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Hi friends, 

Happy December! We hope that as this year closes, you are looking forward to growth and new opportunities in 2020!

Speaking of new opportunities...Do you need help with your marketing coming up in 2020? We're currently onboarding new partners
 to help brands like yours grow to an entirely new level. 

With a tried and true framework, premium design, a strategic mindset, and years of experience, Soulheart is your trusted partner in providing insight and making your marketing plans win for 2020. Simply reply to this email to get in touch and see what we can create together.

In this issue of the Soulheart DMR, we feature:

► A free ebook: What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media?
► 3 digital marketing tips
► A reflection from Joshua Brown, CEO of Soulheart

► A spotlight on Verblio, a valued Soulheart partner

Thanks for sharing this journey with us! 

- The Soulheart team


You can put in all the work.

You can have an eye-catching photo, witty caption, impressive freebies, and perfect copy, BUT still find
no traction or engagement. WHY? Because you are leaving out one essential consideration:
The amount of activity on social networks ranges widely throughout the day - and even by the particular platform. Peak times for Facebook are different for those for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you want to make sure your posts reach your maximum audience for maximum impact, your posting schedule must take into account these
peak times of engagement - as well as the device that is used to access the social network.

Our brand new free ebook takes the guesswork out of determining times for maximum engagement. We break down the best times to post on each platform to the hour and day, as well as give an overview of the general activity times on it.
Get the Free Ebook
Apply these three tips and start building a stronger brand in record time.

 The biggest risk you could take as a leader is to sit on a decision you know you need to make now.

Just because it's trendy, doesn't mean it's right or best or worth it. Stay true to who you are. Your convictions. Morals. Passion. Integrity. Belief. Then you can wake up every single day and know you are operating out of the strength and confidence you need to inspire others.

If you want to gain attention for your brand, you have to communicate with clarity.


Two years ago I walked into an office building that was created just how I one day envision Soulheart's headquarters. Open flooring. Space. And Collaboration. I sat down, propped up my boots on the table, and began to dream about the future.

At the time our team was spread out with little direction. We had a vision, but the path to get there remained murky. And that's when it dawned on me.

You can dream all day long, but nothing will happen unless you build.

My mantra to Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Start Building Them was born on the spot.

And, two years later, I can tell you that I've done just that. Our team has grown and now we have like-minded creatives that bring so many new ideas to the table and have helped us serve clients better and build all the things I've always dreamed. Take the time to prop up your feet and dream.

And then put your boots to work and start building the foundation, the now, and the future.

- Joshua Brown, CEO of Soulheart

We are content marketing enthusiasts.

Our writers are diverse industry experts.

Together, we make a platform called
Verblio, and Verblio makes blog and content creation happen.

Co-create deeply personal content to power content marketing and SEO. It's about the writing. Verblio does it better.

1. We vet and ensure excellent writers. Only 8% are accepted, and we currently have 3,000 active writers based all over the U.S.
2. Writers match with you on expertise. We scratch over
38 different industry niches, from hazmat cleanup to mink eyelashes.
3. Continuous open feedback improves your content. With unlimited edits, and the ability to accept or decline drafts from writers,
your feedback keeps the system getting smarter over time.
4. A steady flow of content is easy. Verblio writers find you and submit drafts of custom content. You only buy the pieces you like.

Even Santa outsources his main product development to savvy elves. Take a page from Santa's playbook and get Verblio content writers busy on your content to kick off 2020 strong.

We've teamed up with Soulheart on a special offer for
35% your first month of content, redeemable by signing up from the hyperlink. Or, email us to talk content!
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Thanks for being a part of the Soulheart Family. We'll see you in January with new tips, suggestions, and inspiration from Joshua Brown + the entire Soulheart team! 
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