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Hi friends, 

Happy September!

In this month's issue, we're focusing on practical business marketing tips that you can apply right now.  

In this issue, we feature:

► A reflection by Soulheart Founder & CEO Joshua Brown 
► A glimpse at our current blog series on business marketing
► 3 digital marketing tips
► A spotlight on a valued partner
► The free September monthly download 

Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

- The Soulheart team


What's holding you back? 

Is it fear of failure?
....the unknown?
...what people will say?
...what people will think?
...not providing for your family?

Or, maybe it's feeling insecure? the timing is wrong? you are unqualified?

All of these things and so many more were holding me back from accomplishing the things I knew deep down I wanted to do.

But do you want to know a secret?

It's still happening to this day. Recently, I made the change to be less of a day-to-day tactician in Soulheart and instead embrace the role of CEO.

I know I have influence and despite feeling so unqualified, I know that I have leadership skills that can inspire and motivate people. I help them stop chasing dreams...and start building them.

What's holding me back?

That inner voice. That one is the loudest. And it's always trying to make me second guess everything. 

I believe one of the biggest challenges to accomplishing anything in life is recognizing these voices, defeating them, and facing fear head-on. 

Stop listening to whatever is holding you back.

What's your struggle? Name it. Claim it. Beat it.

- Soulheart Founder & CEO Joshua Brown 

We know what it's like to search for an article on business marketing tips...only to be bombarded with abstract ideas like "give a speech" or "network."

Soulheart started six years ago as a one-man company - and today we have over $1 million in revenue and a growing staff. We don't say that to brag, but to let you know that we know what works.

We know the best tips are the ones that you can implement today. Our newest blog series gives you practical business marketing tips that you can apply right now.

Read Tip #1
Apply these three tips and start building a stronger brand in record time.

Most people leave a site in 3 seconds if it hasn't loaded. This means that without quality web hosting, you are losing sales. A quality web host ensures that your website won't go down when you need it most.

If you want something better, you’ve got to do something differently. Write down what you want, look at what you can do differently, and take action.

There are 171,476 words in the English Dictionary. Yet so many marketers struggle to craft a brand narrative that resonates with potential customers. Why is this? Because people focus on using the most viral words. In reality, they should find the authentic words instead.
These guys have a new way to teach you about parenting.

For dads and dads-to-be looking to be more involved in parenting, Fathercraft creates gear reviews and online courses that allow them to parent confidently and have more fun doing it.

Fathercraft believes that parents who are more educated have more fun, less stress, and are able to be more present for their kids. Education for the modern parent should be available anywhere, utilize video, great design, and personality to make learning fun, easy, and on your terms.

The company’s mission is to improve the lives of dads everywhere, and, through them, the lives of their children.

They have three areas of focus:

     ►Product reviews
     ►Parenting tips tailored to the age of your child
     ►Online courses
Learn More about Fathercraft
We recently partnered with Fathercraft to launch their brand new Father’s Ed video course. Soulheart Designer Jaeda Rohner created a page that was both beautiful and functional. Here's how it turned out and what they have to say about us:
Soulheart helps us bring our brand to life. Through thoughtful, inspired design, they enable us to translate complex ideas into beautiful, functional experiences for our audience. Through cutting-edge web development, the entire Soulheart team ensures those experiences are lightning-fast, responsive, and always-on for our site visitors.
Contact us if you're ready to bring your own brand to life.
One of the most essential components of a successful marketing strategy is, of course, your website. 

Which means that it has to be fast

One second of extra load time can make a huge difference in your conversion rate. 

And you can do something about that. A quality web hosting service will provide security, make sure the site stays online during high traffic periods, and keep it updated while providing personal on-demand communication. Most importantly, they'll make sure your website is fast.

But - how do you find a quality web hosting service when there are so many subpar options out there?

We've created a short checklist to help you sort through your options and find the best web host for your needs and budget. 
View the Hosting Provider Checklist
Thanks for being a part of the Soulheart Family. We'll see you in October with new tips, suggestions, and inspiration from Joshua Brown + the entire Soulheart team! Until then, here's a quote from Joshua.
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