanted to (but didn’t) come back with, “Well, everything.” Just as the QBQ! message of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY has everything to do with my relational, physical, emotional, spiritual,
parenting, and professional life.

Said differently, where does personal accountability not apply?!?

So let’s explore how our message of personal accountability might tie to politics, beyond the accountable act of voting. I mean, seriously, can those who don't choose to vote "complain/whine" about anything? I don't think so! Do you?

Okay, let me say that I am absolutely honored when people tell me they’re a fan of the "QBQ" idea/tool I created. And though the content—in my humble opinion—has deepened, widened, and become richer since I first coined the phrase "The Question Behind the Question" and began teaching it in 1994, the QBQ is still simply about using the powerful principle of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY to eliminate three traps from our lives. And lest we forget, these three traps—as laid out in the QBQ! book—are:

1) Victim Thinking
2) Procrastination
3) Blame

Now, if you are a fan of QBQ! and its companion book Flipping the Switch, but have forgotten their “essence,” then I humbly suggest you read them again. Why? Because one cannot say he or she is a fan—“Yes, I love these
books because personal accountability and responsibility are so badly needed in our society!” and then turn around and ask, “But what does QBQ! have to do with politics?”

A quick truth:

Values are tools to be utilized to guide our decision-making.

So, back to our discussion of QBQ! and politics. If I say I’m a QBQ! fan and that I totally believe in the principle-based message of personal accountability, then I can’t—with full integrity—vote for someone who is in a position to shape our society who …

1.     Encourages people to believe they are victims
2.     Defers the tackling of our country's problems (known as “kicking the can down the road”) thereby aligning with what is described in the QBQ! book as “The Friend of Failure”
3.     Points fingers at external forces and other people, all the while failing to lead with these powerful words: “I own it”

We just can’t have it both ways.

To state, “I love QBQ!” and then vote for candidates who DO NOT actively work to eliminate Victim Thinking, Procrastination, and Blame
from our world just seems, so—illogical. Also, if I believe in QBQ!, I might want to choose politicians who best (no politician jokes, please!) model the principles communicated in QBQ! Just some of those principles are:


These are solid, true success principles that I must apply in my life to come close to reaching my potential, contribute all that I can, and be the best I can be.

And so I will only vote for politicians who most represent these values.

As we sit here in the heat of a political season, I’m not telling anyone who to vote for.

Please read the sentence directly above again.

I am saying this:

If you believe in accountability, responsibility, and ownership and agree with the goal of eliminating Victim Thinking, Procrastination, and Blame from our society, then choose candidates at the ballot box who you think hold beliefs that are in line with yours.

And, if you signed up for this email list, receive our posts on Twitter (
@QBQGuy) or LinkedIn, or have “liked” us at Facebook/theQBQ—all of which I am grateful and humbled—just be certain of what you’ve chosen to follow. You see, at QBQ, Inc., we’re all about …

Personal Accountability

It’s as simple as that.

Now, VOTE!

*** This note was not about political parties, people, policies, or positions. It was about principles. ***
John G. Miller
Author of QBQ!
Denver, Colorado USA


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