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Maryland, Where Is My Midwife?

MFSB reorganization continues at the Board level.

Dear Midwife Supporters,

In our last newsletter we announced Team MFSB and our new effort to engage you. This month we follow that effort with a new structure at the leadership level. After many years of tireless devotion to MFSB, Jeremy Galvan is stepping down as President. See below for his heartfelt resignation letter.  Jeremy's energy and expertise will be greatly missed, and we are happy to rest assured that he will continue to support MFSB in a more private capacity. In Jeremy's wake, MFSB has taken this opportunity to match Team MFSB by restructuring the Board into leadership roles more conducive to teamwork and collaboration. Our new Board will consist of:

Kathy Talbott, President;
Kirra Brandon, Legislative Director;
Celia Garcia Perez, Outreach Director;
Andrea Goldstein, Events Director.


Check MFSB's website for Board member biographies and more information, and be sure to read the sidebar for team updates and upcoming events.

We at MFSB are looking forward to a year of change and progress. With your help, we WILL see CPMs licensed in MD in 2015!


MFSB Board and Leadership Team

Resignation Letter from Jeremy Galvan:

Dear Friends and Fellow Advocates,

      This will be the final letter that I send out as the president of Maryland Families for Safe Birth. A few weeks ago I gave my notice to the board of MFSB that I would be resigning as President. I have recently moved out of Maryland and feel it is a good time to let some other people jump into the effort. 
      This work has occupied a large amount of my time for the last 3 years. It’s been a great adventure. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure and honor to hear some of your stories--stories about great home births, miserable home births, hospital births, and birth center births. I have heard wonderful happy stories and I’ve heard some rather horrible stories. I always felt honored to be trusted enough by some of you to tell me your story. They will always be a part of who I am and I will take your courage with me forever. 
      I am looking forward to success right around the corner in Maryland. I believe that CPMs will be licensed very soon. This year is sure to bring a vicious fight to keep VBACs in our bill. It’s not going to just happen. It is going to take hundreds of moms and dads bringing the kids into the offices of Pete Hammen and all the members of the HGO committee so that they see how much it means to us. They will start to care when they see us every day in Annapolis walking the halls. 
      I hope you all rally behind the new President and Board of MFSB. They have my complete support and trust. I know they are ready for this year and highly motivated to make our voice resonate throughout the halls of Annapolis. 
      It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to represent the families of Maryland for the last 3 years in our attempts to make CPMs legal. Thank you all so very much for your trust and help along the way. To the Midwives who work in this challenging environment, I salute you. I love you all so very much for risking your freedom and family to come and serve ours. I look forward to the day that you are able to freely work in the state of Maryland and all other surrounding states. 
      To all of you who have donated your time and money to this cause, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I asked a lot of everyone. I can be pushy and thick headed. I worked really hard to gain your trust each and every year. Our team at MFSB cared deeply and worked hard to not waste your time or money on anything. 
      I know that same dedication will continue in our organization. The success that MFSB has had is only because we had a wonderful team of families stretched across this state who took time to show up to rallies, write letters, walk the halls in Annapolis, show up to hearings, donate what they could, and tell their friends about what is going on. I will forever be indebted to all of you. 
      Thank you so very much for your time and energy. 

Jeremy Galvan




You can do these simple things today:




Please consider helping MFSB in the effort to license CPMs in Maryland.

We need YOU to volunteer on Team MFSB. Our teams are:

Legislative Team
Events Team
Outreach Team

Please volunteer today to help us reach our goals!
We especially need a Volunteer Coordinator. If you love to organize people into action, we want to talk to you today!

Don't forget to write letters to your delegates, even if you plan to visit. Delegates place a high value on personal letters. See Guidelines for help on
writing letters.


Is your representative on this list of
CPM licensing supporters?

If yes, please write a letter of thanks.

