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Aloha Oahu Republicans, 
The RNC Field Operations Team will be here all day Saturday, October 7th to provide us grassroots and candidate training, and all Republicans are invited to attend.
The only prerequisites to attend the training is - be a member of the Party and be ready to go to work after.  Contact your District Chair or Precinct President to sign up, or call HQ at 593-8180.
RNC training breakout by preferred attendees.  Volunteers can attend any of the provided trainings.
For District Chairs, Precinct Presidents and All Grassroot Volunteers

Field Operations - learn how to talk to voters, voter ID and targeting, voter registration, use walk lists, use phone lists, use of i360 walk app to report information back to GOP data center in real time and how to handle a difficult situation.

Data Operations - using the GOP data center learn how to build walk lists and call lists, create surveys for volunteers, create tags to capture voter information critical for GOTV efforts.
For Candidates, Campaign Managers and Campaign Teams

Candidate Training - learn strategy, communications, fundraising, public speaking, and voter contact.

Fundraising - learn personal solicitation, how to make “The Ask”, operate a high-dollar, low-volume direct mail program, create a case for giving, upgrade current donors, and organize successful fundraising events.

Campaign Manager Training - learn to write a campaign plan, develop a winning campaign strategy, target and identify voters, manage grassroots outreach, and raise funds.
For Everyone

Communications - learn proven methods to be a better communicator, how to craft a message, use the right words, use values to communicate, design and improve your organization's communications, and how to develop a coherent and compelling message.

Coalition Building - learn what is a coalition, why coalition building is important, benefits of coalitions, recognition of compatible interests, and communication.
These are the tools for us to succeed by empowering you, our grassroots warriors, while showing the science behind winning elections.
It is time to act.  Our great state needs your help now.  This election cycle will demonstrate one thing: whether we are willing to fight for the American Dream or if we have surrendered our values and our paychecks to Hawaii Democrats and their socialist big government utopia vision.
This year, we are going to fight to the finish line.  In the famous words of Lt. Col. William B. Travis of the Texas Army at the Alamo, “...we call on you in the name of liberty, of patriotism and everything dear to the American character, to come to our nation’s aid, with all dispatch.”
You are our volunteer grassroots conservative army that will help Republican candidates in the 2018 elections to secure GOP victory.  Let's pave the way for their victory.  The tools and support we need are here.  Please sign up TODAY!
Again, SIGN UP NOW by calling a County Leader or Party HQ (593-8180).


Brett Kulbis
Honolulu County Chairman
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