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- The spring season continues!
- New Acquisitions!
- Events and Interviews!
- Entropic shortlisted for the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award!
- Podcast with Walter Hildebrandt!
Spring 2016 Catalogue:
Bittersweet Sands cover
Featured Book:

Fifty Percent of Mountaineering Is Uphill is the enthralling true story of Jasper’s Willi Pfisterer, a legend in the field of mountaineering and safety in the Rocky Mountains.

Congratulations to R.W. Gray!

Shortlisted for the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award!!


We are proud to announce that R.W. Gray's collection Entropic has been shortlisted for the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award.

The winner will be announced on June 4th. 

Congrats to R.W. Gray and the other nominees! And thanks to the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia and the East Coast Literary Awards creating and continuing the prize!

NeWest's New Acquisitions!

We are proud to announce that three new manuscripts have found a home at NeWest Press. That each of these books has a nicknamed protagonist is coincidental, but it has inspired us to create office nicknames. We are excited for these novels and cannot wait to get them into your book-loving hands.

To Me You Seem Giant, by Greg Rhyno: Pete “Ponyboy” Curtis recounts his coming-of-age years in Thunder Bay via the means of a mixtape, as well as his less-than-exciting adult years in the same place. Featuring wry humour, witty banter, and an excellent grasp on the Canadian indie music scene of the 1990s. (Fall 2017)

Cobra Clutch, by A.J. Devlin: “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead is scraping by as a bartender on the Vancouver bar scene after leaving professional wrestling a few years earlier. His father, a retired Vancouver detective, has him helping out with the occasional private investigator job, but for the most part Jed is content to wallow his sorrows away at the bar his father owns with his ex-IRA cousin Declan. When a former wrestling buddy named Johnny Mamba asks Jed to look into who kidnapped his precious python Ginger, Jed will find himself thrown headlong into a world of crooked promoters, sleazy private dicks, and biker gangs. (Spring 2018)

The Home For Wayward Parrots, by Darusha Wehm: Now grown up, Brian “Gumbo” Guillemot searches for his birth parents after a happy adopted childhood. Along the way, he regales readers with often-complicated encounters with women, men and more. (Spring 2018)

Upcoming Event!


On June 7th at 7 pm, Wendy McGrath (A Revision of Forward) will be reading at Audreys with Marilyn Dumont (A Really Good Brown Girl).


"'I love this city,' says Ryan. 'I keep coming back to it. I go other places. But this is home. I think Calgary has a personality. I don’t think it’s what people think it is.'"
- Garry Ryan interviewed in the Calgary Herald

"'I wrote it from his perspective.... and tried to keep as much of his personality and funny ways of saying things.'"
- Susanna "Susi" Pfisterer interviewed in the Jasper Fitzhugh.

"'It’s one of those events that took place 200 years ago, and how much do we retain, as a society?' Kostash says. 'The further removed we are from them, the more selective we become about what we’re collectively remembering.'"

- Myrna Kostash interviewed in the Edmonton Journal.

Recent Review Roundup:

Tarstopping (Christine Rehder Horne):
- Alberta Views:  "This imagined clash between economic and environmental concerns admirably plays out tensions in the tar sands debate, exposing the best and the worst of humanity and showing what fighting for ideology can look like when the fighting stops being just a metaphor."

Where the Bodies Lie (Mark Lisac):
- Linda's Place: "The political insights take you behind the seats of provincial power and reveal a very human story of love, disappointment and betrayal." full review

Podcast Interview with Walter Hildebrandt!

Walter Hildebrandt's poetry book is out! Take a listen to his podcast interview with NeWest General Manager Matt Bowes! Documentaries is now available in stores and online. For more information Walter's book or any of NeWest Press' titles, check out
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