New Zealand and coming up!

Howdy Rudely fans.. Another amazing start to the year New Zealand in March & Germany in July and more details to follow.. WOW!

Dear Rudely Interrupted fans, we have a new single and it's called 'I'm So Tired'..
It's available free download at Sound Cloud!

"It's a little fun song, it's cynical and not meant to be serious" Says Rory Burnside

Download free:So Tired by Rudely Interrupted

OR BUY IT $1.69


Our New EP is called 'Mystery Girl' and it's out with a new Comic Book App
Due out October 5th 2012 Australia/NZ
Mystery Gil Tour 2012!

 'Mystery Girl Tour' 2012

You can play a part: We want to play to as many disability services we can along our tour to promote our new record and the positive musical experience we share!

And of course we'll be playing some public shows TBA and  awesome venues along the tour route.

Contact: for further info.

New Zealand

Such an amazing place the volcanic beaches look so foreign to our Aussie white beaches, NZ really feels like your stuck out in the middle of the Pacific getting smashed by the weather and all the better for it! Another notch.. This is a shot at the airport, The Mutes MISSED their flight to Wellington.. Just glad Rory wasn't involved in that fiasco. It's going to happen to us one day odds are..

Rudely Interrupted
The Mutes from Mars

A fantastic time was had by all the gang on the road in New Zealand, we loved playing with The Mutes and we can't wait to get back to New Zealand very soon. A big hello to ALL the new friends in NZ! Might see you in Melbourne town soon?


November / December

Do you live close to?
Brisbane, Byron Bay, Coffs Habour, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Moruya, Batemans Bay, Queanbeyan, Melbourne, Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat, Hobart, Adelaide.

Mystery Girl Tour

If you would like to book a show and be a part of this unique and amazing tour as Rudely Interrupted roll in and out of towns along the east coast of Australia & New Zealand. Do you want us to come and play for your disability service, loungeroom or back yard?
Musical duo or band!
We're so thrilled with our new record we want to play it to everyone we can. The new EP is titled 'Mystery Girl' and it's a more developed and mature sound for the band and we can't wait to get out and play them all for you! 

We get asked to do a lot of shows and we'd love to do them all, we have dates booked already so it depends on the timeline and when we're passing through!

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