Neil Parrott
Kathy Afzali
Susan Krebs
Mike Weir

Rick Impalleri
Dan Morhaim
Dana Stein
Frank Turner
Eric Luedtke
Craig Zucker
Ariana Kelly
Al Carr
Bonnie Cullison
Joseline Pena­Melnyk
Kris Valderrama
Herb McMillan
Nicholaus Kipke
Pamela Beidle
Glen Glass
Shane Robinson
Barbara Robinson
Curt Anderson
Mary Washington
Cathy Vitale
Justin Ready
Pat McDonough
Joseph Gerry
Guy Guzzone
Jamie Raskin
Bryan Simonaire
Thomas Mac Middleton
Bill Ferguson


Support Licensing CPMs in Maryland




FALL 2014

Larry Barber (District 32), Tony O'Donnell (District 29C), and MD Senate candidate from Frederick (District 4) Dan Rupli all support CPM licensing in some way.
See left and FB for details on Dan Rupli and other supporting representatives. 

Openings Available!
Urgent: Volunteer Coordinator needed
Sign up here today.

MFSB T Shirts Available!

Ice Cream Social Success 

On Sunday, September 7th 35 loyal supporters joined MFSB in Baltimore. Ice cream and sunshine were enjoyed by all as we welcomed new board member Kirra Brandon into our community and announced the new roles for each board member. AIMM President Alexa Richardson also addressed the crowd with plans to double the efforts this legislative season to push our midwifery licensure bill forward. MFSB President Kathy Talbott invited everyone to sign up and join a committee to strengthen Team MFSB. Many thanks to our junior ice cream servers and our awesome Events
Team for putting together this ice cream social, letting us enjoy one last taste of summer.




October/November – Wellness for Mothers – We would like to hold this event somewhere in Montgomery County and use the opportunity to support Delegate Kelly as she seeks reelection.

January to March – Mugs for Midwives – community events to gather and advocate for our midwives. Supporters open their homes or community rooms for tea/coffee gatherings. Letter writing to committee members to support our legislative goals.

April – Miles for Midwives – 5k walk/run in Frederick County. A family-friendly event, with kids tot-trot and stroller run divisions.

May 5 – Celebrate International Day of the Midwife - Worldwide, this is the day to celebrate the support and knowledge our midwives provide our communities. 



Outreach Team:
We are happy to report that we had our first meeting 8/26 and are excited to get to work. We would gladly accept new members, too! Let us know also if you have ideas for new communities to outreach to, or for organizations who might sign our letter of support. Email Celia with any ideas or suggestions. Thanks! 


Events Team:
Become a Fan Fundraiser for MFSB by personalizing your own fundraising page on and sharing your story with your friends. Fan Fundraisers support us by reaching out to their networks. Please contact Andrea with questions or for further instruction. Interested in joining us on the events team? Contact Stacey, Valerie, or Andrea.

Legislative Team:
The MFSB Legislative Team has been working hard over the past few months. We are working with AIMM and are currently in discussions with the stakeholders to develop a consensus bill for the 2015 legislative session. We anticipate that we will have a better idea of the direction this is taking within the next 2 months.  Meanwhile, our team of fantastic volunteers is starting to reach out to Brown's Campaign, as well as to the candidates for house and senate. Within the next week, we will have made initial contact with every single candidate! We are already receiving some positive feedback and starting a dialogue with some of them. We would love for you, our supporters, to reach out to Brown's campaign and to your local candidates as well. Voice your support for the legalization of CPMs in Maryland in 2015! Let's put our issue in their minds early this year, so that when we follow up during the legislative session, they already aware of the importance of our issue. 
You can contact Anthony Brown's campaign at

12138 Central Ave #163
Bowie, MD 20721

Would you like to join the legislative team? Sign up here. There are plenty of ways to help  that you can even do from home. Thanks again to everyone. We are looking forward to success in 2015!



You can help us get midwives certified in Maryland. Please consider making a donation today.


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