December 31, 2012

Dear Loyal Supporters, 

The year 2012 has been full of excitement!  It was exciting when we decided to submit a bill to license Certified Professional Midwives. It was thrilling to find a dedicated sponsor. It was truly wonderful and encouraging to get serious consideration by the HGO Committee.

It is no surprise that the reason these things happened and continue to happen is because of the support that MFSB supporters give to this campaign!

The HGO Committee received hundreds of hand written letters last year asking them to consider our CPM licensure bill.  It is your letters that pushed the committee to consider our bill and to assign a DHMH workgroup to review the possibilities and issues.

It is time to work your magic again!

Please grab pen and paper, solicit the help of your children, and start writing letters to your representatives.

Your letters should be be personal. Perhaps recount why you choose to birth at home, how you decided that home was the safest place for you and your baby, and how challenging it was to find a midwife to support you.

A few buzz words/phrases that would be helpful to include:
  • Having a baby at home is your legal right. Having a midwife helps ensure safety.
  • 26 US states already license CPMs to attend homebirth.  
  • CPMs establish personal relationships with the families that they serve. CPMs engage in an informed/shared consent practice that enables families to make educated choices about the practices that affect their families.
  • Access to midwives in Maryland is seriously limited. Homebirth is on the rise. Families need access to midwives at home in order to ensure safety.
  • It is a basic human right to choose the place of birth and the attendants. Let Maryland women have this right.
Have your children decorate the letters or envelopes. Include a family picture. Remind your representatives that they are in their positions to represent you! Tell them that you want CPMs to be licensed and regulated in the state of Maryland so that you have access to their services.

Don't know who your representatives are? Find your elected officials by address by going to the Maryland State Archives, WHO ARE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS page:

Please also continue to ask your family, neighbors, and co-workers to sign the License Midwives Petition.  It is vital that we continue our momentum and collect more signatures.  The link to the petition can be accessed at  Are you unsure if you signed the new petition?  No worries, it will not submit your signature more than once.  Go ahead, sign it.  Make sure that your voice is heard.

Your MFSB Leadership Team
Jeremy Galvan, Robin O’Brien,
Kathy Talbott, and Andrea Goldstein

Maryland Families for Safe Birth is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4), consumer-driven, social welfare organization. Our mission is to ensure the health and well being of Maryland families by expanding access to the evidence-based maternity care provided by Certified Professional Midwives.

In order to meet our mission the organization will:
  1. Introduce legislation to license Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and regulate the practice of midwifery
  2. Monitor and deter legislation that would be detrimental to families and care providers who choose out-of-hospital birth
  3. Support organizations who offer, through education and other means, information, support, and advocacy regarding the midwifery model of care

We appreciate your support.  Click here to volunteer your time and talents. Click here to donate via PayPal.

Action Items!

Letter Writing Campaign
Access your Maryland State Representative Contact Information Here.

Hand written letters, telephone calls, and in person visits carry the most weight. If your schedule only permits time to email, please know that emails are important as well.  
Best Yet -- Do All 4!

Petition Drive!
We need signatures on the petition.  Every Maryland signature that is collected generates an email that is sent directly to the House and Senate representatives.  This is big, especially right now.  We want them to see the community support for midwives.  Please commit to collecting 10 or more signatures each week.
Petition link is available at the MFSB website.

Hearing Day Rally!
Remember last year's big rally? We will be doing it again! Details to be announced as soon as the dates are set. Please plan to attend.
Freedom for Birth Movie 
Fundraiser/Potluck and Outreach Event

January 12, 2013, 5 pm
Takoma Park, MD
Please contact Ryan for details

Birthing Circle of Frederick
January 28, 7-9 pm, Frederick, MD
Contact Bridget or Lindsey for more information

Potential Spring Events
Coordinators and Volunteers Needed!
Request information here.

March 11: 11am-4pm, Columbia, MD, Baby Expo
April: 12pm-5pm, Baltimore, MD, Greenworks EcoFest
May: 10am-5pm, Boonsboro, MD, Green Festival

Other Events Needed
Please share information on local events and happenings where MFSB might be welcomed as a vendor or speaker. Invite us to your book club, birth circle meeting, ICAN event, knitting circle, PTA meeting, to share our common goal of increasing access to midwives in Maryland.
Click here to let us know of events in your area.

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