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Hope you're all killin it this week! I know I did. I recommitted myself this week to creating more video content, this will be a consistent thing.

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Start Your Own Marketing Agency: 3 Factors to Consider for Long Term Success

I’ve done the dance. I’ve enjoyed the life of building an agency. I have some insight that most people starting out will not have. After 8 years of being the CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing, I have some thoughts and advice for anyone who thinks that starting their own marketing agency is the route the way to take in life.

Building Processes for Your Business

There is too much work or any one person to do alone. Building systems and processes is critical so that we can automate the work at hand. Here's a spiel about how I'm trying to build a system for our content management.
The Importance of Building Processes When Building an Online Business
3 Data Points to Measure for Your Business or Brand

Crunching numbers is uber lamesauce, but the numbers always tell a story. This video will teach you the three important data points to measure so that you can build your buyer persona. 
How to Productize Your Service Business

It's been a while since I've listened to a podcast that made me feel like I was doing everything wrong. After listening to this podcast, I went right to work on how to structure my consulting business into a process.

Anyone can create a 7 figure small business with this approach
Can You Really Make Money Selling Stuff on Ebay?

I don't know but I'm giving it a shot. Here's what I will tell you. I already sold a pair of Express boots I never wore and some extra gym equipment I have in my home gym.

I got rid of some stuff, someone got something they need for very cheap and I made $90. 

For shits and giggles, here's a fun video buying stuff and selling it on Ebay.
Hoe everyone has an amazing Friday and a happy memorial day. 
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